Social Media and Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Relief – “Overcome” – Live (Cover by Jason Aron)

Social media plays pivotal roles in our lives. It resulted in the ‘Arab Spring’ bloodless revolution. In fact, social media has such power and potential influence that China has banned it. There is another venue called ‘renren’. But facebook, itself, is banned for fear of the uncensored information and communication it could offer the Chinese. Occupy Wall Street also kept the public aware of its activities through social media.

Arab Spring

Arab Spring takes to the streets © Kate Taylor

Social media can provide unlimited awareness to a situation or issue. On the other hand, televised news is limited. It cannot cover in detail what social media can. TV news has to move on to the next latest news. Social media can cover a topic in great detail as long as there is input and interest.

Social media has been invaluable in the case of Hurricane Sandy, the worst storm to ever hit parts of Long Island, NY. Facebook has become an invaluable tool resulting in a means of communication, spreading information and fundraising.

facebook page for a Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

A facebook page, Long Beach Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

Ironically, the people with the least access to the Internet as a result of the storm are the ones who may benefit the most from social media. Those who have ventured into the devastated areas have been able to get information out so that help can come in from informing those outside of the devastated areas.

facebook page for Hurricane Sandy Relief for NJ

A facebook page, Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund

In doing so, these social media news reporters tell the stories and take the photos that document the destruction and the aftermath of the storm. There are now a myriad of facebook groups and pages that have sprung up from Hurricane Sandy. They inform the public about what has occurred. Facebook groups have become experience sharing and information reporting venues. Pages also function as information and donation ‘sites’.

Hurricane Sandy - Pictures from the Crowd

A facebook page, Hurricane Sandy – Pictures from the Crowd

These facebook groups and pages are accessible 24/7. They are alive long after televised bytes pass on as yesterday’s news. Social media continues to be a source of support and assistance particularly to the residents of New York and New Jersey.

Scott and Ali_boarwalkTwo Long Beach veterans visit the remains of the
Long Beach NY boardwalk © Phil Jacobs


Social media is playing a crucial role in the recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Once again, social media is taking its place as a toolkit to record and access history.

Social Media’s Bloodless Revolution

Occupy Wall Street’s facebook page

Arab Spring really was social media revolution

China ban facebook, twitter, google and youtube

Renren, The Leading Real Name SNS in China

Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, Long Beach NY

Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort Likely To Be Largest In U.S. Since Katrina

facebook event fundraiser




  1. T-Shirt Fundraiser for Strong Island Will Rebuild

  2. Sandy relief request for those in need.

  3. More on the Hurricane Sandy story.

  4. alisongilbert432 says:

    A ‘thank you’ and tribute to the waves from East Coast surfers to the communities that have given so much to them.
    East Coast Rising – “A Surfer’s Tale of Hurricane Sandy”

  5. alisongilbert432 says:

    A great ‘brewery helps brewery’ Hurricane Sandy story.

  6. Boardwalk Demolition Expected to Be Emotional
    Removal of the 2.2-mile structure scheduled to take a month.

  7. Congress approves $9.7 billion in Sandy flood aid
    The bill gives more borrowing authority to the National Flood Insurance Program to pay about 115,000 pending claims.

  8. NY senator calls ‘shenanigans’ in the House over Sandy relief ‘indefensible’

  9. Resources on the Coastal Protection Plans for Long Beach, NY.
    by Long Beach NY, Hurricane Information on Thursday, January 3, 2013 at 4:37pm ·

  10. House GOP kills Hurricane Sandy relief bill
    Sen. Schumer comes to Long Beach and calls for passage of $60.4 billion aid package,45233

  11. Fixing the Long Beach boardwalk, one nail or screw at a time.
    Come say goodbye to the boardwalk. The city is having a ceremony to commemorate it this Saturday at 11am on Grand Blvd. See you there.

  12. The latest on what’s happening with government aid to Hurricane Sandy victims. Will the government vote for sufficient funding and how soon?

  13. Nightly News | Aired on January 02, 2013

    Sandy victims demand government aid
    Those hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy say they are close to the breaking point, their faith in government flagging. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports.

