Facebook Gives the Boot to Privacy

One month after users went ballistic over the Facebook privacy update changes may have been a bit too early for Zuckerberg to declare that if given the chance to start over, he would have made these recent decisions right from the start. Claiming that it is the social norm, he shares that the new changes are still optional, but urges users to take advantage of the suggested options Facebook now provides.

Most users enjoy sharing their Facebook pages, status updates and personal information with those they dub important friends, acquaintances and even co-workers. And there are yet others who prefer to share their information with as many people as they can add to their follower list, without a care for who may be able to access their personal information such as location, age and cell phone numbers.

There are of course supporters who remind everyone that no one is forced to enter this information, and doing so may in fact be a risk even if your only followers are close friends and family.

Most will agree though that it should remain the users choice as to whom and what areas they are willing to share their private information with. While it seems that Facebook has decided that they will begin to make some decisions of various sorts on behalf of their billions of users.

FaceBook is Trapped

In essence, Facebook is actually trapped by its own conventions as well. Since it is a social networking tool, just like any other goldmine of private information, it is begging to be utilized to shove user specific information in front of those specific users. They want country music concert tickets advertisements to show up for those Facebook fans who regularly favorite, like or otherwise promote country music.

Although it is a bit of privacy invasion, just as with the private personal information you enter into Facebook’s profile system, no one says you have to buy the tickets either, as appealing as they may be to you specifically.

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