Google helps Voters!

Google has made wonderful strides in helping people get out and vote, for example type in polling place in Google and you’ll get this!

On the next page, once you enter your address you’ll get this, which if you enter a valid address will show you where to vote and provide you the ticket (choices on ballet) so you can go into the booth prepared. In past surveys one of the reasons cited for not voting was fear of the unknown, additionally people has openly admitted not knowing who to vote for besides the President. Google has made it easy to know before you go, not only by providing you the names but by using the engine to review the candidates, find out info about their positions and help you make an educated and informed decision.

This wonderful tool leaves no reason any citizen (with access to the internet) cannot make informed purposeful decisions. I for one hope you’ll use it to choose a platform and person and not just Vote a party line.

It’s my opinion however, that if you choose not to vote, then you should also choose to keep yourself out of the criticism and maybe even the conversation, if you don’t act then you really have no ethical standing to complain. If half of those that flooded Facebook walls, Twitter streams and real life networking mixers with political complaints turned out to vote we might actually get candidates that would listen to you. However, until then you’re just hot air in a far off room or wasted text on a social site to full or excuses to matter or be part of the change.

As for those that want to learn, participate and be educated about their rights and ability to cast an honest informed vote, you have Google to thank for making it a little easier.





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