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Social websites have become a viral tool to get noticed, and not always in a positive light.  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have provided tools to let novice technology professionals reach each other and the market like never before.  

While the big three above are what most people reference when talking about visibility in social media, the cast of players and influential who’s who of social media is endless. Anyone who has a blog, a comments page, forums, any technology that allows multiple users to interact is running some form of social media.

Social Brand Visibility is  getting your name, brand or product into the public network that is social media. Like any other marketing tool or campaign, this requires a well thought out approach to who you’re going to target, how you’re going to target them and what consistent brand image you’re going to create to convert to sales or referrals later.  

While many tools exist to run a Social Brand Visibility campaign, it is important to realize that the SBV Campaign is just one side of the coin.

In the near future I will talk about the bigger picture with Social Brand Reputation Management.

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@BasilPuglisi is a Content Contributor and the Chairman of the Board for Digital Ethos. Basil C. Puglisi is also the Digital Marketing Manager for PMG Interactive. As the Digital Marketing Manager he provides oversight and support to Digital Campaigns, from Website Development to Search and Social Reach.

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