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What is Shout-O-Matic? First it is the newly created product of Norm Levy, Michael Levy, Jim Robert and Chris Lawlor. This young team of developers learned a great technique for aggregating digital photos, videos, music and text with their LifeGoRound platform. Just over seven months old, ShoutOMatic it is already making a few waves on the net. ShoutOMatic is a collaborative collection of several web-based applications.

ShoutOMatic enables users to send out audible ‘shouts’ or status updates in audio form. Much like a Tweet, users can record a quick greeting or message and send it out over the ShoutOMatic network, which can also be forwarded to your social medias.

How to Use ShoutOMatic

ShoutOMatic is incredibly easy to use and has many automated features that any social media user can truly appreciate.

First you need to sign up. Once signed in check out your settings and be certain to connect your social medias, such as Facebook and Twitter, to your account. This way, when you send out messages, they can be ‘heard’ by anyone who clicks your ShoutOMatic link on your broadcasts.

Not only will the program easily attach itself to your social medias, but it will also automatically attempt to detect your microphone and its settings to users’ great relief.

This unique option in digital messaging has already involved some big names such as Chuck D, from Public Enemy and Danny Bonaduce from The Partridge Family, who are now selling their voice-over services to those who want to include the stars audio messages as a part of their marketing plans. Artists, Athletes, Celebrities, Comedians and other personalities are encouraged to offer their fans the ability to buy personal shouts from them.

How Can ShoutOMatic Benefit Your Business

Dependant on your products or services of course, you can attempt to find a popular representative willing to sell you a great Shout in promotion of your product. Additionally, ShoutOMatic is also likely to take on the niche of allowing many disabled users to create their own Shouts, with far more simplicity than even Twitters simple interface offers.

*Special Thanks to Jennifer Tinghitella for brining ShoutOMatic to my attention for the blog.


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