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StumbleUpon is an interesting social media website that provides you with all different kinds of content. You can personalize your own Stumbleupon page to your own interests. This will give your own home page that is personalized to content and stories that you might be interested in. StumbleUpon recommends to you stories and content that interests you. Not only do they offer graphics, but they offer recipes, inspirational stories, videos, the latest fashion, and more. When you are browsing articles and other content, you are given the choice to like or dislike the content. By doing this, this allows your content to be even more narrowed down to the things you like. It’s like exploring the internet that’s specifically made for you.

To browse, simply press the “stumble” button in the top left corner of the screen. Every click is like a new adventure to come across. One click you can see the majestic beaches of Italy, and the next click could be teaching you how to make a rainbow cheesecake. Stumbleupon offers many fascinating features.  Besides liking content that interests you, there is content that can educate you. The settings in Stumble Upon are so definitive that you can change your interests at any time. If one day you’re interested in baking and the next you’re not, you can delete it and add your newest fad.

StumbleUpon gives you the option of sharing the content with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and your LinkedIn connections. This will benefit any individual, small business or large corporation. Sharing engaging information with colleagues will lead into a conversation and allow you to exchange your ideas. Make sure the content that you are sharing is relevant. This will benefit you in the long run because it will be much simpler to communicate on a common ground. For example, if you are a toy manufacturer and you want to reach out to toy stores; you will want to share content on why the toys you generate are the best.

StumbleUpon is a great social site for those that are trying to break into the digital space, especially when you consider that social media success is often measured in terms of influence or those that can talk about more than themselves. StumbleUpon can help those new to digital content find stories and share things that complete their personal or professional interests. StumbleUpon helps provide great content that’s relevant to your individual persona and lets you share it.

With 25 million users, StumbleUpon seems to be on the right track towards popularity. They are working hard and fast to become a household name. It is a fun way to see the internet specialized just for you. It’s also a good way to open up conversations and share common interests with your peers.


The content in this article is part of Digital Ethos’s Digital Media Education in the Higher Education Internship Program, the content was created by @KaylaMarzo, a Student at Suffolk County Community college, intern at Digital Ethos.

Social Influence Panel Shares Industry Knowledge at #SMWSMAC

With social influence playing such an important role in who is determined to be an expert on any given topic, Social Media Action Camp would not have been complete without an expert panel of social influence professionals.

Michelle Ross of the Brand Partnerships Team at Klout spoke to attendees a bit about what it takes to produce the Klout score itself. Much of Klout’s employee-base, around 85% is dedicated solely to the development and management of the intricate algorithm that helps to determine a user’s score. Michelle mentions too that Klout is in actuality, sponsoring brands who are looking for the more ‘everyday’ type of user when it comes to directing Perks and marketing efforts.

“Brands are so excited and hungry to connect with influencers who are not the traditional famous blogger, journal, or celebrity. “

Ben Farkas is the U.S. Director for Synthesio, a global social media monitoring service that was founded in Paris in 2006. Ben shared that their U.S. office having just recently opened may be one of the reasons why they aren’t a more easily recognizable name in the States, but that they are likely soon to be. Ben shared that what Synthesio has a focus on is in leveraging the wealth of data available on social networks.

With such big names to represent such as Microsoft, Toyota, and Nike, there is no doubt that Synthesio has been tried and tested when it comes to how to monitor all forms of media channels. Everything from forums, blogs, Facebook, and basic mentions are monitored in real-time to help the ad agencies to continue to fuel their entire organizations. Ben shares his thoughts on what social media really is becoming to many businesses.

“Social media is the DNA of the organization, of any organization, that’s what it is becoming.”

It is also fairly cool to know that as one of the official sponsors of #SMWsmac, Synthesio was actually tracking our hashtag and the social influence of our event and will provide us with some of the analytics for the event in a couple weeks.

Anthony Napolitano, Director of Sales at StumbleUpon, shares that StumbleUpon’s service answers two questions. One for consumers and one for advertisers. The one for consumers is in supplying a collaborative format for sharing all of the content from the web. As businesses of all types produce blog articles, images, and other forms of content, they are sent out to all of the different distribution channels such as social media networks. However, how can one individual possibly consume all of the content relevant to their own industries or interests?

Quite simply, there isn’t enough time. StumbleUpon allows its users to aggregate all of the best content for their personalized needs. StumbleUpon is not indexing web content, but letting users do that for them. So while hitting the Stumble button means that you may not know what you are about to see, you will know that it will be something incredibly relevant to your own interests. StumbleUpon can be highly beneficial for those content creators as well. While many tend to rely on the same resources for their industry news, using StumbleUpon can help introduce users to other options for relevant and reputable content beyond what they have already become familiar with.