    3. Hurricane Sandy Hits Rockville Centre: Rockville Centre held up well during Hurricane Sandy, at least in comparison to surrounding communities, but the storm still took its toll on the village. The RVC School District canceled classes for seven consecutive days, Mayor Francis Murray declared a state of emergencyd Sandy left a path of destruction throughout the village. Here are some other stories that came from Sandy:

    RVC Village Packed in Sandy’s Aftermath
    PHOTOS: Hurricane Sandy Hits RVC
    DISCUSS: How Did RVC Village Handle Sandy?
    RVC Hotels Booked to Capacity After Sandy
    PHOTOS: Nor’Easter Covers RVC in Wake of Sandy
    RVC Restaurants Flourishing as Residents Seek Food, Power
    Local Drivers Flock to Sunrise Citgo
    Rockville Centre Gas Stations In Short Supply

  15. News 12 Long Island stopped by to visit the Luminare event and taped a short clip that was on the News12, New Year’s Ever. Thanks to Jessie Fahy Farrell for all her tireless work organizing the event. And thanks to everyone else involved in organizing and participating in this community activity to uplift the spirits of a changed Long Beach.

  16. To cover or not to be covered, that is the question. More information about what insurance is covering and not covering related to Hurricane Sandy.

  17. Although no endorsements can be made for any company, this text and video provides important information for those seeking help with Hurricane Sandy from their insurance company(s) and the resistance seekers may experience from their insurance.

  18. The destruction and devastation are not over for the victims of ‘Hurricane ‘Sandy’. News and assistance will continue to be reported here as an ongoing resource to get and give help. But let’s start 2013 with a ‘get down/up beat tribute’, from SouthShore Records.I love it so I have to post it once in while to keep up everyone’s spirits.

  19. Hurricane Sandy sickness: People in ravaged homes susceptible to flu
    Thousands of storm victims are becoming ill from their moldy, cold, flood-damaged homes, adding to the borough’s already overwhelming medical woes caused by Superstorm Sandy, officials told the Daily News.

  20. If your insurance company is NOT cooperating, that is what they are paid to do. You need an advocate to represent you, not portect the insurance company.

  21. More info about the 1st Annual Long Beach, NY Luminary New Year’s Eve with map of where the event is taking place so far. Very touching. It gives me a chill.

  22. 1st Annual Long Beach, New York Luminary NYE!

  23. Alison Gilbert says:

    Long Beach Life After Hurricane Sandy

  24. Alison Gilbert says:
  25. Alison Gilbert says:

    What is going on with the Mayor’s emergency food stamp program.

  26. Alison Gilbert says:

    A post from Home and Hearth Real Estate Long Island NY
    Please share – Orphans of the Storm, Pet Adoption Program Give a pet a home for the holidays – Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter 516-785-5220. Check it out on line http://www.TOH.LI

  27. Alison Gilbert says:

    121212 Concert – Who’s Winning on Social Media and Why?

  28. Alison Gilbert says:

    One of my favorite performances from the 121212 Concert from the very vocal and colorful, Adam Sandler with friend Paul Schaefer, ‘Sandy Screw Ya’

  29. Alison Gilbert says:

    Did you see the 121212 Hurricane Sandy Robin Hood Relief Fund Concert broadcast from Madison Square Garden worldwide through a variety of media?

  30. Alison Gilbert says:

    This extraordinary rap video by SouthShoreRecords is a tribute to ‘Strong Island’.

  31. Alison Gilbert says:
  32. Alison Gilbert says:

    The New York Times reports, “Gateway Recreation Area Faces Long Recovery After Storm’s Battering”

  33. Alison Gilbert says:

    Long Beach Medical Center Hurricane Sandy Info
    This page has been created to provide updates to patients, staff and friends of Long Beach Medical Center, Long Beach, New York regarding our post-Hurricane Sandy restoration efforts.

    12.11.12 Post
    To all employees,

    Long Beach Medical Center will be mailing W2 forms to employees shortly. If you have temporarily relocated or moved to a new address, please advise us of your current mailing address as soon as possible.

