DotJenna on Marketing Made Simple TV

In this “Fame is Up for Grabs” show, DotJenna (@dotjenna), social media coach and motivational speaker joins Jeff Ogden ( on Marketing Made Simple TV ( to discuss how executives can build their own fame and personal brand.

In this show, you will learn:

1) Why you need to inject personality and “live out loud” in everything you do.

2) How you need to packaging information into small chunks today.

3) How to use the “Law of Reciprocity” and get people to engage with you.

DotJenna is an expert in building a network of fans and followers. She explains how we live in an attention economy (where attention is scarce) and how we need to share truly useful information for search marketing (SEO) too.

This show also has a great content offer from Eloqua,

Get the Grande Guide to Social Demand Generation from Eloqua here ( if you are watching on YouTube or Video, or click the button in the show.

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