YouTube founders Gets Delicious

The top and leading social bookmarking service, Delicious, has been sold by Yahoo to co-founders of YouTube, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley. Begun in 2003, Yahoo acquired the service in 2005. Delicious claims a worldwide community of loyal users. Delicious is also a part of AVOS, a relatively new internet company in San Mateo, California.

Although Yahoo will continue to operate the bookmarking site until July, when the transition period ends, all data will be moved to the new Delicious servers. This means that the next time users sign into Delicious, they will be asked for permission for approval in moving your currently saved bookmarks to their new location.

Do Not Forget to Approve Your Bookmark Change Over

Members should have also received a message that provides notification and how to move the bookmarks, as well as what will happen if they do not.

Highly aware that this news has come as a surprise to its many users, Delicious execs also provided all the imperative information to their users today in a fresh press release from AVOS, as well as an explanatory blog in addition to the email sent out to each member.

Good News for Delicious Users

In the end, users should not be worried as AVOS does plan to continue the widely used service and therefore have taken the many necessary steps to ensure that all users know of the impending changeover and have plenty of time to approve their own bookmarks transfer to the new Delicious servers.

Developers and execs are well aware that there will be a period of adjustment as AVOS launches Delicious on their own, but they also have shared that their intentions for Delicious are to continually grow and improve on the services currently offered.


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