Facebook Ads for Professional Attorneys and Accountants

Facebook advertising can require different elements for those in some of the traditionally professional careers such as CPA, or certified Public Accountants, and Attorneys. Some of the advertising guidelines and methods may differ from the more common types of Facebook Ads created for other industries. With campaigns set to target the best message to the most profitable audience, any user can learn to expect exceptional results.

How Does Facebook Advertising Work?


Law Firms

With the ability to target users based on their age, location, interests and more, your own law firm can personalize your Facebook ads with your logo and text-based message. This will allow the law firm to target certain businesses and industries as well. It is important for law firms to have their websites optimized with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts as well before beginning any serious pay-per-click campaigns such as Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads for Law Firms

Law firms can use simple images or logos to help increase their own brand awareness in Facebook ads that allow them to target strict demographics for personal clientele or industrial ones, depending on the law firms legal focus. When possible consumers “Like” your page and your content, it can help to increase your ad’s influence. Fortunately, Facebook’s pay-per-click ad program allows users to create their own daily budget that is adjustable on-the-fly. You can set it up so that you only pay when people actually click on your ad, or CPC, or you can pay when Facebook users see your ad, known as CPM.

Limitations for Lawyers

If you are working with a particular niche in your law firm that has a specific demographic, they then you already have a most cost-effective manner of marketing your practice.  Facebook advertising is significantly more affordable than Google Adwords campaigns. but may not be ideal for specific areas of law practice.

Areas of law that may be harder to target could include:

  • Criminal Defense
  • Immigration Laws
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Family Law

This is because it can be incredibly difficult to create an ad based on such limited demographics and have them match with a viewers specific average interests. However, Attorneys who want to market their own practices to other Lawyers,  could have better luck with this form of advertising. Lawyers are also restricted by much legislation that makes interactions a bit more detailed as far as confidences go in communications on the internet. Do not forget to check out the Bar Rules for Your State before planning your ad.

Benefits for Law and CPA Firms

Average internet users admit to spending up to 22.7% of their time online, on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. That is twice the time that most users spend on any other sort of online activity. As more are beginning to get their news via social media, many are also taking their product recommendations and reviews from their own networks as well. As time has went by, it seems that our social networks, for many, have turned into the evening paper for updating us about the day’s events. This leaves a lot of room to catch nearly every demo imaginable at some point during the 24 hour cycle.

Since law firms are social, attorneys are expected to and usually excel at building professional relationships within their communities and clients. This can carry over and help increase business growth for law firms as many attorneys also rely highly on referrals from those in their own communities.  This type of success in communicative advertising can be translated to social media interactions as well. Although users may not see instant results from Facebook ads, they can expect to see significant benefits that should become more obvious over time.

Accountants and Attorney Benefits with Facebook Ads

Professionals in both industries should be able to take advantage of the advanced demographic options to help create more targeted ads for their firms. Facebook ads can be targeted to a wide-reaching or very specific narrowed market the more filters you add. They can include:

  • Workplaces
  • Relationship Status
  • Education Status
  • College Students (Even targeting specific Universities)
  • Job Titles

The list goes on and on and Facebook ads will even show you the coverage you can expect once you have built your first ad, and before you have to make any final financial decisions on your ad campaign.

Should You Use Facebook Ads?

How Can Attorneys and CPA’s Advertise on Facebook?

For most CPA’s and Attorneys, pay-per-click models based on highly filtered selections may provide a better ROI. To begin advertising on Facebook, users should choose to advertise their website or your firms Facebook page if you intend to be interactive with fans and followers.

  1. You will create a 25 character title for your ad.
  2. The body of the ad allows up to 135 characters.
  3. You can add your image to the ad.

Although click-through rates may prove to be low in the initial stages. Users will still be providing viewers with their logo and awareness of their brand should a viewer have the need for a CPA or Attorney in the immediate future.

Important Tips to Remember for Facebook Ad Success

  1. Define your goal and establish success metrics
  2. Select Your Audience
  3. Create Your Message Cleverly
  4. Be Choosy with Imagery
  5. Select the Destination Page
  6. Setup Pricing and Scheduling Strategies
  7. Make Analytics Work for You


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