Inside Facts and Data for Twitter

While Twitter has gotten high praise for being a powerful journalism tool and has, in some ways, garnered a small cult like following, businesses have started to benefit from it as a promotion and customer service tool. This leaves business owners and leaders asking, “is it relevant to business?”

Lets a take a look at some of the recent data to discover how twitter is being adapted by who, when and how you might want to use it!

Research from Pew clearly shows that while Twitter’s overall usage is still slowly growing, those that have adopted to its use are using it more and more each day.

The Pew Research data uncovers that African Americans have had the largest increase in adoption and use. It also uncovered that young adults are also still the largest growing adopters as most of us would expect.

If you are trying to justify Twitter for business, you just uncovered that it’s a communication tool that is clearly on the rise and two very specific markets exist to develop a targeted marketing plan.

A Hubspot Study of 7,000 companies found that a business with just a 100 followers on twitter, generates 106% more website traffic then those with 25 or fewer. In fact with more than 40% of businesses on twitter reporting that they have acquired a customer from Twitter, it’s no wonder that 99% of the Top Not-For-Profits are using it, more the 40 Heads of State use it and every professional sports team is on twitter (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL).

In fact, a company that uses links to track activity reports for Twitter, has found that posting in the afternoon earlier in the week is your best chance at achieving a high click count (1-3pm Monday through Thursday). Posting after 8pm should be avoided.

The peak traffic times for Twitter are 9am through 3pm, Monday through Thursday. Posting on Twitter when there are many people clicking does help raise the average number of clicks, but it in no way guarantees an optimal amount of attention, since there is more competition for any individual’s attention. An optimal strategy must weigh the number of people paying attention against the number of other posts vying for that attention.

In another article also looked at the question, how long is a link “alive” before people stop caring? looked at East Coast earthquake: 5.8 magnitude epicenter hits Virginia, first shared by the Washington Post on Twitter.

Rate of clicks per minute on “East Coast earthquake: 5.8 magnitude epicenter hits Virginia

The scale of the traffic to this link is larger and it had a fast rise, and a relaxed drop-off. Noticeably though this link has a half-life of only 5 minutes: after 5 minutes this link had seen half of the clicks it would ever see. This link is associated with a timely event (an earthquake on the US East Coast) as opposed to a link that had evergreen content about data, visual images etc. When looked at the half life of 1,000 popular bitly links the results were surprisingly similar. The mean half life of a link on twitter is 2.8 hours.

Your Data

There are a lot of ways to track your data, and while there are new companies popping up every day to automate this for you, as a novice or small business I suggest the free services offered by StumbleUpon or Both link services shorten your link and will help you track it.

While these are two great services for your links, you also need to keep an eye on site data using things like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. When you’re creating content you’re going to have social shares that are generated from third party users that are not tracked by your links. Google Analytics can help you track additional data about referring sites, time on site and page views. The referring site information can help you track down places that might be performing better then you anticipated and provide you with some direction on where to spend your time and resources to generate site traffic and conversions.

Data plays an important role in creating efficiency in your Twitter activity and marketing. By reviewing your data monthly, you can get accurate snapshots on your overall social activity. This will help you target your content and make better use of the limited time you have on social sites, like twitter.

Here is a sample of my StumbleUpon ( for @BasilPuglisi

Here is a sample of my links stats for @BasilPuglisi (rare use)


Did you try? A Look at the data from #SMWsmac [InfoGraphic]

What can you do in 16 days? Try!

With just under a month before Social Media Week 2012, it came to our attention that NYC did not have a daylong event that was tailored to teach the small business owners and professionals how Social Media is and can be used. On Feb 1st, 2012 dbmei authors decided to launch Social Media Action Camp! The event which a few days later became an official part of Social Media Week was set for Feb 16th 2012 at the Roger Smith Hotel in NYC.

Data provided by Synthesio , and a few other sources .

The event tag #smwsmac generated over 1,000 tweets! Which represents about 5% of the social media activity in New York City. The Social Influencers reached over 116,000 followers and generated tweets in 15 countries globally!

In addition to the info from Synthesio, we also know that:

  • 102 people  attended throughout the day
  • 128 viewers at one time on LiveStream
  • 976 views on the Live Stream Channel
  • 1484 tweets to date #smwsmac
  • 71 check-ins on foursquare to the Roger Smith Hotel

The Official Social Media Week event page hosted on generated 177 Facebook “Likes”, 250 “shares” on LinkedIn and 834 tweets that did not feature #smwsmac as a tag. Making the event the most socially shared event for ALL Social Media Week 2012 globally!

