The First 5 Apps for Professionals on the iPhone 5 [OPINION]

Even as a longtime iPhone user, the excitement of getting a new phone is palpable. I just picked up my iPhone5, making me among the first to get the new iPhone at the flagship Apple store in San Francisco.

The larger screen is great for apps, which I’m eagerly downloading now. Apparently I’m not the only one who is app-happy. The average number of apps installed per smartphone has jumped 28 percent in 2012. No wonder, really. We’re on the go so much, and there’s a seemingly infinite array of apps to save time, money, and (for me at least) some sanity.

I’ve got a well-rounded list of must-have apps: two to be productive, two to travel smarter, one to stay informed.

Mobile productivity

Apps are the key to mobile productivity, and DocuSign Ink (of course!) was the first app on my new phone. Version 2.0 works with iOS6 and the iPhone 5. You’ll want it too, so you can sign documents—from permission slips for school to contracts from the office—while you’re standing in line at the grocery store. Skip the print, sign, scan, email routine. We use it at work to get sign-off on documents from nondisclosure agreements to contracts to purchase agreements. 

As busy as we are, who couldn’t use a little brain assist to keep things organized? Evernote promises to help you “remember everything.” I use it to capture anything from good ideas to the grocery list—and then rest assured I won’t lose it before I need it.

Travel smart

If you’re on the road or in the air much, TripIt is the app to have. Forward all of your confirmation emails (air, car, hotel) to, and you’ll magically get one consolidated itinerary that’s easy to share with colleagues and family. It even adds local maps, weather, and event information. I don’t travel with a stack of printouts anymore, just TripIt.

If, like me, you find it challenging to keep track of expenses on the road, get an app like my download #4, Concur. I use it throughout each trip to snap photos of receipts, which are then automatically added to my expense report—thereby dramatically improving my reimbursement rates.

Stay informed

These days, on-the-go is far from out-of-touch. I got Flipboard to read the latest happenings from my favorite social sites, all happily assembled in one place.

What’s on your “Day-One Downloads” list?  Let me know in the comments. I’m always on the lookout for new apps to download.


About the Guest Blogger:

The article was provided by Robin Joy, Vice President, Online & Mobile at DocuSign. You can follow the company and all the latest news on twitter @docusign.


  1. Great article Robin! Thanks for including Concur and TripIt as your travel must-haves. Happy expensing!

  2. Great article Robin!

  3. Norman Happ says:

    Evernote and TripIt are essentials on my Android device. They are closely followed by the WSJ, Amazon, and Spotify apps.

  4. Learned a lot from this article, persuaded me to buy the apps you have listed!!

  5. CraigEYaris says:

    Thanks for some great apps! I am a huge fan of Evernote and use it daily. And I love Flipboard on the iPad. I also recommend SugarSync, which keeps my desktop, laptop, iPhone, and iPad in perfect sync.

  6. Still using a 3GS, I’ll let the early adopters shake out the bugs, but I did upgrade to IOS6 and so far I like it except for the map. needs a bit of work yet. Big fan of evernote and use it daily

  7. I have an iPhone 4s and I love some of the apps. Of course, TeamStream delivers info on my alma mater. And Garmin is an awesome GPS on the iPhone – but you pay for it. Instagram and Flipboard are two of my favorites too.

  8. Jane vonB says:

    My kids like “Stack the States” to learn about state capitals and facts.

  9. BasilPuglisi says:

    While I am not a Apple fan, I like the mix above. You really kept the thought about the apps in a professional setting and each fit for a purpose. I was sold by your choices as soon as you got to Flipboard, very cool.

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