    You may call, fax or email your info to:
    Call: 897-4382 and 897-1042
    Fax: 897-4391
    Email: or

    Thank you.
    Human Resources

  34. Alison Gilbert says:

    From Optimum (Cablevision) The 121212 Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert will be viewable just about everywhere for the areas impacted by the storm.$B734nGB8vptGNslFmPu9/doc.html?t_params=PASSWORD%3DB734nGNslFmPBQxnP%2524v5woyHTxfVBj

    • Alison Gilbert says:

      Accessible by 2 billion people worldwide
      34 US Networks & Television feeds to North & South America, Asia, Europe, Africa & Australia SIMULCAST, FREE of CHARGE, IN SELECT THEATRES IN HURRICANE-AFFECTED AREAS.
      Global streaming

      Starting at 7:30 p.m. ET, on December 12, “12-12-12,” The Concert for Sandy Relief, will be broadcast live from Madison Square Garden via a global network of US and International television stations, Clear Channel radio stations and leading web sites. Check the web page linked in the above comment to see where to tune in to watch or listen to this legendary event.

  35. Alison Gilbert says:



    Robin Hood has launched a large-scale relief effort to aid our neighbors in the tri-state area whose lives have been shattered by Hurricane Sandy. Within hours of the storm, Robin Hood- funded non-profits were providing blankets, hot food, heaters, generators and more to residents in Red Hook, Coney Island, the Rockaways and all across the region. Now, one month out from the storm, thanks to our supporters, Robin Hood has been able to provide over $10.5 million in grants to more than 100 different groups.

    We are now moving into phase two of our recovery effort, providing for the long-term needs created by the storm including: housing, job-training, legal counseling and more. The need is great. Please contribute generously, and know that every cent of every dollar you donate will go the best community organizations that are working to help those whose lives have been torn apart.

  36. Alison Gilbert says:

    Rolling Stones will perform at 12-12-12 concert (Hurricane Sandy benefit)

  37. Alison Gilbert says:
  38. Alison Gilbert says:
  39. Alison Gilbert says:
  40. Alison Gilbert says:
  41. Alison Gilbert says:

    Hurricane Sandy Infographic, What’s Important In A Hurricane?

  42. Alison Gilbert says:
  43. Barrier Brewery, a local microbrewery in Oceanside LI was destroyed by the hurricane. Fellow LI brewers gather to help their fellow brewer and others too.

  44. Eight LI Brewers come together to produce special Sandy Relief ale.

  45. Alison Gilbert says:

    The inevitable and potential hazards of cleaning up from Hurricane Sandy.

  46. Although the ‘West End’ of Long Beach was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy, Shine’s Bar,, a local landmark, and many other stores are once again open for business and holiday shopping

  47. Steven Lichtenstein posted this on

    One of our members of the Health & Business Alliance, New Ground, a not-for-profit agency, is still collecting needed household items either new or in good shape that can be distributed to their displaces families. (Many of these are veterans). Donations can be sent to New Ground by contacting their Executive Director, Shannon Boyle at or (516) 564-4764 x132.

  48. Learn what’s happening and what help is coming for Long Beach.

  49. Long Beach is dear to many NY Jets. Here is their story.

  50. Efforts to revive and revitalize Long Beach local biz for the Holidays

  51. More about Hurricane Sandy’s devastation and the fight to survive.

  52. Together We Will Rebuild…emailed to me by Mark Neuwirt Yesterday 9:08 PM. Thank you Mark.

  53. Hurricane Sandy Aftermath Long Beach, and Island Park, NY, 10-30-12

  54. An amazing video of Long Beach, NY before and after Hurricane Sandy

  55. Patch will make a $1 donation to AmeriCares for every tweet with the hashtag #PatchRebuilds.

  56. Alison Gilbert says:

    An article with resources for getting and giving help.

  57. Alison Gilbert says:

    How Long Beach Hospital’s Emergency room is still open after Hurricane Sandy.

  58. Alison Gilbert says:

    Please note that the Nassau County Bar Association is now offering free consultations to residents of Nassau County who may be facing Mortgage Foreclosure of their home or who suffered damage to their homes and belongings as a result of Superstorm Sandy:


    Monday, December 3 —– 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

    Monday, January 7 —– 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


    Monday, December 10 —– 10 a.m. to 12 noon
    3:30 to 6:00 p.m.

