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The Digital Media Association (DMA) is for those that share a like minded passion for Digital Media and how it is used to change the way we communicate and learn. The “DMA” is made up of professionals that support Digital Ethos and its various services to pursue its mission. The Digital Media Association has supporters in different categories based on financial giving or support to Digital Ethos.

The Digital Media Association also serves as the “Booster Club” for Digital Ethos (aka DBMEi)

As a not for profit these supporters play a crucial role in supporting the organization through financial giving.

The Digital Media Society helps fund events, research and projects. Contact a fellow sponsor and hear their story as to why they support and help fund Digital Ethos!


The Digital Media Quarterly Magazine is also published thanks to the support of sponsors and supporters.

The Quarterly Publication prints in 44 or 52 pages, contains no more than 25% Sponsors.

Distribution:  Retail /  Events /  Subscribers

Digital Copy Made available on with interactive features.


The Digital Media Daily is also published thanks to the support of sponsors and supporters.

The Digital Ethos website has space to recognize sponsors and supporters, this funding is used to maintain the organization in its commitment to its mission.

Site Data:

  • 40,000+ Uniques a month
  • 22,400 Followers (WordPress Data)
  • 4,000+ Newsletter Subscribers

Data from (Prior to Launch)

Digital Media Association Program (DMAP)

The Digital Media Association Program is designed to help generate better educators and leadership in the different industries. The program brings the knowledge, skills and abilities to professionals to become better leaders and educators for digital. This program covers the methods and tactics to pursue qualitative and quantitative practices in digital media, as well as research and leadership development.

Digital Media Association

The Digital Media Association will also maintain a registered data base of credentialed Trainers and Educators from Digital Media Education. Digital Media Education is about facilitating the content and standards for creating professionals capable of offering education and development programs that utilize the best balance of content understanding with adult learning methodology. A digital pedagogy that provides the world with better content for training programs, conferences and more.

Each professional has completed the initial program requirements and is required to complete continuing education credits. The Association is a list of individuals that are associated with Digital Media Education via their credentialing program. The individuals listed must remain in good standing on a annual basis to remain a part of the association. The Association does not have membership dues and is not a club, no one can pay to be a part of the association they must complete and maintain the educational programs.


Digital Media Monthly

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