The Social@Olgivy Movers & Shakers platform supported by Kred featured organizer @BasilPuglisi as the top influencer for Feb 16th and both @BasilPuglisi and @dbmei as the top 5 influencers for the following day Feb 17th 2012.

The event was a mix of speakers featuring some of the digital names like Google, Klout, Synthesio, StumbleUpon, EmpireAvenue & Constant Contact. The event featured digital media professionals like David Meerman Scott, Amy Vernon, Mardy Sitzer, and Lujure’s Nathan Latka. Lisa A Burns, representing Corning Inc.,  spoke about the wonder of how a Fortune 500 Company used YouTube to capture more than 17 million views. Then the dbmei authors Bill Corbett Jr., Jeff Ogden, Craig Yaris and Basil C. Puglisi contributed their take on using social media to generate action!

The real success resulted from the response that the attendees reported.   The mix of content and style presented,  generated useful information in many areas with actionable advice and solutions.

“The diverse group of presenters offered extremely valuable best practices and actionable advice. It was also nice attending a social media event that didn’t cater to newbie’s or skeptics”  said David Gise

The event exemplified the point that “you don’t know till you try”, and while we have a long list of things we can do to make the next event even better, it’s an important point for dbmei as well as the individuals involved to say not only did we try, but we succeeded. If you take nothing else away from the article, we hope that when a opportunity presents itself, you be so bold as to try and make it happen.


Why Not “Buffer” Your Social Posts – A Review

Buffer App - Be Awesome on Social MediaOne of the hardest things for people new to social media to understand is the time it takes to post and engage within the various social media platforms.  And, it’s true.  To actively engage with your followers, fans, and subscribers does take time.  But, finding the information and scheduling the posts doesn’t have to be a large part of that time.

Enter Buffer, where their tagline is, “Be awesome on Social Media.”

What is “Buffer”?

Quite simply, it is a tool to allow you to share content on any schedule that you choose.

After linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts, you decide what times you would like the app to post or tweet for you, up to four times per day.  Then, all you have to do is fill your “buffer” with great content, and they take care of posting or tweeting at the pre-determined times.

How can I “Buffer”?

Using Buffer could not be easier.  There are add-ons and plug-ins for all major browsers, including Chrome and Firefox.  Just install the add-on, and when you are on a website you want to share, click the buffer icon, and either add it or share it immediately.  It’s that simple.

And, if they don’t have a plug-in for you, just e-mail the link, with whatever text you wish as the subject line, and it is added to your buffer.  This is also great to add items from your mobile phone, as well.

Do you use the web interface of Twitter?  Well, Buffer is there, as well, making it incredibly easy to buffer your re-tweets.

How do I Buffer?

What about “Analytics”?

Buffer also gives you great analytics for every post sent, including re-tweets, click through, and number of people reached.  This is great information so that you can analyze and evaluate timing and content that is of interest to your followers.

Buffer Analytics

How much does all this awesomeness cost?

Buffer, for the majority of users, is completely FREE.  That’s right, for free, you get to add one twitter account, one Facebook account, and have 10 items in your buffer.

Need more?  There are plans for $10 per month giving you 50 posts in the Buffer and 5 social accounts, and $99 per month which offers unlimited posts in the Buffer and unlimited social accounts.

There are many tools available to help schedule posts and that offer analytics, including Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and Sprout Social, and I don’t believe Buffer is meant to replace these tools.  It is only another tool in the social media tool chest, making our sharing of great content even easier.

Tools and Resources




Sprout Social

Rethinking How You Measure PR Programs

We have all heard of the saying “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”…well this applies to a  company’s PR efforts.   Most CEO’s want instant gratification and an immediate return on investment, which is not the case with most forms of marketing.   The perception out there is “I spent all this money on marketing and I want to see immediate results” Patience is a virtue…and measuring results of a marketing campaign takes time and dedication.   Similar to the time it takes to prepare a campaign for launch, measuring results can span from 3 – 12 months after the campaign drops.