    Monday, December 17 —– 10 a.m. to 12 noon
    3:30 to 6:00 p.m.

    It is recommended to pre-register by telephone, 516-747-4070, for consultations. Anyone needing a consultation in a language other than English should make the request when calling to register.

  59. Fundraiser for Hurricaine Sandy Relief: Learn to Deveiop Your Own Psychic Abilities or Experience a Great Show Famous TV Pyschic Joe Power
    Public Event · By Ellen Pellegrino and Claudine Hope

    Saturday, December 8, 2012
    • Psychic Course Fee Before 11/30/12-$199
    • Course Fee After 11/30/12-$222


    Art for Hunger: Hurricane Sandy Relief
    12:00pm until 5:00pm
    Fundraiser at Hofstra University for Hurricane Sandy relief at the Interfaith Nutrition Network. You can purchase your Tickets to Art For Hunger’s Sake if you follow this link

    Join us on December 2 from noon to 5pm at the Student Center Theater at Hofstra University. Performance art, comedy, theater, music, dance, poetry, film, sculpture, paintings, photography. All to raise much needed funding for programs to feed hungry Long Islanders. Every day, 30% of the population, 900,000 people are forced to choose between putting gas in the car or paying a utility bill and putting food on the table. Help us to put an end to this unacceptable situation.
    Follow us on Twitter!

  61. Please help the Animal Hospital of the Rockaway. It was completely destroyed by the hurricane.

  62. A message from Long Beach Craft, a staple in Long Beach, under different names, but for decades.

    Dear Long Beach Residents & Those who made it through Sandy. We’d like to take a moment to say thank you all for thinking about us & sending us kind words and blessings. It’s been a difficult time for many of us, on many levels but we continue to run our business operations as best we can and business is just about back to 100% operational level, we will continue to push out the best bargains, prices and of course product. Long Beach Craft & Variety will continue to be here for the local & extended communities in what ever capacity is needed for the residents, we’ve started to focus on the up coming New Year product lines and just wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU to all of our supporters and those who we can continue to lend a hand to assist.

    Kind Regards,


    The latest scoop on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

  64. The latest ‘scoops’ on Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath.

  65. Here is an article from the RVC Patchthat is crucial reading about MOLD. This is a great concern for buildings that have been damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

  66. FREE shuttle busses to Hurricane Sandy Relief Community Meetings Wed., 11/28, and Thurs., 11/29, arranged by Bay Improvement Group. The pickup place is the same both nights: Brown and Emmons in Sheepshead Bay (the Occupy Sandy site). The bus to the Wednesday meeting (hosted by Sen. Marty Golden) will have two pickup times: 6pm and 6:30pm. The Thursday town hall meeting (hosted by Councilman Nelson) will pick up at 6:30pm, but people can board the bus at 6pm. Busses will also bring people back after the meetings and drop them off at Brown and Emmons. People with cars are encouraged to drive and, if possible, carpool to leave room in the bus for those without cars or who do not or cannot drive. Please see this article for the specifics on which agencies will attend. (FEMA, reps for Rapid Repairs, and Con Ed will be at both.)

  67. Alison Gilbert says:

    SOS (Survivors of SuperStorm) Casino Night Networking Fundraiser
    Public Event · By Valerie Lampe
    Monday, December 3, 2012
    6:00pm until 9:00pm

    Join us in our mission to make a difference and help the people in our community who need it the most!
    On December 3rd, from 6-9pm we are extending a hand to our neighbors, friends and family to help the Survivors of Superstorm (SOS)

    If you’re tired of feeling helpless and want to make an impact, here’s how:

    ***Sponsors Needed***

    ***Attend the Event***

    ***Donate a Raffle Prize ($50 value or more)***

    ***Help Spread the word on social media and/or your newsletter!***

    ***Help sell our blue rubber debossed bracelets to benefit hyperlocal Long Islanders who have been devastated by Sandy***

    ***Buy an ocean blue rubber debossed “SuperStormSurvivors” bracelt (or more)***

    ***Volunteer to help us with the evening***


    $25 in advance/$35 at the door

    We have teamed up with K. Pacho and their amazing owners & staff to bring a Casino Nite Networking Fundraiser together to benefit the American Red Cross. Normally, an event of this magnitude takes 6 months to plan and pull off, but with your help we can help impact people’s lives before the holidays.
    rsvp HERE:

    For questions, suggestions or to nominate a recipient for the proceeds of the “SuperStormSurvivors” bracelets, please email me direct at or call 516.608.6716.

