CEOs and Social Media Influence in the Workplace

Although there is already a growing list of reasons why it is beneficial for every member of a company’s team to participate in social networking, there may be another new reason that should encourage further consideration.

BRANDfog Study

A recent study conducted by BRANDfog shared some rather concerning statistics about CEO participation in company leadership via social media platforms. The general consensus is that top business executives are slower than their employees and consumers when it comes to using social media for communications.

  • 64% of CEO’s are NOT engaged on their company’s website or social media networks
  • Only 5% of all Fortune 500 CEOs are on Twitter
  • Only 4% of global CEOs have a profile on Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Only 13 Fortune 500 CEOs have active Twitter accounts

If that alone isn’t enough reason to encourage CEOs and others in similar positions in their company to join Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, then it may be important to understand that on the same study, 86% of respondents rated a CEOs engagement on social media networks to be either important, very important, or mission critical.

Why CEO Engagement is Important

There are a few reasons why CEO engagement on social networks can be beneficial. During the BRANDfog study respondents answers also indicated that 78% of CEO participation on social media networks led to better communication. 71% of them agreed that it can lead to improving brand image, and 64% agreed that it provided more transparency, an element vital to a successful social media marketing campaign. The study has also shown that 82% of respondents listed as employees believe that a company can garner more trust when the CEO or leadership teams communicate via social networks.

Can a CEOs Social Media Presence Influence Purchasing Decisions?

The study says yes. The majority of the study’s participants, 77%, shows that consumers are more likely to buy from a business whose CEO uses social media opportunities to help define their company’s values and leadership principles. 94% of those respondents also agree that the C-list leaders participation in social media can help to enhance a brand’s image.


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  1. I think small business owners should jump in social media.

  2. Interesting article.

  3. Real World Mom says:

    Great article, and I hope that the non (or under)-involved CEOs take heed!

  4. David Archibald says:

    Great information here. As many have mentioned previously, given the time we live in and the ability to connect with others, this is just becoming part of the process that many use in choosing where we spend our dollars. If many CEO’s are slow to engage, one might wonder how resistant that organization may be to real change, the type of change that is sweeping across the globe?

  5. Perhaps they still have to be convinced that it’s a useful tool; maybe the CEO’s focus is elsewhere and they don’t see the ROI of social media or the benefits of it and so they think they can survive without (they survived before right ? ) Of course I don’t agree with this but some people are slow to change.

  6. I agree that participation from those in leadership positions gives one the impression that s/he is in touch with the target demographic who is using this medium.

  7. It is more authentic when the CEO makes a presence to represent the company. It builds more trust in the brand. Great article!

  8. Well of course people are more likely to buy from companies with social media presence. The more digitally connected we get the more credibility social media confers and the more people like companies that use it.

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