Socializing the Holidays – An Opinion

Socializing the HolidaysIn the United States, we celebrate Independence Day on July 4th. Families gather together and have cook-outs, we watch fireworks, and generally enjoy a day off from work. It is a day to celebrate those that have fought for our freedom. A day to celebrate America’s Birthday.

It’s a big day.

But, on July 4th, and most other holidays, my Facebook newsfeed is chock-full of pictures celebrating whatever holiday there is. Canada Day? Yup, my Canadian friends have a celebratory picture for that. Grandparents Day? You guessed it. Pictures celebrating that holiday, too.

But, have we trivialized the meaning of the holidays by our quick one-off posting wishing our “world” a Happy Whatever day?

I believe we have.

The same goes for the birthday wishes we post because Facebook told us it is someone’s birthday. Although I do like the opportunity to wish people I don’t get to talk to often a “Happy Birthday”, wouldn’t it be better to pick up the phone and say a quick hello? Wouldn’t that mean more than the quick “Happy Birthday. Make it a great one.”. In fact, I know someone that posts their birthday wishes as soon as Facebook sends out the e-mail that says, “You Have Friends with a Birthday.” This really causes confusion, especially when that person is wishing her own children a happy birthday days before the event. Can you imagine the number of people that ask when the persons’ birthday actually is?

What is your feeling about the socializing of our holidays? Right? Wrong? Do you enjoy seeing all of your friends wishing you a “Happy Whatever Day”?

No matter what you feel, hope you enjoyed the fourth!

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