If you would like to watch the full panel, head to the livestream video for the social influence #SMWSMAC panel.


Joy Lynskey is the owner of JRL Solutions, a copywriting and content management company based in Bedford, Virginia. JRL Solutions hosts a Freelance Writers Education Blog that is managed by direct and guest posting. Joy is the Content Manager and Editor for Puglisi Consulting Group at Digital Brand Marketing Education. Joy regularly works in SMM via freelance consulting  private clients with their social media campaigns.


Beginner Online Content Management for Your Small Business

From Small Budgets to Booming Business

Many small business owners or entrepreneurs may find themselves intimidated by the volume of content a new site requires.

  • Website Copy-writing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Blog Content
  • Product Reviews
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters

Adding more to the shortlist can become positively frightening for those who may not have the knack for creating high-quality, original content that this task requires. Many want to be sure they are getting the best possible content, and as much of it, as is possible for their money.

With that notion in mind there are some very important elements to weigh before you begin tossing your hard-earned cash around.

Website Content Requirements

All content created for your website should retain three main characteristics.

High-Quality Content

High-quality content is free of errors, provides helpful information or interaction to viewers, and answers the question the user was searching for when their search engine query located your site. High-quality content should include targeted keywords that represent your products or services, but never at the cost of the integrity of the body.

Aesthetically Pleasing

If you are unaccustomed to the required writing style for web content, it is important to know that those full-bodied paragraphs readers enjoy so much in books are a completely unwelcome sight on your web page or blog.

Website content should offer short burst of information, with subtitles, bullet points, and photographs for easy scan-ability. On average, one paragraph should contain no more than four sentences, and two hundred words of text should be broken into at least three paragraphs.


Under no circumstances should you ever post or accept content that is copied from another source, and by no means are you obligated to purchase it. Good content etiquette, not to mention other potential up-linking benefits include actually citing the resources you used to create your own content, specifically in the cases of news or educational articles in which the content creator is not a bona-fide expert on.

All of the content a small business owner purchases should be filtered through an internet copy search protection website or application such as Copyscape or Dustball first.

Purchasing Content

If your business is in its early stage, you have a knack for writing, and some extra time on your hands, I’d encourage you to take a stab at building your own content, anything and everything can help. The knowledge of what is required can also be priceless in weighing the value of your content purchases against your bottom line.

However, for many small business owners, time is the one element most found lacking in their schedules. If this is the case, you will need to know how to find the best options for your web site’s content creation, without wasting too much of the second most important element of your small business, money.

Choosing the Right Freelance Writers

The freelance content creation world is rife with tricky folks who know how to make a great profile that doesn’t reflect accurately their true skills, which in some cases may be lacking. The best method for finding the right freelance writer for your business is to take the time to create an ad on the freelance or classified ad site of choice that reflects exactly what you need. State your needs and your topic clearly, and be prepared to ask for a writing sample relative to your niche and your particular content type.

The best way to measure the skill of a freelance writer is to make sure any content sample they create for you already has the top three web site content requirements included. Very few typos or small grammatical errors are a non-issue, even pro writers can have difficulty proof-reading their own work. However, jumbled off-topic content or a fluff-filled body in one huge paragraph with bad language inflection, or wording that sounds broken, are real signs of a writer of very poor quality.

There are some phenomenal freelancers waiting to be found who will happily dedicate themselves to your project, but the old adage about ‘You get what you pay for,’ will definitely apply here. To bring out the true skill of the writers you may interview, pay well for your samples.

You may certainly have some hits-and-misses; even those misjudgments will give you future wisdom. However, you will also bring out the utmost potential in the workers you are really looking for, those who can or are capable of creating high-quality, original content, reliably, for your business. You should be able to gather several samples for less than one hundred dollars and that is a phenomenally low investment for such an important element of your online presence.

A great freelance writer will also understand that the very nature of freelance writing in the online capacity is ever-changing. Additionally, each time a writer takes on a topic they are not highly familiar with, they are in essence, gaining the only education they will gather by self-driven, and self-guided research.

Content Building

Unless you find a lucky jack-of-all-trades of content creation, you will likely have to rely on a variety of different content writers who may each specialize in selected aspects of copywriting, blogging, press releases and so on. Your blogger may not always be the best writing option for your press releases.

The most important factor in building your small businesses brand awareness is getting that high-quality content directly to those viewers who are actively searching for it.  Expect to interact with your content builders often in the initial stages. Research on niche details, trends, or other imperative business building elements may always best be handled by you or your management, but keeping your content creators in-the-know is just as essential in the improvement of your web site’s content.


Types of Web Content

High-Quality Content

The Role Of Content In Lead Quality

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