How to Keep Your Internal Corporate Communications Strong

Too many times in organizations the Marketing Department is kept in a vacuum and does not communicate the key marketing initiatives to the rest of the company.  It’s important to inform the employees and sales team of all upcoming marketing campaigns.  Internal communications is just as important as external communications.  Most marketers are solely focused on getting the word out to the masses on their product or service without informing their internal employees of their new promotion.

Non-communication internally can create some major issues within an organization and should be a number one priority for marketers.  The goal is to make all employees aware of all marketing campaigns that are launching each month. 

Here are some ways to communicate your marketing initiatives with your employees:

  1. Create a marketing calendar that clearly shows all campaigns that are going out each month.  The calendar can be emailed out to all employees on a monthly basis with information on who you are targeting, the campaign messaging, and what date it is dropping.
  2. Send an actual sample of the marketing advertisement  to each employee as an attachment.  This way if calls start coming in, the employees are prepared and know how to handle the leads generated from each campaign.
  3. Set up a follow-up strategy with your sales team prior to the campaign dropping.  How should the leads be handling? Who is handling the leads? Determine who will be inputting the leads in your internal CRM database.  All of this needs to be determined up front.
  4. Company Enewsletter – For a larger company, an internal e-newsletter can be a great way to communicate with your employees. You can use it to announce new hires, new marketing campaigns, and any company news.

Your company will look foolish if the employees are not aware of the current promotions.  Also, you need everyone’s buy in and acceptance in order to have a successful marketing campaign.   Sending out a one-off communication to your team will not work. You need to be consistent and come up with a long term strategy for your internal corporate communications. By communicating with your

employees and making them feel part of your marketing efforts…… will pay off in the end.  Effective internal corporate communication can improve the atmosphere at your workplace. Employees, feeling more informed, are more likely to be productive and satisfied in their jobs. It will also lead to an increase in workforce morale.  By keeping your employees informed….you will see greater success in your marketing campaigns!


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