Who’s Listening, Revisited

Who is ListeningA few weeks ago, I wrote about companies and their “listening” skills, entitled, “Listening Tools: Who is Listening to You?”  And, after the announcement from Facebook two days ago, I thought it necessary to revisit this topic, if only to demonstrate the importance of communication and listening.


A few weeks ago, Facebook introduced many changes to the newsfeed, including the Ticker (which I wrote about here) and “Top Stories” shown at the top of the news feed, regardless of whether that is what you wanted to see.

People revolted.  No, they didn’t leave Facebook, they just did what we do today – complained on Facebook about the changes.  Some people even went so far as to complain directly to Facebook.

Well, guess what?  They listened.  That’s right, on November 10, 2011, Facebook announced that it was going to start giving users a choice as to what they see at the top of the news feed:  “Highlighted Stories First” or “Recent Stories First”.

Facebook Sorting


As I had originally written, Hilton Hotels had been notified of a blog post written by my wife, and they immediately responded to her, via Twitter.Hilton Online Twitter Conversation

But that wasn’t the end of the story.  My blog had been tweeted out by Basil Puglisi, with a mention of Hilton’s Twitter account (@HiltonOnline), which I then, re-tweeted.

What followed was a great conversation with Hilton, thanking me for sharing the article, and talking about my travel plans for 2012.  You can be sure that I will go out of my way to stay at a Hilton property, if only to reward them for being so proactive in the social space.

So, why is this so important?

Why does it matter if brands like Hilton or Facebook are listening so intently to their audience?  Well, for one, I will now go out of my way to stay at a Hilton property.  They have secured my future business, and I have spoken about them to numerous groups over the past week.  I’ve become a brand advocate for them.  And, if they can create a brand advocate, just by engaging in conversation, imagine what you can do for your brand.

People want to be talked to, not at.  People want to matter to the brands that matter to them.  Listening allows brands to make their customers feel important, even to the person that may or may not travel in 2012.

So, in the end, listen to what’s being said.  And, after listening, respond.  It’s the best way to engagement.  It’s the best way to your own brand advocates.



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