  68. Alison Gilbert says:
  69. Alison Gilbert says:

    Local and diverse community bonds together to help those in need as reported by the local

  70. Alison Gilbert says:

    An INN Event today at Hofstra University in Hempstead NY to feed the hungry and homeless especially at this time of year

    • Alison Gilbert says:

      The above event is NOT today. It is on December 2, 2012. I guess I got so excited I was hoping it was today.

  71. Alison Gilbert says:

    This page continues to provide valuable info regarding Hurricane Sandy Relief for Long Beach NY.

  72. Alison Gilbert says: of Long Beach NY, posted this Hurricane Information:
    This guy needs more volunteers especially those with skills. He needs people tomorrow. Please help this awesome cause!!
    Douglas O’Grady 516 318 3747
    4 Houses again today. 1 person directing others who are willing to help. I hope we are making a difference. I’m getting help from different places . I need bodies for tomorrow. I need more people to volunteer. People with construction background needed. I have a possible 6 houses for tomorrow and that number will go up by the time we meet at Wauldbaums at 9:00. Don’t over think it JUST DO IT!

  73. Alison Gilbert says:

    Have we forgotten this is Thanksgiving weekend? And especially that we need to be here for each other?
    Respecting what is left of people possessions, honoring insurance policies and not splitting hairs over flood versus hurricane damage.

    Just think of this as a TEST. Nature is seeing how we manage with adversity. Do we band together to help one another or do we take advantage of each other? What do you think?

  74. Alison Gilbert says:
  75. Alison Gilbert says:

    From the RVC Patch November 24th, 2012

    Nassau Community College Presents “Superstorm: The Science Behind Sandy”

    The Nassau Community College Cultural Program will present the program “Superstorm: The Science Behind Sandy” on Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 2:45 p.m. in Room 123 of Building F. The program will be presented by NCC Physical Sciences Professor Richard Cohen.

    During his presentation, Cohen will answer several questions about the nature of Hurricane Sandy and the circumstances that precipitated its occurrence. Among them are: What made Sandy so unique? Why was the hurricane as devastating as it was? Was this storm at all attributable to global warming? Cohen will also give a history of previous major weather events on Long Island.

    For more information about “Superstorm: The Science Behind Sandy,” which is free, open to the public and accessible to the disabled, call 516.572.7148.

    Free Holiday Concert to Benefit Sandy Victims

    Nassau County is offering a free musical opportunity that will serve to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

    County Executive Mangano announced that the Long Island Philharmonic will present Nassau County’s “Holiday Spectacular” concert on Saturday, Dec. 1 at the Butler Building at Mitchel Athletic Complex in Garden City. The two-hour concert will begin at 7 p.m.

    Admission is free, but tickets are required. All attendees are asked to bring non-perishable food items which will be collected by Island Harvest and distributed to those affected by the fierce superstorm that caused widespread damage across the region.

  76. Alison Gilbert says:
    • Alison Gilbert says:

      Suggestion from the Senator:,44629
      And a reply to the Long Beach story:
      On 11/24/12 at 05:51 AM, fprocacci wrote:
      Everyone, please write Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray at and ask her to donate 75% of the General Services Postage budget (of $2.4 million dollars) to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, or JUST FORWARD THIS message to
      Kate Murray currently sends out about 25 mailings per year. See for more information about Kate’s mailings.
      Ask her to give up some of her mailings to help the residents of the Town of Hempstead that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy.
      Instead of cutting down trees to make paper for mailings, the Town of Hempstead should use that wood to make houses for the people that lost theirs. Please forward this message to everyone you know.
      Felix Procacci

  77. Alison Gilbert says:
  78. Alison Gilbert says:
  79. Alison Gilbert says:
    This company has outstanding products to fight the harmful health effects of situations like Hurricane Sandy.
    For me personally, I use Purification and Thieves Cleaner.
    This is not a medical prescription or official recommendation, just a personal suggestion based on my own experience.