The key is to come up with measurement reports that depict the right metric for that particular marketing campaign.  For example, what is the right measurement or key indicator for a Public Relations program?  Is it generating a qualified lead/ sale within 1 month or is it building mind share over time?  The answer is “building mind share within your target audience”…The next question you are probably asking is how do you track mind share?  Here is the answer:

What is mind share?

Informal measure of the amount of talk, mention, or reference an idea, firm, or product generates in public or media.  It is also the development of consumer awareness or popularity which marketers try to maximize.

How do you track mind share?

  1. Find out who is talking about  your product or company
  2. Find out when and how often your company is mentioned in an article, on a social media site, or on TV.
  3. Find out what they are saying about your product or company

There are a few ways to track the above which include customer surveys, email campaigns, and software programs that track all social media sites and blogs.  A full analysis of competitor brands should be included as well.  Also, utilizing PR Web to send out press releases gives you access to analytical reports on how many people clicked on your press release and read it.

All of this information should be tracked on a measurement report or marketing dashboard and reviewed with management on a monthly basis.  It can take up to 6 months or longer to feel the effects of a PR campaign.

Direct Marketing vs Public Relations

If you are looking for instant gratification, then the best marketing vehicle is direct marketing.  Direct marketing includes a direct mail or email campaign where there is a measurable response. The goal is to generate a qualified lead immediately by utilizing a compelling Call To Action (offer).  

The most important thing that a marketer can do is set realistic goals and objectives for each marketing campaign.  Don’t run a PR campaign and expect an increase in revenue within a will set yourself up for disappointment.  Just like anything good in life…it’s worth the wait…so don’t be hasty in making decisions to cut all your PR efforts because down the road you will regret it!

A good marketer knows that it’s all about patience and planning… don’t sell yourself short! 


Word IQ: MindShare

Business Dictionary: MindShare

MindShare: MindShare Over Chatter Buzz Tracking

Nicholas Pujol: The Mind Share Market: The Power of an Alternative Currency

Klout vs PeerIndex vs Social IQ

Although Klout is certainly a highly popular format for social influence measurement, it is not the only tool available for this type of social media standing calculation.

Klout Review

Currently, Klout is definitively the leader in this social media-indexing race. Although some people continue to question the validity of the topics that are dubbed as a user’s ‘expert’ topics, others say that Klout is right on time when it comes to knowing what niches a person has a public passion for. 

Since early May of 2011, Klout has shown a steady rise in viewers. With only 1,208 sites having better three-month global traffic rankings, and the site holding steady in the US at #303, it shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. With new Klout Perks cropping up with increasing frequency, the buzz about this choice in social media monitoring does not leave out any of its pros, and even has its fair share of cons as well.

Some users report inconsistencies in what they are truly passionate about, and what Klout has derived as their interests from previous posts, statuses, and tweets. It seems that giving digital high-fives may only be worthy of Klout points if Klout is passionate about your topic, or simply just recognizes it as common.


PeerIndex is another ingenious algorithm that measures the influence with a three A list.

  • Audience
  • Activity
  • Authority

These three elements are then evaluated and averaged in order to create each user’s Peer Index. The collaborated Peer Index will then reflect a number from zero to one-hundred, one-hundred being the highest.  

Another benefit to Peer Index and Mozilla users is a very helpful plugin that will reflect any Twitter users PeerIndex score on any website, forum, or any html based page where the @ symbol is used before a legitimate Twitter account name. This means that if you ever find yourself in need of someone with high authority in your niche, you are a simple Tweet stream away from the familiar and comforting highlighted PeerIndex rating. It also means an instant perusal of site owners’ proven level of peer influence without the need to manually go on a search.

PeerIndex has also been growing in leaps and bounds and has an Alexa ranking currently of 13,226 global with a U.S. presence at #7,326. However, only around 30% of users are U.S. based.

 Social IQ

A new competitor is also about to break out of beta and into the hands of eager users. Social IQ is defined as an algorithm that was developed by Soovox. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in sunny San Diego, California. Social IQ is the newest concept of the three in social influence calculation and monitoring. Still in their building phase, their main mission is to become a globally recognized element of new media advertising and influence economy.

Social IQ is taking the road previously traveled by Klout by enacting reward systems for users who have targeted niche influence. Login is just as easy on Social IQ s on the previously mentioned with manageable Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integration.

Although it is still in beta and quite off of Alexa’s shortlist, Facebook integration is already functioning and any user can see what a fantastic tool this will be once completed.


