Confessions of a Social Media Girl: Is Facebook Still the King of “Share”?

Take a glance at the tool bar at the bottom of this article- See that? Those share buttons? Have you ever taken a glance at where folks are sharing things the most? Most people would be surprised if you told them that Facebook, who reins almighty as the king of “Awesome Content-land,” is not the best platform to share out information. If you’re really looking for the goods, check out the amount of shares next to the little blue bird button.

Twitter has become a place for us to share information in a more informal setting. Especially in the Blogging/Micro-Blogging world. I like to think that Facebook is where you collect content and share information from “The people you went to High School with”, while Twitter is where you connect with “The people you WISH you went to High School with.”

There’s nothing creepy about following random Twitter accounts. There are just a few hundred folks I interact with that I’ve never met in the real world, but through sharing content we’ve created some awesome semi-professional relationships and share out some exciting stuff daily. Having a hub for all the blogs, and article sharing in one place from people I deem reputable is pretty awesome if you ask me.

On a professional level, (i.e. sharing intelligent information), we’ve realized Facebook doesn’t translate well- it’s too personal, (hence the nerdy stepbrother LinkedIn). On the other hand, Twitter allows you to hide behind an avatar and bury the few thousand tweets you have in mere seconds. With Twitter , you can balance work and play without a digital crumb trail – but ALLTweets are storied forever in the library of congress. Let’s not forget about the fact that Twitter’s 140 character limit allows us to condense info, highlighting what is most important about our posts.

If the amount of content that is fed everyday through Twitter were to come to the newsfeeds of Facebook users, someone’s head would explode. People aren’t looking for intelligent information on Facebook. Twitter users are active in finding conversations relevant to them. Twitter is, by far, much more dynamic than Facebook.

Folks just stare at their newsfeed and absorb content, stalking their attractive coworkers (Don’t pretend you don’t) on Facebook. Twitter users are more curious by nature on the platform, and interact fearlessly (Remember that Facebook has put a limit on how many people you can really be “friends” with).  I don’t blame them though. I don’t keep in close contact with 5,000 people- that’s what Twitter is for.

“Twitter is still the most reliable driver of traffic to Convince & Convert. That could partially be a self-fulfilling prophecy as I spend more time on Twitter than elsewhere. That’s one of the tactics I’ll be testing this year, to see if time spent can be correlated with traffic driven” Jay Baer

In fact more than half the people in 11 Social Media Marketing Gurus Revealed Their Best Social Media Traffic Source place twitter as their top source and almost all of them gave credit to twitter contributing to their traffic and conversion rates.

So If I may, I’d like to crown Twitter as the King of “Share”, and hand over the digital scepter to our little bird friend. I think the little guy deserves it, plus it might be funny to watch him flutter around with that oversized crown.

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  1. I think facebook is more intimate and I am picky what I share there but twitter, I will share anything I like.

  2. Thank you Veronica for including my post. I think it’s not about Twitter or Facebook, it’s about where your target audience spend most of the time 🙂

  3. I have tried to like Twitter but I just don’t. I can’t say that I spend a lot of time in Facebook either though. I am enjoying Pinterest more than all the rest!

    • Marchel, Thanks for commenting! The great thing that social media has brought to us, is several platforms that suit different types of people, with different needs. Each platform has their own special qualities that speak to us- I’d say being a Pinterest kind of person is awesome :). I’ve found that Twitter best suits my spontaneous fits and hyperactivity lol…

  4. BasilPuglisi says:

    I have actually set an away message on my phone and email that said “If this is an emergency feel free to tweet me” especially given that I spend more time on twitter during a vacation then email.

  5. I agree Veronica. The rate of sharing content on Twitter is incredibly fast. Not only is Twitter a faster sharing platform, the posts are much more thought out than a Facebook post. I’ll take 140 characters over a status update anytime.

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