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A lot of media has gone digital over the last two decades. Radio is no stranger to the conversion. These days we have several options to select from when determining the best methods for recording, uploading, or streaming our radio shows on the internet.

You should decide what level of complexity you plan to bring to your radio shows and how you would like the actual audio files of your show to be dealt with. Will you post them or stream them from your own website or a third party option? It can certainly be of benefit to your SEO to upload and stream them from your own domain, but it can also require a bit more of a technical hand to pull off. Third party services have the benefit of commonly being extremely user-friendly and free of difficult processes that can be time-consuming.


Many bloggers are utilizing Podcasts in the next step of their digital media progression. It seems to be a progressive step forward from writing and doesn’t require the resources that full-on video recording and subsequently broadcasting would require.

If you are planning to create podcasts there are a few things you should double check before getting down to business.

  • Be certain that your feed will be iTunes valid. Check and update your iTunes account and settings. Don’t forget to double check to be sure your feed is in the directories and that your RSS Feed is valid.
  • Take some practice time with whatever sound editor you are using to get familiar. A couple of test runs can make a load of difference in the quality of your audio show.
  • Make sure you have a file hosting site such as the free options here, or those that come with the third party service you choose. You will need to host your podcasts on a site that will accept MP3 or other audio file types but that also allow ‘Direct Linking’ so that your listeners can access your shows using an http:// URL.


There are several methods and sites available for Podcasting whether you choose to go fully third party or an integrated mix private domain and helpful services.

PodBean – PodBean offers incredibly easy ways to publish your own video or audio podcast in three simple steps. Podcasts can easily be shared to Myspace, Blogger, Facebook and more using the Podbean dashboard and site options.

WildVoice Studio – This option is more for those who are already inclined to want to run their Podcasts from their own site by purchasing a private domain and creating their audio files on no one’s terms but their own. WildVoice can help users with a Windows based application that enables pro-quality recording options, even including special effects, prerecorded clips and theme tunes.

mirPod – mirPod is a vital tool that allows users to create code to embed their podcasts onto their own website. This will also allow them to network and share embed codes with others who may want to share the podcasts with their own viewers. – Liberation Syndication offers a range of publication options, audio inluded. Users can get storage space and archive plans that will hold users podcasts with unmeasured bandwidth. This method also allows users to utilize their own domains.

Audio Acrobat – Audio Acrobat allows users to create and broadcast their own video and audio files on-demand. Share your message on a global scale via blogs, social media, emails, and websites. Users can record, upload, download, stream, podcast, share, syndicate and more.

Blogtalk Radio – BlogTalkRadio offers users the ability to host a live talk radio show online using only a phone and computer. This unique platform allows private broadcasters to share their own original content with the world. With millions of users joining in on conversations each month, BlogTalkRadio may be a good third-party option for those who may not already have an open format in which to boost their listener count.



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  1. Hey thanks much for mentioning in this excellent write-up about creating your own web radio presence.

    One other resource your readers should consider is – it’s an all-in-one podcast creator that also allows you to live broadcast and gives you a very easy to use console to make it all happen, along with the all important RSS feed you can give to iTunes for your own listing there.

    Keep up the great work!

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