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2012 is here, time to do great things ladies and gentlemen.


In 2012 we kick off the year by putting our money where our mouth is. We’ve spoken often about Long Island having too many silos and how that prevents the sharing of great ideas. To kick off the year we’ll be doing a combined tweetup with Social Media Club of Long Island (SMC-LI) and the folks over at DBMEI (Digital Brand Marketing Education).

Should I Come?

If you’re a social media / marketing / PR nerd, this will be heaven for you, trust me.

If you’ve been to an LITweetup before, then duh. See you there.

If you ‘re a small business owner, journalist, artist, educator, parent, police officer, doctor, student or anybody else who’s interested in how the world is changing because of these crazy new social communications technologies, this would be a smart place for you to be. You’ll have a chance to meet real people who work and think about this stuff all the time without having to worry about being attacked by ‘business card in your face‘ style networkers (more here).

This is a combined event with LITweetUp, SMC-LI and DBMEI.

Digital Media Monthly

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