Jeff Jarvis Explores the Role of the Internet and Social Media in Modern News Gathering

In this ever-increasing technological era, it’s surprising to find anyone that hasn’t heard of Twitter and its simple and convenient way to send quick messages in 140 characters. Jeff Pulver, an Internet entrepreneur and the co-founder of Vonage, has taken this convenience to the next level with his 140 conference, also known in the Twitter world as #140conf. Since 2009, #140conf has been held in towns and cities all over the world where guest speakers are allotted 10 to 15 minutes to get their point across.

2012 #140conf

The 2012 #140conf, which started on June 19th, is a 2-day event held at the 92ndStreet Y (92Y) in New York City. A notable speaker appeared on the

English: Jeff Jarvis at DLD Conference.

English: Jeff Jarvis at DLD Conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

first day of the event and gave an interesting and amusingly humorous speech regarding the evolutionary changes and professional challenges many journalists are facing these days because of the rise of the digital platform.  Jeff Jarvis, a journalist, former television critic for TV Guide and People magazines, and one of the creators of Entertainment Weekly, gave the audience a riveting presentation as he explained that article creation and journalism are not dying, but merely evolving to fit the paradigm of the Internet.

Jarvis discusses some reactions to his views on how journalism and the presentation of news have evolved over the past decade or so due to the Digital Age.

 “The article is a luxury,” Jarvis said. “Now they thought that meant that it’s not needed. No; the article is a precious thing. It takes a lot of money and effort and time to make an article.  The article is the byproduct of the process of news.”

In his presentation, Jarvis compared the evolution of digital media, social networking and news gathering over the past few decades to the impact that the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg had in the 15th Century.

 “I did research back to Gutenberg believing that the press really gives us a lot of lessons about what’s going to happen now, with our world now. One thing I found out was that when the book came out it scared people to death just like the Internet does today. It scared them because it changed how they see the world.”

Jarvis’ comments on Gutenberg and the impact of the first printing press were based on his research for his 2012 e-book, Gutenberg the Geek, which was published as a Kindle Single.  Jarvis has also written What Would Google Do and Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live, in which he defends the concept of Internet openness and his opposition to restrictions based on the supposed protection of privacy.



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#140conf in New York City June 19th – 20th 2012 [Event]

This year the #140c will be hosted at the 92nd Street Y at 1395 Lexington Avenue in NYC.

The History of the #140conf

In its fourth year running, this conference has had no shortages of experts with a plethora of educational and trending information to provide attendees. Each year it simply gets better and better.

In 2009, #140conf hosted events in:

2011 found #140conf spreading even further across the globe with events held in more locations than before.

There have also been a number of #140conf Meetups which have taken place across the United States, and outside of the states including places like the UK, Kenya and Israel.

In addition, check out the writers panel from #140conf 2011 that featured Debre Eckerling from @WriteOnOnline, Jeanne V Bowerman @jeannevb and Tracey Jackson @traceyjackson4.

With many more impressive panels the 2011 #140conf was a rousing success. This year is shaping up to top them all.

Jeff Pulver Speaks

In April, 2012, Jeff Pulver shared a talk in Des Moines Iowa and he had some very compelling things to say about how we act and interact on our social networks. Are you YOU on your social networks? Are you who you think your friends and consumers think you should be? If you are anything but yourself you are not really connecting with those most important when it comes to marketing yourself or your brand. Jeff put it out there pretty well when he asked:

Are you you? Are you connecting to the person who you are? Are you true to yourself? If you Tweeted yourself would you talk back? Would you friend yourself?

I can relate to this as it is very similar to my previous article “Who are you?”

Societal communications are occurring now on a global level. Jeff reminds us that while the communication line is open, we have plenty of social media users who are more than happy to be brash, rude, insensitive, and that perhaps these people are being themselves. But we also have others who are the veritable shrinking violets, who are unlikely to ever be heard on a grand scale. And then we have our social leaders. Those whose Tweets and Status shares compel us, attract us. In most cases, those people have a strength we admire. Each of us have our own strengths when it comes to how we voice our feelings, how we communicate. In each of us is our true voice that when shared with the Twitterverse, or asserted on a Facebook status will have its own selling point, for those with a similar voice, opinions and assertions.

Inspire others whenever you can, because you can.

This Year’s #140conf NYC

The turnout for this year’s conference is expected to be attendees from 17 countries and 31 states.It is already expected to be the largest worldwide gather of entrepreneurs and professionals who are interested in the effects of real-time on people and businesses.

