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Jeff Ogden, host of Marketing Made Simple TV

Jeff Ogden, host of Marketing Made Simple TV @ Jeff Ogden

With the show’s host Jeff Ogden, owner of Find New Customers, away on vacation, the show’s Producer, Alison Gilbert steps in to interview the reformed attorney and social marketing expert Craig Yaris, owner of Esquire Tech Solutions. Thanks for pinch-hitting for our host, Alison!

Thank you, Jeff for giving me the opportunity to interview our colleague and fellow blogger from Digital, founded by Basil Puglisi. Craig is a very special person. He embodies the qualities that make him, in one world, an excellent professional:
• he is the consumate pro with marketing clients
• he is a superb educator/social media instructor

Although he calls himself a redeemed attorney, he still keeps up his legal credentials. More importantly, he possess the qualities that make him this professional’s professional. He researches. He studies. He discovers the best solutions to his clients needs.

image-Craig Yaris

Craig Yaris, redeemed attorney, social media expert and today’s guest.

Likewise as an educator, he is ardent is his efforts to stay ‘ahead of the game’. This is no easy task as we are in a field that waits for no one and never stands still. Yesterday’s information is old news.
For anyone interested in being a social marketing pro, becoming better at serving one’s clients and/or wishing to be an educator, this video is invaluable. I hold Craig in very high esteem as a model for both and this video illustrates his attributes.

Note from the host and producer:
This video was so fascinating to tape that the editors allowed it to go the full length for about 26 minute rather than the 12-13 minute max previously. This requires and is the inspiration for a change in our show format.

We want to serve the needs of all of our viewers. Therefore, we will be establishing a system of teasers for those who wish to have a brief, about 3 minutes, synopsis of each week’s guest video. This will be available both on Marketing Made Simple TV and our YouTube Channel, Marketing Made Simple Jeff Ogden.

Alison Gilbert, show host

Alison Gilbert, show host and media ‘maven in the hat’.

The show, full length video without edits, will ve available on Marketing Made Simple TV airing each Thursday at noon, ET, NY and 24/7 once it airs on both Marketing Made Simple TV and on Vimeo.

We welcome your comment, suggestions and of course, your compliments. We want to know that the show is meeting your needs and interests. We really would love to hear from you.

About Jeff Ogden

Jeff Ogden (@fearlesscomp) is the President of the B2B lead generation consultancyFind New Customers. Find New Customers helps companies dramatically improve revenue results by transforming the way they attract, engage and win new customers. Contact Find New Customers by calling (516) 495-9350 or sending an email to sales at


  1. It’s another great Marketing Made Simple TV show. Thanks for stepping up Alison and Craig while I was on vacation. New shows post every Thursday at noon ET.

  2. Thank you Alison – you give “good interview”! I enjoyed your talk with Craig Yaris about social media marketing and the web’s future. I agree with Craig that Constant Contact is a great engagement tool. Both of you brought up such an interesting concept – that books are many times obsolete or on their way to being outdated just as they come out in print!

    i am writing my first eBook: “The Brain Fitness Made Simple eBook” – based on my interactive PuzzleArt and concepts which Alison is familiar with – (and will send you the link when it’s finished in the next few weeks) – but my point is that it’s so exciting to do a book that is MEANT to be read specifically on the internet and people will be able to benefit from my brain fitness expertise “Hot off the Press” – be well, Alli Berman

    • Alison Gilbert says:

      Thanks for your comment. Your book sounds fascinating. Yes, online. Everything online. Life is so immediate and things change too fast for a technology that cannot keep up with the speed of change. Good luck with your first eBook. Do send me the link when it is ready. Take care.

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