  80. Alison Gilbert says:
  81. Alison Gilbert says:

    From and

    FREE post-Thanksgiving meal for 600-800 people at The Salvation Army, 66 Church St, Freeport this Saturday, November 24, 2012, 11am-3pm. Three ladies are buying all the supplies + cooking and are coming in from OHIO.

    I NEED ABOUT 10 VOLUNTEERS TO ASSIST, and they, too, shall eat. Desserts from Love + Quiches! 516-315-3437

  82. Alison Gilbert says:
  83. Alison Gilbert says:

    The latest from Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.

  84. Alison Gilbert says:

    Here is another facebook page I found today that is offering help to those who need it and showing the after effects of the hurricane.

  85. Alison Gilbert says:

    A Citizens Committee to Evaluate LIPA’s Response and/or lack of one to Superstorm Sandy.

    Committee to Let’s Get It G(ON)e
    Monday, November 26, 2012
    7:00pm until 9:00pm
    Merrick Library
    2279 Merrrick Avenue, Merrick, New York 11566

  86. Alison Gilbert says:

    From the RVC Patch online local newspaper, a story about the community helping those who lost everything due to the hurricane.

  87. Chef Beyer and the mobile kitchen will be located in the parking lot of City Hall. Thank You

    • Alison Gilbert says:

      Thanks for that info, David. If you hear of anything else, please feel free to post it in the comments. And of course, let others know they can do the same if they need or can give help.

  88. Alison Gilbert says:
  89. Alison Gilbert says:

    Watch these videos so we remember why we love it here on Long Island.
    Posted on facebook by Dan Marquardt, owner/Founder of SawGrass Productions, Inc.

  90. Alison Gilbert says:
  91. Alison Gilbert says:

    I am attempting to show a video that Lee Nielsen took from Lincoln Blvd in Long Beach, NY showing the storm building, crashing the boardwalk and continuing until the lights went out at 7:24 pm on October 29th on that site.

  92. Alison Gilbert says:
    Chef Barret Beyer will be serving hot food from a mobile kitchen in Long Beach, NY on Tuesday, November 20. For more info, make inquiries at the link provided.

    • Chef Barret Beyer says:

      i will be in Long Beach starting at approx 11am and serving until either we run out of food or 5pm

      • Alison Gilbert says:

        Thank you for your contribution of time, food and love. Food and love are inseparable. I am sure your gift was greatly appreciated. Please post a comment if you have any additional news or info. Thanks.

  93. Alison Gilbert says:

    The first information that ‘fell into my lap’ about mold in relationship to the hurricane damage to homes and other buildings.
    Beware and be careful.

  94. Alison Gilbert says:

    GhostTown Rekordz wrote on my home page




  95. Alison Gilbert says:

    The best way to use this blog post as a means of communication for those in need or those who can offer help is to put a message as a ‘comment’. The URL for this post is
    Thank you.
    Alison Gilbert, Visual Journalist

  96. Alison Gilbert says:
    From Joe Sinnona,
    In Long Beach…already working. Great to be back. Plumbers, electricians? If anyone is in need of something pls message me privately or call me 516.375.8162 cell.

  97. Alison Gilbert says:
    Hurricane Sandy ‘survivors’ in Long Beach,
    Need help with your Laundry? Look no further. Here is a volunteer group that has offered to help.

  98. Alison Gilbert says:
  99. Alison Gilbert says:

    Here are several tweets about the latest on Hurricane Sandy Debris. Social Media takes its place in this event once again. Mike Bloomberg and over 100 people retweeted the original tweet.

  100. Alison Gilbert says:

    An article from The Atlantic about natural disasters and the cost of rebuilding.

  101. Alison Gilbert says:

    Here is an article about a question that would have to be asked eventually.
    What are your thoughts about this issue?

  102. Alison Gilbert says:

    Every day I am finding more info online to help with Hurricane Sandy Relief. If you need or know someone who needs this info, please visit and please pass it on!

  103. Thank you for your reference to this blog post. I hope you found it helpful as a resource. I continue to update it with the latest news as Hurricane Sandy is still very much with us.

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