The Key to Successful Copywriting

Too many times, copywriters end up focusing their efforts on writing a book rather than a short story.  A copywriter’s job is not easy, it’s a tedious task to continue coming up with fresh taglines and copy to intrigue the reader. The biggest challenge is how to say something short, sweet, and to the point without going on and…and on and on.  Having too much copy can destroy most types of marketing materials ranging from brochures to print advertisements.  Remember the old saying “Content Is King.” The the key to successful copywriting is based on tailoring it for the type of marketing piece. For example, a small tri-fold brochure would need less copy than a full length 25 page brochure/catalog.   Too many people try to jam everything in and leave no imagination to the reader. The goal is to capture your prospects interest and drive them to your website or to call your company to find out more.  Intrigue your prospect and don’t give it all away at one time.

Here are some key steps to successful copywriting:


1.Tailor Your copywriting For Each Project:

Tri-Fold Brochure – Keep it simple stupid!  Make sure you don’t use too much copy in a small tri-fold brochure.  Use bullet points and highlight the important factors and key benefits of your product/service. Don’t write a book.  It’s important to use quality images/photos in this type of medium to draw the reader’s attention and less text.

25 + Page Brochure/Catalog – This type of brochure requires a medium level of content and photos. You need to fill the pages with product descriptions, product benefits, and the types of products.  Make sure you use the same set-up on each product grouping and discuss the important items in the first paragraph of each section.

Corporate Website – Websites require extensive content.  The content should use terms to help optimize the site and keep the SEO strong.  Most websites consist of paragraphs about the company, the mission statement, the leadership team, and lists in detail the products and services offered.  It’s important to build your company’s Unique Selling Proposition prior to hiring a copywriter.  Make sure you use your USP on your website and elaborate on the details.  A website is a great place to tell your story.

Print Advertising – The most important part of the ad is the headline.  Make it compelling and substantial!   If your company is launching a branding ad…then less copy is good.  If you are launching a product ad…then more copy is good that focuses on the bells and whistles of your new product.  Always make sure you have a good offer in your advertisement if your goal is lead generation. A response-driven ad is important to generate new leads for your company.  A good copywriter knows how to portray the offer in a way that will entice people to call!

2. Know your Audience:

It’s important to ensure that your copywriter understands your audience so they can tailor their writing style accordingly.  Engineers will need more technical copy while consumers will need basic easy to understand copy. 

3. Know when to outsource to a professional copywriter

Many business owners are great at financials and running a business. However, they are not good writers.  Accept this fact and don’t try to be something you’re not. Hire a professional copywriter to write your marketing materials. This way you can stick with what you know and focus on your business.

Next time you hire a freelance copywriter…you should discuss your marketing strategy up front and what you hope to accomplish with the marketing piece.  This will help the copywriter come up with the right type of copy for your campaign. Copywriter’s should continue tailoring their writing based on the medium to ensure the best work possible. Also…it’s important to keep consistency within all your marketing materials by using the same copywriter.  Don’t switch copywriter’s too often….Try to keep the same one on staff or as a freelancer. Happy writing!!


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