Social Media Trends in Europe and Russia

The use of social media is certainly not limited to the United States alone. In fact, for some internet users, social media networks may have been their first experience in connecting to someone outside of their own local, state, or even country.

Russia has a significantly different social media audience in the simple fact that in comparison to the U.S. it is extremely small. The total online population of Russia is just under 60,000 and only 42% of that population is using online capabilities at all.

Russian Demographics

According to eMarketer, 61.9 million people in Russia will use the internet by 2013. This would be a significant jump from 2009 where the number rested at 45.8 million. Although the minor numbers may seemingly indicate otherwise, Russians are actually the most arduous social networkers when it comes the length of time spent on social media sites per user.

Odnoklassniki, Russia’s main social network has a reported user-base of around 30 million. The site helps to connect classmates in Russia and the Ukraine and has over 8 million visitors per day. Nearly 75% of the online population of Russia visited at least one social networking site during the month of the study in August of 2010.

Russians are spending more than double the worldwide average time of 4.5 hours on social networking sites. This makes it rank high at #1 among all countries with reported social networking statistics and open social media option engagement. Following Russia is Israel with an average of just over 9 hours per visitor. Israel is followed by Turkey with 7.6 hours per user spent on social networking websites.

This means that in spite of Facebook’s worldwide powerful command in social networking sites, in an overall majority of this specific internet market, Facebook actually ranks fifth in Russia with just over 4.5 million users. However, recent years have seen increasing growth in Russian internet users who utilize Facebook as a social network option.  This is causing Facebook to quickly outpace the other five top social networking sites. 

European Social Media Statistics

Currently, the top ten countries for social networking are ranked by the time spent per visitor. The current worldwide average time for visitors spent on social networking websites is 4.5 hours. In a 2009 Rapleaf study, it was shown that females are far more active in social media than men. However, this study was focused on the U.S. A newer study from Comscore showed that the same rang true for European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. It should be no great surprise that the younger set of females ages 15 to 24 spend the most time of all age groups on social sites than their male counterparts at a generous 8.4 hours each month. What may be a bit more astonishing  is that the next age group on social media time consumption lists isn’t the 25 to 34 year olds, but the older group in the 45 to 54 year olds. The studies actually showed that the 45 to 54 year olds spent more than double the amount of time on social networking sites than the males of the same age group.

The short top ten list of countries leading in social networking capabilities are:

  1. Russia
  2. Israel
  3. Turkey
  4. UK
  5. Philippines
  6. Canada
  7. Indonesia
  8. Finland
  9. Spain
  10. Puerto Rico

Many European countries utilize social media websites that are not commonly used by U.S. internet users.

Friendster is relatively popular in Russia, while Hi 5 is frequented visited by users in Spain and Italy more often. Netlog is also highly popular in Spain and an unfamiliar sight for U.S social media users known as Studvyiz, is Germany’s most popular social media outside of Facebook and Myspace.


Klout Measures Your Clout On LinkedIn Social Business Network

Have you ever wondered how your resume stacks up against others with much the same experience as you? Fortunately, Klout, the startup that previously only measured a person’s influence across the social media board, and LinkedIn, the business-related social networking site, has now partnered up to allow users to see their own influence when it comes to their professional LinkedIn profiles.

Klout and LinkedIn Action

Klout will now quickly assess a user’s ability to influence action on LinkedIn. It will also measure who users may be influencing on LinkedIn and how they are being influenced.

Now when LinkedIn is added to the Klout dashboard, the LinkedIn connections a user has, as well as their activities on the business networking site, will be collaborated with the user’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. From these three accounts, a Klout score will be generated.

Klout CEO and co-founder Joe Fernandez has shared that LinkedIn has been one of the top request from users who want to expand their Klout scores with information from other social media networks besides the previously integrated Twitter and Facebook sites. Klout also shows on their dashboard that integration for Foursquare is not far behind.

While Klout developers passed up the chance to share the exact specifics on what is analyzed, they have shared that part of the analysis will be formulated by the users interactions on LinkedIn. These interactions include who users are interacting with, the type of content users share with their contacts, and the users influence in relation to the responses from those on their LinkedIn network. Klout has also made it clear that the number of connections have no influence in users Klout scoring system. Quality, not quantity, is what Klout is looking for when determining users scores.

Why Does Klout Score Matter?

