Has Facebook Timeline Turned You Off? Don’t Worry, There’s a Social Media Platform for You

Were social Media platforms truly designed with “Everyone” in mind? With the mandatory switch to Timeline, some users are up in arms that the free platform would dare make a change without giving users an option. A few Months back CNN.com’s  Rachel Rodriguez joked,

 “Nope it’s not the 2012 election. It’s another Facebook redesign.”

Patrick Duffy of Atlanta decided to <a href='http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-767203'>re-create Michelangelo's fresco</a> "The Creation of Adam" for his cover photo. He combined an image of the famous painting with a photo he shot of one of his hands, putting himself in Adam's place. "I was resistant to (Timeline) at first," Duffy says, "but I've seen so many changes over the years in Facebook that I realize people are just resistant to change, we will get over it quickly. I have actually found great uses of the Timeline so far. ... It makes it easier to locate certain updates you made in the past or photos."

As far as platform categorization goes, I put the most popular channels into simple user/personality types: Facebook is simple enough so that you can be a once in a blue moon user, or a complete addict. Users on Twitter are often there to keep in touch with the world spontaneously and effortlessly; I like to think Twitter was developed with everyone who has ADHD. Dreamers have found their place on Pinterest, as a digital home for their brainstorming, wants, and creative expression, (not unlike the quirky personality types that use Tumblr, just a bit lazier), and don’t even get me started about heavy Foursquare users- they are just boastful.

Even though a few hundred of my friends threaten to get off Facebook, those are empty threats. Let’s be honest, Facebook is like a cult, once you’re in, you’re in.  The longer you’re in the harder it is to get out. Users hardly ever really “leave” Facebook, but I can see how they would reallocate time elsewhere.

Interestingly a recent comment on a blog post exposed an individual who opts out of Facebook and Twitter, but has an affinity for Pinterest alone. I could hardly believe these people really existed, until I stumbled across some credible sources. Evidence, below:

Check out this article from the The New York Times explaining how some users have already started to dilute their social presence.

The sad news is, aside from word I hear on the streets, and chatter from my fellow social media addicts, I don’t have any real qualitative proof that users are simplifying their social lives other than the genius that Stephanie Rosenbloom stated:

“-her devotion to one social network is not an act of sentimentality — it’s part of a careful strategy for combating social media burnout. In a time when anyone with Internet access is expected to be engaged on multiple networking sites and keep a day job, Ms. Lawrence decided to focus on a singular site rather than to spread herself thin among a half-dozen.”

So there you have it folks. Seems like this really happening, I don’t dream this stuff up. I’m curious if you in social media land had to pick only ONE channel to play with, what would it be?

‘Cause we are living in a digital world and I’m @Soshalmediagirl XB


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