Why You Should Be Using Twitter and 7 Random Benefits

Billions of people log onto social networks daily. Up to 80% or even more report that it is the first thing they do when they wake up. People are now getting their news, product reviews and suggestions, and even their fill of social time by enjoying conversations and connections on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Twitter Uses

  • So why Twitter?
  • What is Twitter specifically good for that other social networks may not be?
  • When people log onto Twitter, what are they looking for?

Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Twitter’s position as a marketing tool most likely comes from the fact that brand names and services can be singled out or located using #hashtags and usernames. Currently, brand awareness seems to be one of the top reasons why Twitter users follow particular streams. Smaller businesses can benefit by promoting daily deals, contest, or one of many other marketing strategies. If a business owner thinks an idea really may have potential, Twitter is a great place test it out.

Twitter as a Business Communication Tool

Twitter has become an excellent tool for those who are in business meetings, attending conferences, or even participating in worldwide Twitter events to share breaking news and announcements in real-time. If you think about how AOL’s IM was used to start the social chat revolution then it should be no surprise that these practices have found such a place on twitter. Take a look at the hashtag #usguys, just a bunch of everyday people that found a space to communicate with one another about various topics. The twist, and perhaps Twitters shortfall is the lack of private chat rooms, the upside is because the tweets are public in a hashtag chat we can be introduced to new groups and influencers just by keeping an eye on the tweets of those we follow.

Keeping Up with Feeds

Many Twitter users have their feeds set up or even view them on a variety of Twitter or social networking tools. Grabbing a quick bit of news or checking on some worldwide event occurring makes Twitter one of the best types of feeds to set up when looking for real-time events. Feeds also allow users to filter preferred content down for later use.

Competitive Intelligence

Don’t forget your businesses direct competitors are also likely on Twitter. You may want to consider monitoring tweets from those who share your niche or industry to see how they are doing or what they are working on. A great way to generate some business is to put aside a few minutes a day and follow up on competitors feeds or a feed of a topic. The same is true for the keyword search “travel” is a great lead for travel agents, “birth, marriage, first home” will serve up some great opportunities for financial consultants.

Content Promotion

If you have a blog or website you update Twitter is a great place to share your content. Be sure to use a URL reducer like Bit.ly so you can take better advantage of the 140  character limit to ‘talk’ people into clicking. There are also loads of programs to allow you to set this up automatically. You gain even more traction if you play to you competitors strengths, if your content matches other sights that you know people are coming from or going to after, add that feed to your twitter account. In making yourself diverse in more than just your content you increase your credibility and make your tweets a one stop for all things “that” person wants and is looking for.

Feedback Tool

Again, because of your ability to hashtag just about anything to grab worldwide attention, Twitter can be an incredible tool for asking for feedback on your products, services, website, anything! Be prepared for bad feedback though and have a plan on how to handle it in this huge social atmosphere. Humor and transparency can be very important! The use of twitter as a customer service tool has many advantages, the greatest being the “time” resource. In this manner you keep complaints to 140 characters making them more likely to get to the point.

7 Random Reasons Personal and Business Users Benefit from Twitter

The reality of Twitter is that there are many people on many levels, and businesses on many levels that can benefit directly from its use in a variety of ways.

Market Research – This is a great place to perform research and quick polls that can help any business owner or personal promoter plan their next business strategy.

Networking – Personal users or business users can benefit easily from having the chance to connect with media personalities, politicians, industry leaders and more.

Engage with Consumers – Twitter offer a unique opportunity to provide transparency for your brand by keeping an active dialogue with consumers in real-time with no restrictions. Having a creative and bright Twitter manager can help you build a personality and presence for your brand that can increase consumer willingness to engage you about your products or services. Tweet helpful information relevant to your industry whenever you can.

Breaking News – Twitter is a great place to get the fastest-breaking news around. Users tend to gather in #hashtag bands when major natural or political events occur and the Twitterverse finds itself abuzz with topics.

Aggregate and Promote Content – Twitter is a great place to share content from your website, blog, or other promotion ideas such as contests. Using the best #hashtags and any important mentions will help you propagate your messages to the fullest extent.

Find New Team Members – Many businesses are now using Twitter to send out job opportunities. This can be a great way to ensure you are getting employees already familiar with social networking. It will also give you the added benefit of being able to check out their social media activities to see if they have experience or skills that would make them a good fit for your business.

References and Referrals – It is just a fact that people will now send a shout out into the Twitterverse to hashtag a favored food or clothing establishment in their area to grab on-the-fly reviews from others who may have already been there and done that.



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