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Heather LutzeThumbonomics…Heather Lutz Nails It!

I got the pleasure of interviewing heather Lutze, CEO & Founder of The Findability Group, a search marketing agency located in Denver, CO. Heather is hot on the circuit and hard to schedule for an interview. But after reading Heather’s new book, “Thumbonomics,” I know why everyone is quick to secure her as a speaker. The book is a page turner. Usually, I scan a book in preparation for an interview and promise myself to read it at some point in my life. Not this one. Heather gives clear insight on how to integrate social media into the workplace. And our radio interview walks us through that process. Remember, when roaming the internet on company time was forbidden and you would sneak a peek at your email? Now, social media has changed our relationship with the internet and regular duties include tweeting, checking the company facebook page and finding rich content that would add to the company branding process. Wow! How times have changed. Heather and I talk about the phrase she coined; “findability factor.” In Heather’s own words it translates to,” Findability…visibility and activity means increased search engine ranking for findability.” Our interview gives listeners insight on how to raise digital awareness on the job for the job. There has been a surge of interest about implementing social media and many corporations and small business owners grapple with the big question….does social media really have a place at work? According to Heather it does! Of course we discuss how the big five: Blogging, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can enhance “how” your business is found on the web. And we also discuss QRcodes which Heather has at the end of every chapter to encourage instant feedback about her book. I’m sure this will be a tactic that many use in their books from now on. Thumbonomics reminds us how connected everyone is to texting, blogging, surfing the web and all the activities that have launched us into a new lifestyle. Heather shares her insights with me in the same carefree style in which she writes!

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