How to submit content for Guest Blogs and consideration as a Contributing Author?

Are you looking to submit content to Digital Ethos for consideration in the Digital Media Daily?

If you’re looking to contribute to the Digital Media Daily you’ll need to know the following:

  • We ask that you develop an original thought or position.
  • Try to follow a Factics based approach when possible. Fact (data) and Tactic (method) in the content helps make us stand out from everyone else.
  • Sources. We ask that each article ad sources, it adds credibility and shows a mix of experience and effort.
  • Media. Every post needs an image. We also like to see audio or video references, even if they are not yours or ours, we are focused on Awareness & Education so we want the best material even if it’s not ours. Every piece of supporting content needs sources.
  • Digital Ethos gets first right to publish (even if just by a minute) and any content launched on Digital Ethos should end with “As first seen on Digital Ethos” with link when posted (syndicated) elsewhere. Content published here first is 50/50 Ownership.
  • No “Pen” names, in order to publish your account you need a Google+ or Seasoned Twitter account that is in the authors name.

What will happen if your content is published?

  • The content will be added to the Digital Media Daily blog.
  • The Content will be reviewed and considered for syndication in the Digital Media Monthly email Newsletter as well as for the Print Magazine the Digital Media Quarterly.
  • The article will be shared on the Digital Ethos Social Networks, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How do I contact Digital Ethos about submission and consideration?

Visit our Facebook page at and send us a message. Content is reviewed every week by the Managing Editor for consideration.

How do I become a contributing author?

To become a contributing author please explain that intent when submitting your content, at that time please also share any other sample work you have and a statement as to why you want to contribute on a regular basis. We don’t require an essay, but we want to know why you’re interested, we are not a content house we are a not for profit organization that uses publications to accomplish our mission, we want to know a little about what drives you before we start pushing you as a contributor.

What is the difference between a contributing author and guest blogger?

The contributing authors from Digital Ethos get inside access to events, programs, software and more. The access is not a perk, but an opportunity to allow our contributors to give first hand insight to the topics they are learning and writing about. ALL contributing authors are issues “Media” credentials. These credentials include everything a “Press” ID should have including QR Codes that lead to the authors publications on Digital Ethos and feature our globe hologram to prevent them from being copied or duplicated. These “Media” or “Press” IDs are generally accepted at most locations and meet the government employee ID standards.

The contributing authors also receive editor and content support, this is to meet the standards of protections under the law as journalists based on the court decision in Oregon that help bloggers are not protected under the same laws as journalists.

ALL content provided to DBMEi dba Digital Ethos if published is considered to be co-owned by Digital Brand Marketing Education & Interactives Inc. dba Digital Ethos, which also means that we retain the rights under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


The content can only be replicated once on your personal website or company page.

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