Jade Simmons on Digital Business Hour [Radio]

Hosting my own digital internet radio show gives me an opportunity to interview talented people. However, having Jade on my show, embraced my affinity for classical music along with learning how she navigates in the digital world. Jade’s website, in my opinion, is perfect. It includes all the components that my experts claim makes a fabulous website; visual excitement, key word rich content, a catchy directory, memes which all combined, equals to an active sight with information you can share with friends. “Emerge Already,” is a feature that gives tips for the aspiring artist of the new generation along with Jade’s blog,”Stalking Superwoman.”

In my radio interview, we discuss the tedious process of creating a website that inspires, promotes and captures the musician of this generation. A concert pianist, Jade smashes the stereotype in a male dominant field and adds her own style. Former beauty queen, scholar, and an African American female are the badges of honors she can add to her list of accomplishments. Of course, she struggled with starting playing piano at the ripe old age of eight years old which is considered ancient when the end goal is being a concert pianist. Funky, traditional, and serious to her craft describes Jade Simmons.

Digital Business Hour

Our interview discusses the balance of self promotion via the internet and her dedication to help youth and inspire them while she builds her own career. My mission on “Holly’s Digital Advice,” is to give my listener’s a different perspective and tools to use personally or share with friends. The music industry has changed dramatically. The internet is our online real estate and replaces the traditional method of how artist break into the industry. Visit www.jademedia.com.  Listen to this interview and hear Jade Simmons, a woman of grace and style.

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