#Ignition2011: Sheryl Sandberg Shares Concerns for Facebook and Women

At the recent Ignition Conference Sheryl Sandberg shared that Mark Zuckerberg’s greatest fear is lack of innovation. She mentions that the two factors are fueling that fear.

  1. Google has as many job openings as Facebook has current employees.
  2. Facebook lacks the resources of many of its direct competitors.

Sheryl understands that one of Facebook’s immediate concerns involves their need to rely on less product launches in favor of those that have bigger impact. Facebook has a current focus targeting the balance of moving forward in their business growth, while still protecting user-privacy.

Sheryl’s Advice to Career Focused Women

Voted in at number 7 of 10, Forbes awarded Sheryl Sandberg the status of one of the world’s Top Ten Power Women of 2011. Sheryl has some very sound advice for other power women as well. She shares that a woman’s most important career choice is who they marry. She encourages women to find a partner with whom they can share their lives 50/50. She reminds them that in general, men lean forward or continuously focus on the growth of their careers, while many women seem to lean back, and let others take the re

Check out this video with Sheryl’s top three pieces of advice for women who aim to reach the executive suites in their careers.

She also notes that when it comes to an individual’s GPA, the women tend to remember their numbers as slightly lower than they really were, while men remember theirs as a tad higher. She also admits that it seems in general, people like men who are in power, women – not so much. However, people do actually seem to like Sheryl Sandberg which is proven by the number of people, men and women alike, who flock to events where she will be a key speaker.

The Google vs Facebook Battle Continues

Although she initially deflected questions from Henry Blodget about a Facebook phone at the Ignition Conference, she later relented. She has a desire to see Facebook users able to snap a photo on their smart phone and upload right away to an album, wall, or page. She is worried though that Google’s Android may be a factor in preventing that.

“If you buy a phone, you should be able to share pictures and upload your photos with Facebook, we care that Android works and does that,” she said. “Android has made a public commitment to openness, and we want to see that commitment kept.”

She also mentioned that Facebook is thoroughly committed to providing an app that will work on all phones. She shared that she is currently actively working towards this with every single phone manufacturer to see that it happens. Citing that she believes that all consumers should have a choice, when asked by Blodget about whether or not Facebook is currently building a phone, she answered that she would not speculate on the topic. Although this is by far a mysterious and obscure comment, coming from Sheryl Sandberg, it’s definitely worth giving some attention and perhaps a bit of closer inspection.

note: Special Thanks to Business Insider for hosting such a wonderful event and having DBMEi as their Guest.


IGNITION: Future of Media Conference

This two day conference is coming to New York City November 30th through December 1st, 2011. Exploring the future of media business, IGNITION brings together executives and key stakeholders to discuss what is happening in the here-and-now.

We all understand that the definition of media has begun to expand to include games, local, social, and real-time communications that include sharing and other forms of data exchange. However, this also means that the lines between advice, business, and entertainment, has begun to blur.

Business Insider’s founder and CEO, Henry Blodget, will host IGNITION. One of the goals of IGNITION is to discuss how what is happening now, will affect your business. For this reason, a long list of top-notch speakers covering many media industries will be attending.

  • Glenn Beck – Founder and CEO, Mercury Radio Arts
  • Deep Nishar – SVP of Products and User Experience, LinkedIn
  • Sheryl Sandberg – COO, Facebook
  • Eliot Spitzer – Former Governor, New York
  • Sarah Bernard – Director of Online Engagement, White House
  • Adam Bain – CRO, Twitter

Business Insider designs their conferences the same way they design their media: intriguing and straight to the topic at hand. Discussions are kept short and each moderator or speaker will quickly get to the point. The fast-paced schedule will keep all attendees connecting while learning. IGNITION is expecting an impressive list of 400 to 500 entrepreneurs and executives from all facets of media including print, TV, digital, music, radio, and entertainment.

Attendees should arrive ready to strategize and create new business.

Adam Bain – CRO Twitter

Before he was CRO of Twitter, Adam Bain was the president of Fox Audience Network, or FAN, where he administrated strategies that would help to monetize Fox’s digital properties. He got behind Fox’s largest acquisitions of IGN, Scout Media, Photobucket, and Myspace. Before he held that position, he was the EVP for Product and Technology for Fox Interactive Media.

Bain began at Twitter just as they were gearing up to launch new monetization efforts. Although Twitter has executed minor experiments with advertising, they now want to increase their revenue significantly. With Bain’s proven abilities in that exact area, it seems to be an incredibly good choice for Twitter and for all who use it.

Get Ready for IGNITION: Future of Media

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Meetup: Social Networking On & Off the Web

Meetup is a social gathering site that helps to organize groups for local events, interest, and shared educational opportunities. Meetup’s major goal is to encourage people to understand that they can change their world, indeed our whole world, by organizing into groups that can be powerful enough to make great differences.

Who Uses Meetup?

Ranked #462 globally, the cities of San Diego and Denver show particularly high viewer numbers. Although it is used in countries like the UK and Canada, 70% of Meetup’s site visitors are located in the U.S. where its traffic rank is #129. Most common users are women from ages 35 to 64 with some college education. Most of these average users tend to browse from work.

People from all walks, niches, communities, and can and do use Meetup. Meetup can help:

  • To find others in your local area who share similar interest
  • To provide forums where users can learn, teach, and share
  • To encourage users to make friends and have fun
  • To teach that groups can be a powerful aspect for the common person to rise up, stand up, unite and help to make a difference on a local or global level

Meetup has 4.6 million monthly visitors with 3.9 million registered users. It helps to organize 80,000 meetings per month involving 37,000 local groups. Meetup provides coverage for over 3,500 topics and interests, in 4,000 cities, in 100 countries.

What is a Meetup Group?

Users can register with Meetup and begin to set up their own groups meetings. Users most commonly will initiate a Meetup group by posting a set date and time for a Meetup. Popular Meetup group topics are interest are:

  • Hiking
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Knitting
  • Moms
  • Poker
  • Travel
  • Writers

The topics are virtually endless and only restricted to the imagination of its creator. Meetup’s goal is to make sure that although users can benefit greatly from communication, education and integration provided by the internet on a regular basis, face-to-face interaction can provide many benefits that online communications cannot.

Major Meetups

This week a major Meetup group will be sponsored by the International Game Developer’s Association in Chicago. This group will help to get to help participate in problem-solving and chapter run events that are available in the United States as well as Internationally. Group members will also have access to literally thousands of highly talented members of various elements of the game development industry.

There are many small businesses that use Meetup for brainstorming better ideas for their businesses, and just as many Meetup groups involved in being active, health conscious or other aspects of the many non-profit agencies that use Meetup for real time group events.

Average Meetup Groups

Average metropolitan areas such as Richmond, Virginia commonly have around 2,000 Meetup groups functioning on site at any given time. However, larger major cities such as New York and Los Angeles have a significantly higher tally of between 6 and 9 thousand functioning groups.

It is notable too that many Meetup groups get their start on Meetup’s site itself. It is not uncommon for groups to originate, build and expand on Meetup for anywhere between six and eleven months before taking to a face-to-face setting.



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