The Importance of Facebook Pages

We’ve talked over the last months about how important it is to be using social media within your company’s marketing plan.

And, although we’ve discussed how just being on Facebook is not a social strategy, when to post on your Facebook page, and what it will do for your business, I feel that I left out a very important fact, one that was brought home to me during a presentation last night, when I was teaching how to create a Facebook page.  The question that kept recurring in this group was, “Why do I need a Page?”

At first, it stopped me in my tracks.  I assumed (first mistake) that everyone I spoke with understood the importance of Facebook pages.  That everyone knew why they needed it, not just that they did.

I was wrong.  Very wrong.

So, why are Facebook Pages important for your business?  Here are some statistics:

  • 93% of Social Media Users believe a company should have a presence on social media;
  • 46% of people talk about or recommend a product on Facebook;
  • 90% of people trust what their friends “like” within social media;
  • 18% — Increase in sales for companies with a high level of social media;
  • 55 minutes – the average time people spend on Facebook per day;
  • 130 – the average number of friends each member has.

Those are the statistics.  But what do they really mean?

It means that with 845 million users spending about one-hour a day on Facebook, your customers are there.  It means that if your customers “like” your business on Facebook, most of their friends are going to trust that you are a company they should do business with.  It means that your sales will see an increase, since your reach has increased.

But, more than all of that.  Posting to your Facebook Page leads to more engagement from your clients.  Which will lead to more exposure.  Having a Facebook Page will give your customers a place to connect with you, whether with accolades or concerns.

Let’s also not forget the possible uses for your Facebook Page.  Using a customized landing page can allow you to provide much more information than is possible with just the Facebook “wall”.  A customized landing page can act as your website within Facebook, allowing video, tabbed browsing, audio, and links.  If you are a product business, you can set-up a storefront within Facebook and sell products directly to your customers, without them having to visit your website.

So, why are Facebook Pages important?  Because if you aren’t using every available tool to market your business, it won’t be here in 5 years.  Because if you don’t allow your customers to become evangelists for you, by sharing your content, then you are losing out on the single-greatest method for building your business – trust.

And finally, because your competition is on Facebook.

Have you had success with your Facebook page?  Have you held out creating one?  Let me know!

Want to learn more?  Make sure to register for Social Media Action Camp, February 16, 2012 at the Roger Smith Hotel – Part of Social Media Week.


Craig E. Yaris is the owner of EsquireTech Solutions, which helps small business get found on the social web, whether through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, he can both teach you the effective use of any social network or act as your social media manager, enabling you to reach your clients where they are and when they want to hear from you.  He can teach your organization the social media best practices that can help you use the tools of today to cost-effectively increase your bottom line.  EsquireTech Solutions brings the social web to your business.  Visit EsquireTech Solutions or call 516-495-9107.


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