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Digital Brand Marketing Education & Interactives Inc. dba Digital Ethos
200 Motor Pkwy, Suite B13
Hauppauge NY 11788
Phone: 631.909.7360
Fax: 631.676.1724

Board of Directors & Officers:

Basil C. Puglisi, Executive Director & Publisher

Craig E. Yaris, Director or Administration and Operations

Bill Corbett Jr., Director of Communications & Public Affairs

Alison Gilbert, Director of Finance

Jeff Ogden, Director of Development


Joy Lynskey, Managing Editor

Monique Merhige, Public Relations Manager

All staff have all been issued a Press ID, like in the example provided, this ID has a hologram to prevent photocopies and reproduction. Please take the time to request ID and verify via email, each staff member also has a valid email address even if they are not listed on the website as an author or contributor.

“The Photo is a DBMEi ID,, others may be in the “Digital Ethos” branding.

Digital Media Monthly

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