Unless you have been living under a digital rock, you are well aware of the role that social media plays in internet business and marketing. However, the common sense aspect may not be all that is important when it comes to your Klout and social media influence scores.

Currently, brands and businesses are beginning to test programs that will provide benefits to social media and network users with higher Klout scores. In addition, Klout is currently scouting to help identify experts on a large variety of topics.

Last but not least, if your career involves working with and managing social media accounts, a high Klout score will obviously give you a leg up on your competition.

Who Uses Klout?

Obviously, anyone in a business that will benefit from a great online presence will benefit from a increasing Klout score, but who is actively using this method of measuring a person’s social networking influence?

One of the most well-known Klout reliant companies is the Huffington Post. They have integrated Klout into their article posts to help them locate the highest influencers. The Huffington Post is known for being on the cutting edge of the integration of social media on their site. Huffington Post viewers gives users the ability to not only know who is mentioning an article, but who the highest influencers are on a topic.

Clout with Klout in Vegas

Who doesn’t want some kind of clout in Vegas?  When visitors check into the Palm Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, they may be surprised at what influences the treatment they receive while checked into this top notch resort.

As visitors approach the check-in desk, and their information is pulled up on the reservation screen, another element is included besides just their credit card and personal request. If a visitor suddenly finds themselves invited to the exclusive Hugh Hefner Villa, they may be entirely shocked to understand that it is their Klout score that garnered them this top-notch invitation.

Palm Hotel and Casino uses Klout scores to judge each visitors worth as a consumer. The Palms’ marketing office, Jason Gastwirth is building the Klout Klub for visitors who have the highest and most influential Klout scores. These influential visitors may be privy to some of the Palms’ most impressive set of amenities.

The Palm Hotel and Casino seems to have the right idea when it comes to their influence on consumers who are likely to happily Tweet, Facebook, Digg, and Stumbleupon their social medias to laud the benefits they received while visiting this highly social media oriented resort. While giving away a few amenities, they are also building some serious Klout for themselves. The praise, @mentions and other comments they receive are well worth the cost of giving away a few perks to highly influential social media users.



Tweet Tools: Increase Your Twitter Productivity with TweetSpinner

If your direct messages inbox is full of auto-follow spam messages or otherwise delayed or old information, you are probably like most other Twitter users that do not have TweetSpinner.

Direct Messaging Inbox Archiving

TweetSpinner provides more control over many important elements of managing your Twitter account fully, accurately, and lucratively. It will allow you to finally de-spam and archive those messages cluttering up your direct message, or DM, inbox.

The moment you log on you can choose to one-click archive your DM messages to quickly clean up that inbox 200 messages at a time. This archiving process saves them to your account so that you can browse through them when you have the time, while still keeping your DM inbox clean and clear. Users are allowed to set filters on what constitutes spam and even if those messages are preferred for archives or deletion. The archived messages are stored at TweetSpinner, not on your machine.

Follower Management

TweetSpinner provides highly sophisticated follower management and analytics with easy to configure filters that will help users locate the most receptive followers while ignoring spam accounts.

It will provide an ongoing and updated display of:

  • People you follow
  • The number and percentage that do not follow you back
  • People who follow you
  • Those whom you do not follow back
  • Ratio of friends to followers

Users with paid accounts then have the option to configure, or prune, their settings, as well as setting some fairly intricate options. Depending on the level of the account, the customization for auto-following, as well as auto-unfollowing, can be incredibly detailed. Keyword following and mimic following are also options within the user Follower Management tool.

Logging onto TweetSpinner is as easy as visiting their sign in page and creating your account. Simply authorize the account and you are on your way.

Profile Rotator

The profile rotator does just as it says. However, this one allows users to important colors and background images of items you utilize on Twitter. Simply change your design at Twitter and try the import feature once more. You then have two unique designs to choose from. These can be rotated on a schedule to keep your Twitter profile interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

Since Twitter only allows for a very small bio and a URL you can now add a bit more of a profile with TweetSpinner. You can create more than one which can also be set on a schedule to rotate to help your account maintain the ability to effectively express yourself to your followers.

Other features such as Smart Tweets will help to guide you into making the most out of your 140 characters or less and the DM Outbox options can help to send out far more personalized messages than before. Their rules-based DM system will make sure that when rules you pre-set are met, a correct trigger will return a personalized message to that user.

