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Digital Ethos’s Publications come from the following sources:

  • Volunteer Writer for Educational Purposes
  • Volunteer Writer for Public Exposure
  • Volunteer Writer for non financial compensation
  • Compensated Writer by Organization
  • Compensated Writer by Sponsor or Supporter
  • Compensated Writer by Board of Directors
  • *Sponsored Articles provided by third party.

*Paid Content and published under Sponsored Content Bio

While the content comes from many sources and some that may seem more reputable then others, Digital Ethos’s Publications all are required to adhere to the mission statement and publishing requirements.

  • Develop an original thought or position.
  • Try to follow a Factics based approach when possible. Fact (data) and Tactic (method) in the content helps make us stand out from everyone else.
  • Digital Ethos gets first right to publish (even if just by a minute) and any content launched on Digital Ethos should end with “As first seen on Digital Ethos” with link when posted (syndicated) elsewhere.
  • Sources. We require that each article have three sources, it adds credibility and shows a mix of experience and effort.
  • Media. Every post needs an image. We also like to see audio or video references, even if they are not yours or ours, we are focused on Awareness & Education so we want the best material even if it’s not ours. Every piece of supporting content needs sources.

ALL content provided to DBMEi dba Digital Ethos if published is considered to be co-owned by Digital Brand Marketing Education & Interactives Inc. dba Digital Ethos, which also means that we retain the rights under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Events & Conferences are a crucial part of the learning environment, both for Digital Ethos as well as Society, as such authors/writers and supporters do seek out opportunities to attend events that will compensate them by waiving the attendance fee. In some cases the event or conference will also feed them and provide promotional materials that may include books or other materials.

Software & Startups are also crucial part of learning as well as a tool for the organization to accomplish its mission. As such we do open research and respond to request for reviews, which in most cases gives us or our authors/writers access to platforms and services that others may pay for. We believe that this is not just to the benefit of the organization and author, but provides a quality check having given the content a hands on value to the software or platform.

Speaking, Workshops & Hosted Events are also a key part of Digital Ethos, while the organization works to conduct outreach that is free of charge, in many cases we do have fees or request donations to the organization in return for arranging speakers, workshops or hosting events. The organization has administrative costs as well as physical costs associated with conducting these services and doing business with the purpose of fulfilling the not for profits mission. Third party partnerships are also a part of accomplishing the mission of Digital Ethos, this includes hiring and/or partnering with for profit companies and providers to deliver our accomplish our mission.


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