Part Three: ‘Television on the Internet’


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This is the final part (for now) of this series, ‘Television on the Internet.’ If you get the feeling that this story is building up to something bigger and better, you are right. The next thing that happened must have used up more than one wish from the genie’s bottle.

In the meantime, another opportunity came my way. Jeff decided to do a show about the show. In other words, he wanted to let our viewers know what the show was all about. He was going to do it alone. But then the idea came to do a Q&A session where I would ask him questions. Did I mention I am NOT camera shy at all? So of course I was thrilled. He became the guest. I got to be the interviewer. Pinch me. Am I dreaming? It gets even better.

Suddenly, it seemed, Jeff announced that he was going on vacation and would not be back in time for the taping of our next show. It was to feature one of our blog writers; we are slowly going down the list. Since I know him well, Craig Yaris, our redeemed attorney, as he likes to call himself, was someone that I knew I would really enjoy interviewing. I have learned to ask the guest to send me a list of questions with an overall topic. This keeps us somewhat focused since we have a limited amount of time for each interview.

The beauty of the taping is that both host and guest get to sit in front of their own computers. They can still be in their pajamas as long as each looks properly dressed and photogenic from the waist up. It is not only the answer for me to a 40 plus year dream. It is also a technological wonder that makes doing this possible, probable and profitable.

image-Craig Yaris

Craig Yaris, redeemed attorney and social media marvel

So there it is in a nutshell. The newest technology, ‘Television on the Internet’, fits right in with the sky rocketing popularity of video. With our diminishing attention spans, we have the patience usually for a few minutes of sitting still so we do attempt to keep the show to less than fifteen minutes. It may seem like a lot to ask of someone to watch but when Craig and I got to talking, we easily reached the half hour mark.

The first goal of our show is to be entertaining and we certainly entertained each other. Secondly, the guests provide valuable information. I could have picked Craig’s brain for another hour or two easily. The third goal of our show is that we ‘partner’ with our guests to help promote them, their work and their accomplishments. I have not had a chance yet to find out how many offers to teach classes and instruct individuals Craig has gotten since the show appeared on July 5th.

So be sure to tune in and turn on every Thursday at noon EDT, 9 AM, PT. In case you miss the initial airing, you can catch the show on our site 24/7 afterwards. You can also view it on YouTube and Vimeo. Who knows, you could end up becoming a guest and another budding ‘Television on the Internet’ star.

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