Part Two: ‘Television on the Internet’

This article is the continuation of my post from last Saturday, June 30, 2012.The final segment should appear next week unless something even more spectacular happens that has to be written about after that.

As I was saying, I had wanted to be on television for about 45 years, not long to wait for a dream to come true. And then, all of a sudden my life has become like having a genie in a bottle at my disposal. My wishes are his command. Actually, I have appeared several times over the last 20 years but for one time ‘gigs’. I wanted something ongoing. It turned out to be no big deal for a genie to manifest.

THE TV MAVEN My first role was as the ‘introducer’ and ‘closer’ of the show. To prepare for that role, I got to work in front of a green screen so scenery could be added later on. I read from the teleprompter and combined a bit of copy with my own spontaneous additions to the brief script.

WHO ME, DIRECT? Then Jeff asked me to become the director. This is less daunting than it seems. We use a computer program called, It is along the lines of Skype. We can have up to four people on separate screens in a ‘taping’. Google hangouts can have up to ten. We can also measure metric and capture leads. This is essential feature for us that the other programs cannot do. I am still a bit ‘directing-shy’ but am determined to learn how to do it. My goal is to be ready by the time Gary Vaynerchuk comes on as our guest.

THE PRODUCER One thing was becoming clear. I have a real knack for interviewing people. I had started doing it officially when I was writing press releases and getting testimonials for the clients of a colleague of mine. In addition, I had come to know quite a few extremely interesting and unique people. While other people were gathering potential client business cards at networking events, I unconsciously was collecting them for my future as an interviewer for being ‘The TV Maven’ and other potential similar roles.

In retrospect, it is clear that I did not want them to be clients. I had other plans. So when it came time to start calling both these prospects and others on Jeff’s list, we agreed that I needed some clout. Any administrative assistant worth their while is trained to not let people get through to their boss. As ‘the Producer of Television on the Internet’, my chance of getting through that ‘glass gate’ would be much easier.

INTERMISSION The element of suspense is key with any good story. So my readers are going to have to wait one more week to hear the conclusion to ‘Television on the Internet’. In fact, I suspect there will be lots more to tell than what one additional post will be able to include. But we will patiently wait and see.




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