“Think Like Zuck” Lessons from Facebook’s remarkable CEO

In this Marketing Made Simple TV show (Click button in lower right to maximize the viewing window), Ekaterina Walter, author of Think Like Zuck and social media innovator at Intel, shares tips (Which she calls the Five Ps) from Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg,

In this fun and engaging show, you will learn:author-ekaterina-walter-think-like-zuck

1) Learn why movements are better than products
2) Why companies need to focus on “Why” rather than “What.”
3) How culture is the biggest factor in a company’s success or failure.

This show also offer a free excerpt from the book. Click the button in the show to get the exceert.

Marketing Made Simple TV is a production of Find New Customers, now part of The Pedowitz Group (http://www.pedowitzgroup.com)


  1. Very helpful illustration of how to think.

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