Mission Statement

Digital Brand Marketing Education & Interactives (dbmei) is an educational source for Digital Media Culture & Interactives. As an experiential learning process for professionals and a content source for businesses, organizations and individuals, its’ publications serve as a professional development and education tool.

The publications follow a “Read, Write & Share” philosophy, while the Interactives use a “Experience, Execute & Interact” philosophy covering subject matter in Social Media, Search Engines, Mobile Technology, Conferences, Networking and Brand Marketing. The Interactives are social experiences that help foster networking and learning. The Interactives are based on communication and can be digital or conducted in real life.

Contributors and Volunteers participate in content creation, networking and facilitation to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities. Their efforts provide a valuable source for education and information for others to become empowered consumers and proficient marketers for themselves and/or their organization.

As a nonprofit dbmei provides professional development support to its members and unbiased content for society.

Updated: 03.21.2012

DBMEi as a non-profit publication allows professionals the opportunity to generate their own continuing education program to help them Read, Write and Share. The process by which an author provides articles includes, research, networking and professional experience.

The articles must fit in the topics related to digital media, brand and/or marketing. This allows the authors to develop their professional expertise while also providing valuable content and information for the public.

All content must meet the following conditions:

  • Original in professional experience
  • Contain at least (3) three sources
  • Contain some form of media
  • Pass a CopyScape review
  • Exclusive to DBMEi for (7) seven days
  • Approved by Basil C. Puglisi

Why is this important?

This is a show not tell!

Authors who publish regularly allow you to see how the author is on top of his/her field as a professional, attending to research, experience and trends.

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