Instant Preview – A new Google Tool

Google is moving ahead in full steam. Not only the search results are now displayed while you type your query, and change with each addition of a letter (Google Instant), Google Places displays businesses fist when you type in a place name.

This month Google has released Instant Preview, and you already have it in the result page.

Instant Preview provides a snap shot of the landing page on the result page without having to click on the link. If until now the search results offered a title, a snippet of the text and the URL, now it can give you a visual view of that page as well.

Next to the search result there’s a magnifying glass. Click on that and you will see how the website looks like. Once you clicked on it one time per page, when you hover the cursor over the result the page appears.

As Goggle puts it on their blog: “Instant Previews provides a graphic overview of a search result and highlights the most relevant sections, making finding the right page as quick and easy as flipping through a magazine.”

The technology behind it is amazing. No more 20-30 seconds to upload a picture. When you type a query, Google’s machines match it with an index of the entire web and present you with the results usually in under one tenth of a second. Once you click on the magnifying glass, images of the next results load up in the background without interrupting the speed.

The landing pages have become much more important now. Searchers have no longer a need to click on the site to see the content. E commerce and advertising will have to adjust.

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