Startup Hiring Tips: Use Creativity and Technology to Find the Right People

Hiring new employees for any startup can be a real challenge. Dipping into the gene pool and trying to pluck out the best and brightest to bring on board can present a problem depending on the size of your company. Smaller companies need people who can fill many roles. Many startups are lean and mean with little or no extra time to spend reviewing resumes, interview countless applicants and come to a consensus as to who is right for the job. Time may be scare but in a world of technology and innovation here are some creative ways to streamline the hiring phase.

Corporate Culture Conveyed Through Craigslist

Craigslist can be a powerful tool to bring potential team members into the company. Unemployment is around 10% making the sheer volume of potential employees hunting Craigslist for a new job very large. The key to getting the right people for your company and not simply getting overly qualified individuals can be done with a creative advertisement. Take a look at what category the listing may appear and pick the best one. One look at the front page of Craigslist and you will see one of the largest categories is for jobs. This may seem simple but it should not be overlooked.

Next create a listing that sells your startup’s culture. One easy way to convey cultural identity is through a few pictures of the office and maybe even the team. You will notice on the job listings pages that almost none of the advertisements have an attached picture. Pictures can set you apart from the rest and may weed out people who might not fit in well with your company.

Use Registration Forms to Screen Applicants

The resume is essentially useless when it comes to making a decision about hiring. It serves as a great way to start a conversation but leaves too much to the imagination when it comes to the true identity of a person. The real test for a potential hire is how effectively they can communicate. Communication skills are magnified 10 fold in a small startup because everyone talks to everyone. There is no room to hide in a small office space filled with “startup minded” people. Using phone interviews can be effective in testing communication skills but unless you record the conversation chances are you will forget the meat of what was said and simply be left with you impression. If you capture the ideas in writing then it may serve you and your team better while making a decision. Try using a online form, like a registration form, that you can customize with a few questions to really test the communication skill and style of your potential talent. This will also prove them in their writing ability. Make no mistake; everyone must be able to communicate both verbally and by the written word to succeed in a startup.

The Bottom Line

A startup should always be in the hiring phase ready to snatch up the best and brightest. If you always have your feelers out then you and your team of highly motivated, work 60+ hours a week at any cost, will find people you need to prosper. Using creative Craigslist ads and simple technology, like customized online forms, finding the right people just might not be so hard.

Jared Jaureguy is a Technology Consultant who has helped many startups implement the best use of technology to achieve their goals. You can follow Jared on Twitter @JaredJaureguy.

Top 5 Tips to Hire a Virtual Assistant

As a business owner, it is important to understand that you certainly cannot do everything by yourself. Your time is valuable and it requires planning carefully so that you can focus on things that are your priority. These are the essential events which need to be considered so that it generates revenue for your business. Outsourcing virtual assistant makes it easier for businesses to attain the necessary support without having to hire employees. Hiring such an assistant essentially means that you can always rely on someone to work for you, but only during the times you require.

Are your paperwork and other stuffs preventing you from developing your business?It can get tiring to set up your business with so much to do in the first place. It is the facility of hiring a virtual assistant that provides you with more time to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Here are the essential tips that you need to understand so you can find the right virtual assistant for your requirements:

Determine your needs

Prior to seeking for a virtual assistant, always consider your requirements. What are your needs and how much would you be willing to pay? For how much time can you afford the virtual assistant?Decide whether you want to seek services from a local, national or even international assistant. These are just some of the intricate and most important attributes to consider. Also, the zonal time differences and communication preferences are essential aspects that play a pivotal role when working with a virtual assistant.

Realize what to expect

It is important to understand that the skills and experience of a virtual assistant can differ. These are the major factors that vary significantly. Some of these assistant have expertise in finance, others can have experience in marketing. Certain others may be skilled in medical transcription as well. Understand the kind of work that you require and then search for such virtual assistants. This also saves your effort from having to look into several people before finding the most appropriate service provider or your needs.

Locate websites

There are several places on the web where you can find virtual assistants offering their services for various business needs. These people are already equipped with the adequate skills with expertise in the latest technologies that are ready to provide assistance. Check for the most appropriate website that offers such benefits. If you find that the website comprises of misspelled words or even the management is improper, you will be able to judge the kind of service that can be expected from people on the site. So, move on and find other platforms that excel in the kind of work you require.

Seek consultation

When you find a virtual assistant, you may as well want to set up a consultation sessionand acquire an insight into the skills of the person. Schedule a time suitable for both of you and then wait for the person to respond. This is quite essential and a mitigating factor to decide the rest of the attributes that you can expect.

Check to see whether the virtual assistant was responded in a timely manner. It is essential to understand that the medium is not the traditional mode of having employees working in an office literally. Almost all of the work is done virtually that requires more discipline.

Evaluate the virtual assistant

Similar to hiring a permanent employee, the process of selecting a virtual assistant should also involve the process of evaluation. When you locate a virtual assistant, hire the person for about two to three weeks. Discuss the task with the person and ask a strategy for the same. The person so hired needs to then send the task within the stipulated time period along with the work report so that you can understand the expertise of the assistant in the field. Make sure that the person understands the task before starting to work on it.

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