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When you create your own business or start selling something on your own, you create a career. Job security for a business owner is the same as anywhere else, performance is key. If you think about it,  many people lost jobs because they took roles in companies where they relied on their stability from someone else. Create your own career, find out what your best at and run with it.  The stability of your business and career can be in your own hands.

A quick thought on careers:

Raising children, charitable work, religious followings, athletic pursuit are all underrated careers that develop skills and talents that are extremely valuable to the rest of the world.

In this day in age, the use of Social Media and the internet has made the professional barrier a lot smaller and manageable. You can wait for the market to come to you or you can go out and grab the market.  Truth is,  your likely to end up with a better opportunity either way by doing something instead of nothing.

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