How to Get More Twitter Followers

There are hundreds of different ways to gain more Twitter followers. Some of them through organic manners, and others through help sites, while still more options allow you to auto-build an initial following to get your Twitter account flowing with information. The most vital element to the Twitter followers you seek is that they be like-minded, share your interest, causes, and perhaps even your preference in products and services.

Organically Building the Best Twitter Audience for Your Business

There are many strategies to ensure that you will get the most relevant followers for your Twitter account. Here are just a few of the most vital points.

  • Learn to tweet content of value. Content worth sharing. All of your tweets will just be useless if you are tweeting information that is not relevant to your cause, interesting industry information, or even those that ask your followers to provide some input.
  • Remember to be consistent with the above content. You cannot sway from educational and interesting content to random blurbs about nothing in general. Keep up the flow of information people want to share.
  • Try to follow every person that follows you. It is best to begin with those who tend to retweet your content the most. This is basically the equivalent of digital billboard advertising.
  • Link to your company’s Twitter profile, your businesses website, your newest educational piece for your industry, and anything else that can bring you viewers and possibly new consumers.
  • Do not over promote.
  • Do not forget to periodically share your @Twitter name and invite those on your other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or social media groups to join you on Twitter. Add it to your emails, your newsletters, and your cell phone signature among many other viable places it can attract more followers.
  • By all means engage. When someone @mentions you, #hashtags something relevant to your industry, or just sends a quick shout out to your account. Reply. Learn from your interactions what your consumers are looking for from you on this social media platform.
  • Watch others in your niche using #hastags or by doing basic research on them to find out what seems to be working from them. Combine their strategies with your own ideas and learn how to have an original, and genuinely transparent relationship with your followers.
  • Do not spend so much time worrying about getting traffic. You will be much better served by following viable practices that focus on how you can give the best and most relevant information to the followers you do have. Becoming successful on Twitter truly requires one to give as much as possible.

How to Effectively Find and Get more Followers on Twitter for Free

Using Events: Conferences or a TweetUp is a great place to grow!

If you are attending events you’ll find a great source for active followers, this is also a great place to build a following! More events are using #hastags, this means it’s much easier to find like minded people who you can literally run into while walking around! The other benefit to tweeting while you’re at an event, it shows others what you’re doing in real life. Live Tweeting from events create an opportunity to make you a source for info to those that are not in attendance but want to know what’s going on.

The greatest opportunity may surprise you, notoriety! There are a lot of tools that try to measure social media accounts and lend credibility and influence to an account based on its everyday use, but let’s face it, true influence is in getting attention with a call to action or a journalistic approach to being a source for information. I had a few nice spikes in followers in the last 12 months, I argue it was because I was influential source for information.

The next three sections might seem like I am bragging, but they are meant to prove a point and offer credibility to the point that even with a small number of followers you can make a big impact if your building relationships or communicating in a valuable way. It’s also my point that you don’t have to be great all the time, but be prepared for when it counts!

Example #1

In June 2012, I only attended one day of The Corporate Social Media Summit, but staying on top of the tweets and sharing input both the good and the bad landed my @BasilPuglisi a Top Influencer for Useful Social Media with tracking provided by the impressive Radian6.

Example #2

In February 2012, Social Media Week was in NYC, Social @Ogilvy sponsored a daily tracking for #SMWNYC by @Kred and would you know it, on Day 4 @BasilPuglisi was #1 on the influencer charts. @BasilPuglisi also landed #3 on Day 5. Hard to argue that an account that had less then 20k followers just got lucky at a time when influencers with accounts in the six figures plus where moving and shaking all week long!

Example #3

In November 2012, I unknowingly found myself as a Top Influencer for the Social Media World Forum – North America. While it was only 4th, it still means people noticed what I was doing, shared it and I got more exposure when the infograph was released by Synthesio. I believe at the time my account only had 12k followers.

What would you add to the list?



  1. Andrea Steffes-Tuttle says:

    Another great way to find relevant Twitter Followers is by profiling your current customer list to find those who are on Twitter, but not currently following you. I recently wrote a post about the process with some suggestions for email conversion campaigns to run.

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