Twitter Serves Up Weekly Emails Featuring Top Content

On May 14th 2012, Twitter announced that their users will now have the option to opt-on for their weekly email digest that will feature the top tweets and relating stories from their personal network.

The new feature should be in effect for most if not all users currently. If users choose to opt in, they will receive a weekly update will come in the form of a tab similar to the #Discovery button currently on the top of the page. According to Othman Laraki, Twitters growth and international director,

“This summary features the most relevant Tweets and stories shared by the people you’re connected to on Twitter.”

The email digest will include a headline and summary. It will also show a row of thumbnails that will show you retweeted the highlighted stories. Users will then be able to click on the displayed headline to continue reading, tweet the headliner themselves or see related tweets from the people the headliner tweeter follow.

The Most Engaging Tweets

Twitters email digest will also cover the most engaging tweets seen by those you follow each week, even if you are not personally following the original tweeter yourself. This new update comes a few months after Twitter first acquired Summify. Summify was a social media news aggregator that helped cut through daily news to deliver to their users a similar digest that displayed the most relevant stories. The five-person team that once ran Summify have since moved to San Fransisco to join Twitter’s Growth team under Othman Laraki.

Whatever generates the most buzz in your Twitter feed, will quickly make its way to your Twitter digest weekly once you sign up for this service. The Twitter digest will appear in the users’ email inboxes over the next few weeks and users can always opt out at any time.

More Media for Marketers?

It very well may be. Marketers who create the most engaging and educational content can benefit from this feature since it has immense potential to help generate awareness and exposure for smaller brands. The weekly emails will present marketers with yet another chance to reach an online audience that may be inside or even outside of their own personal online audience.


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