The focus will be on how the internet has the power to change lives and all attendees should expect to leave with a new outlook on how real-time interaction on the web can be used to grow your business or personal life, or even to do something intrinsically meaningful such as activism in charities you support. The options are almost endless.

The schedule is a fast paced and very unique one. It is the intention of the organizers to supply the perfect platform for as wide of a demographic as possible. Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts or engage with attendees and speakers. Individual talks will be limited to ten minute excerpts and panel discussions will run for 10 to 15 minute sets.

Conference speakers will be arriving in NYC from all over the world. Speakers from the Pacific, South America, Europe, Asia, Canada and of course many from the United States.

Register Today to Be a Part of This Event

Interested in having your voice heard at a future #140conf event? We are always looking for new voices to introduce to our community. Just drop a note to Jeff Pulver. Interested in leveraging the influence of the #140conf NYC community? we are looking for companies interested in sponsoring this event.

The #140conf events –Tweetups, Conferences, Parties and Roadtrips – present an opportunity to consistently broaden your social media knowledge, whether for its own sake, or for application in communication, business, news, politics, philathropy or just about any other sphere. You always meet the most interesting and creative people at these events, and each time, Jeff’s mix of speakers,  their topics and perspective leave you substantially more informed and meaningfully inspired.

– Ian Aronovich – @GovtAuctions

Don’t miss this years @140conf #140conf in NYC!


@BasilPuglisi is the Executive Director and Publisher for Digital Brand Marketing Education ( Basil C. Puglisi is also the President of Puglisi Consulting Group, Inc. A Digital Brand Marketing Consultancy that manages professional and personal branding for Fortune 500 CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers and Small Business Owners.


Professional Spotlight: Jeff Pulver

The Social Media Valley, or Long Island can certainly claim some bragging rights with this professional. Jeff Pulver has not only been a contributor to the Digital Age, but a visionary leader in communications (or also the communication tools of Social Media) and specifically the power it has given to people. Jeff’s professional contributions would make him seem like a unreachable giant, but I can tell you first hand that he is all about people. Rarely do you find someone so profound that is down to earth, let alone so approachable that he will greats you in casual clothes with a warm smile and a hand out.

Jeff’s History

Growing up in Kings Point, New York, Jeff Pulver got involved with computers when he was 17.  Later, while working at his first job, an accounting firm, he developed and founded Spreadsheet Solutions Corp. an add-on to Microsoft Excel and Lotus 1-2-3, which he wrote. He also invented the CellSocket – a device which allows receiving and making cell phone calls through land lines.

Becoming interested in the possibilities of Internet Phone, a field that was unregulated at the time, Jeff Pulver put his money where his mouth is and in 1995 started a company that will go on to become Vonage, the biggest VoIP provider. He stayed as minority shareholder and member of the board until 2002. 

Jeff was the head writer of what is called “Pulver Order” about internet communication, which had become the basis for the 2004 FCC ruling regarding Internet Protocol (IP) communications.  Helping shape the VoIP landscape, Jeff set his sights on other implementations of internet communication.

In a 2006 Wall Street Journal profile he talked about Internet Video. “The same DNA that disrupted the telecom industry is well on its way to totally revolutionizing the way the TV, film, and broadcast industry is going to be.” He says in the article.

Seeing himself as an agent of change, he continued in The Wall Street Journal article, his mission is to identify the next big thing in technology.

Jeff Pulver & Basil Puglisi

Jeff Pulver proved himself right when a few years later the “Arab Spring” came to life, facilitated by social media.

For years now, Jeff Pulver organizes and hosts the #140Conf in different cities around the world. In those conferences he supplies the platform and invites speakers for short presentations and discussions about the impact of the internet on different aspects of our lives; on education, media, news, and business.  He calls those conferences “The State of NOW”.

“We are living through what is a truly social revolution.” He says in an interview from a conference in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 7, 2011. “What happens when you are living in a world where hundreds of millions of people can discover each other and communicate directly? What do people feel when they connect, engage and every voice matters? People discover that they can stand up and affect a change without really knowing that they are doing it.”

Beside the conferences, Jeff Pulver invests in start-ups: Bloom Studio, BloggersBase, SemantiNet and Seesmic among others. He lives in New York with his wife and twin boys.

Here is another Great VIdeo recordning from UStream – 140Conf NYC

The Next 140Conf in NYC is June 19 – 20



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