Re-thinking Thought Leadership in Social Media Professionals

At every turn someone is writing an article about “Why” social media is so important and powerful, in fact, it’s likely that someone in your town is speaking this evening about it. When you attend these events or read the articles your giving up your most valuable resource, Time!

Demand Factics and get more to help you manage your time! While it’s easy to be taken with the “Why” Social Media is so exciting and powerful, don’t get lost in the “Why” and look for the “How”. The “How” comes from content that has Factics. Factics are in content that includes both Facts (data) and Tactics (methods) to make use of the different Social platforms and tools.

The average individual is excited by the allure of sites like Facebook, they jump in so quickly because of the “Why” they have taken little time to make a plan. “How” they can make it useful and be successful often happens after time and money have been lost or worse exhausted.

Content creators, be it bloggers, speakers or event coordinators need to rethink the material they create and share. For the sake of our industry and the global economy we need to generate useful and purposeful content.

Facts and Tactics = Factics

Fact: Facebook posts that use a photo or video are 7 times more likely to engaged or viewed.

Fact: Facebook user traffic tends to be at its highest point just after noon and 7pm on weekdays.


Tactic: Resources (Time Management) dictates that a small business owner may only be able to spend a few minutes of genuine time a day on social media, in this case you’ll want to engage during the highest traffic points to maximize your reach. Make sure that content has a visual experience that fits your brand, message or service.

Tactic: While logged into Facebook doing your post, dedicate an additional minute to search public posts that may generate a warm business lead, use the search box in the top to do a keyword search. i.e. Insurance Agents associate business opportunities with life events like birth, marriage, etc. The use of a keyword search like “wedding”, “Baby shower”, “baptism” and more can help identify an opportunity. Search the key word follow down the left side column and select “Public”, now can see every post using that keyword and make a warm pitch for your product or service.

The use of Factics like this help make the transition into Social Media more efficient and benefit us all, it helps our industry and our economy. It helps establish trust and provides value to readers and followers. Consumers be it for individual, business or organizational benefit are trying to learn an adapt and those of us that call ourselves professionals have an obligation to more purposeful content. Consumers demand Factics and we content creators should provide just that, be it part of our outreach or paid services.



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