Site navigation is as easy as it gets with most management activity occurring from within the same page.

Who Uses TweetSpinner

Currently, users are predominately between the ages of 35 and 65 with global site traffic ranking hovering at 31,003. Most are professional females who are browsing from home. In Johannesburg the site has achieved a much higher ranking at #825.

TweetSpinner does offer a free version but most who will want to use this tool for a professional account will likely want to take a closer look at paid package versions that start at $16 USD per month and can go higher for Pro versions or those accounts purchased for social media agencies.



Tumblr Becomes More Sociable with Launch of the New Share Button

The publishing platform known as Tumblr has officially joined the social networking class of tools alongside more popular Facebook and Twitter options. While the Tumblr button is very similar to other bookmarking buttons offered by a large variety of services, it does offer a significantly more advanced options for the display posted.

Customized Tumblr Display Flexibility

Tumblr developers have provided a short set of coding that is easily copy-pasted into any content that you would like to promote through their micro-blogging service. The difference is in the results. The new Tumblr button gives users total authority over how their content is displayed when shared via Tumbler.

Users can decide if their link appears as:

  • Videos
  • Links
  • Quotes
  • Photos

Further user customization includes attributions, pre-filled descriptions, and even specific selections of text if desired. Buttons can meet configuration standards for Ruby, JavaScript, or PHP.

Add the Tumblr Share Button Bookmarklet

Head to the Tumblr website and log into your account. Go to the Goodies Section, and you will see the new Tumblr share button. Drag it over to your toolbar. Now each time you see an interesting item worth linking, just click on the Tumblr bookmarklet and publish it.

Tumblr Improvements

The Tumblr site is undeniably showing improvements in GUI as well as functionality. Customization options give users immense control over how their shared content is displayed, even offering an improvement in blogging systems.

Tumblr Users

Tumblr’s site has achieved an overall traffic ranking of 50 on Alexa, with a US traffic ranking of 25. Users do show an extended amount of time at around seven minutes. Predominantly users tend to be childless females between the ages of 18 and 34 who enjoy browsing Tumblr’s site from work or college.

Overall improvements of the Tumblr site including the social bookmark sharing tool addition is likely to bring Tumblr just what they were looking for with this upgrade, an increased share of social bookmarking users who enjoy and benefit from their available services.



TweetStats Real-Time Twitter Statistics

There seems to be an entire industry devoted to creating Twitter tools. Some are highly effective and worth the few moments it may take to register or login to their respective systems. Others tend to make a quick debut, likely via Twitter or another social media, and then quickly fade into the background as a victim of not enough features, or too complicated or spammy of a registration process.

With so many social media marketers standing up to take notice of every rise and dip in statistics, many may use a variety of tools to gauge how their marketing efforts may be influencing their brand awareness and subsequent sales.

There Be Fairies Furnishing ur XML

Along with a rather unique loading message, TweetStats supplies one of the first third-party Twitter applications to those who wish to find out basic statistics about their account including:

  • Tweets per month
  • Tweets per selected day
  • Tweet density
  • Aggregate hourly and daily tweets
  • Interface statistics

Users can even check out their Tweet Clouds to see which words are most frequently used by them or in reply to users tweets.

Monitor the TweetStats of Other Users

TweetStats can also be used to monitor the status of other Twitter accounts as well. Users can check on the stats of their favorite brands, closest competitors, and up-and-coming companies they may have an interest in.  It can be used as a highly effective tool for those who may want a birds-eye view of their toughest rivals’ social media campaigns.

Who Uses TweetStats?

Alexa says most users spend around a minute on page views and around four minutes on site examining their Twitter statistics. With a page rank of 14,884 in the U.S. statistics show that most users are Hispanic, highly educated, childless females, ages 25 – 34 who tend to browse from work. An unusual stat for TweetStats shows that in the city of Königstein, Germany, TweetStats page ranking is at #31. Lifetime TweetStats statistics show a lifetime steady growth in popularity for this social media tool.


This is an impressive affordable way to increase your twitter followers, it uses banner advertising on the tweetstats site to allow you do twitter follwer advertising for as little as $40. The system will generat an impression count, a banner from your twitter account and then pay with Credit Card or PayPal and your campaign is underway. This is a wonderful little feature that can help you increase your twitter followers and because it’s tied to tweet stats, you can count onthe fact that they are quality followers.


Digital Media Monthly

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