Digital Media Society

The Digital Media Society (DMS) was facilitated by Digital Ethos for those that share a like minded passion for Digital Media & Communications. Perhaps more importantly, it is the hope that together we can create better global & local economies, educational opportunities and develop a future without unwarranted censorship or limitation by governments. The Digital Media Society is a global concept to support Awareness & Education by empowering communities.

Unlike anything before it, the Digital Media Society is facilitated by an organization and not owned by it. Digital Ethos supports the concept that community organizations derive their biggest impact when they are given the ownership and freedom to rise and fall based on their own merits.

As such, Digital Ethos facilitates the global concept of a Digital Media Society embracing the power of independent communities to develop their own local chapters, while free of the traditional hierarchy of organizations. The local societies only gain global and national recognition through Digital Ethos based on their conduct and feedback from its members. The concept of a Digital Media Society is one of infinite possibilities, it is to derive its future from the communities and individuals that embrace it. As these communities develop they are free to pursue their own initiatives, only having to maintain the purpose of Awareness & Education in a not for profit manner consistent with their mission.

The founders of Digital Ethos believe that it is foolish to think that something so important to the global economy, education and peace be determined by a set of rules or boundaries established by a few.  It is the expectation that while Digital Ethos strives to provide leadership and best practices for Digital Media & Communications each of these local organizations will become independently sufficient and successful.

All Digital Media Societies that register with Digital Ethos will be provided with national and global support from Digital Ethos and have the chance to support its mission of Facilitating Awareness & Education in Digital Communications.

The Local and Community based Digital Media Societies have no national dues and are encouraged and supported to develop their own models to accomplish a mission that is  reasonable and effective to provide Awareness & Education in their communities.

Note: Digital Ethos restricts the use of the term Digital Media Society to not-for-profit gatherings and organizations that are based on Awareness & Education. Digital Ethos does not restrict the method or curriculum of such purpose but will only recognize those that align with an Awareness and/or Education mission objectives in Digital Media & Communications.

Recognized Chapters:

Digital Media Monthly

Text - DIGITALETHOS to 22828 to sign up!
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