Professional Development in the Digital Age

The SxSW has become one of the premier conference events in world! While most Digital Agencies and Organizations have focused on the SxSW Interactive, Digital Ethos has submitted to be a part of the SxSW Edu. The SxSWEdu kicks off the SxSW series and is focused on Education, Professional Development and more. As Digital Ethos is an Awarness & Education organization we feel this was a good fit. Additionally, if the Digital Media age is lead by content, then it is arguable that the SxSW Interactive is for Distributors and the SxSWEdu is for Creators.

Professional Development in the Digital Age

The panel of professionals from Digital Ethos, lead by Basil C. Puglisi, will explore how digital media and technology have changed learning both in adults and adolescents. The panel will discuss the development of experiential learning and motivational learning as introduced by Malcom Knowles (Andragogy). The panel will explore the development of digital communications and the opportunities and threats they present in self directed learning. References will be made by the panelists experiences with Digital Ethos and their own professional development strategies.

Questions Answered

  1. What are some of the self learning opportunities created by the digital?
  2. How do you use social media to develop community learning?
  3. What are some of the threats to information as self directed education grows?


digital culture, digital communications, digital education


Panel Discussion
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