Russ Hearl on Digital Business Hour

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Russ Hearl -- EvertalkHave you ever wondered… What happens to ypur digital assets and legacy after you die? As we increasingly live our lives online, we now collect relatively few physical artifacts to pass along to our children, friends, and family. Social networks like Facebook have evolved to become the hubs for our digital lives: Photos, messages, comments, likes, and more.

Evertalk is creating a digital anthology by empowering people to create a digital afterlife for their lost friends, family and heroes. Evertalk empowers users to create this digital legacy within the application already used by 950 million people worldwide, Facebook. People use Evertalk to not only celebrate and remember their lost loved ones, but also to create a separate, personalized space to share photos and memories while collabrating with friends and family members so they may pass down a digital legacy that may not exist in a physical format. Evertalk also enables families to crowdsource donations to help pay down formidable hospital bills and funeral services costs.

For these many reasons, users of Evertalk and many in the media have called Evertalk “Innovative”, “Special”, and “Beautifully thoughtful”.  To learn more about Evertalk, go to or get the app at:



Eric Yaverbaum on Digital Business Hour

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Eric YaverbaumEric Yaverbaum is the Best Selling Author of six books including the famed Public Relations For Dummies .

With more than 25 years of experience to the practice of public relations, Eric has earned a reputation for his unique expertise in strategic media relations, crisis communications, and media training. He co-founded Jericho Communications in 1985, the 11th ranked PR firm in the country to work for and served as its president before it’s successful merger in 2005. He then founded Ericho Communications in 2006 and has offices in New York City and White Plains.

In 2011, Eric joined forces with the top social media experts in the industry to launch four social media magazines (Tweeting & Business, FB & Business, LI & Business, The Big G & Business) which has a combined business circulation of over 14 million. 

Jay Baer on Marketing Made Simple TV


What really works in Content Marketing? How can you create content that truly engages prospective buyers? Fortunately, expert Jay Baer of Convince and Convert ( offers answers. Jay said sellers need to “create content that buyers would gladly pay for.”


In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, you will get answers to questions such as:

1. How can companies break through the Invitation Avalanche and get on customers’ radar?

2. What types of content are most effective?

3. How does content integrate with social media?

In addition, Jay tells the interesting story of TaxiMike and how he creates valuable content for prospective customers – on a shoestring budget.

Jay Baer (@jaybaer) is President of social media and content consultancy Convince & Convert, and co-author of The NOW Revolution. Thanks for joining us on Marketing Made Simple TV (, Jay.

Umberto Milletti of InsideView Discusses on Marketing Made Simple TV

In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV ( Umberto Milletti of InsideView discusses the changing world of B2B sales, how the bar has risen and what sales and marketing needs to get in the door of buyers.

Confiscate the Keys: Who Should Be Responsible for Social Media in Your Company? – Jay Baer on Marketing Made Simple TV

Content Marketing and Social Media expert Jay Baer of Convince and Convert ( joins host Jeff Ogden ( for a rousing discussion of social media in business.

In this show, you’ll learn:

1) Should social media be the responsibility of marketing or a different department?
2) Are young people up to the task of managing social media in a business?
3) Is social media a skill or a job?

We thank Jay for being the guest on Marketing Made Simple TV. New shows premier every Thursday at noon ET.

Bill Corbett on Digital Business Hour

In this interview, Bill Corbett discusses the importance of having a social media plan AND a marketing plan.

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Bill recently presented to a small group 30 or 40 people.  Only 25 percent or less had any personal marketing plan or a plan for social media activities

People should not waste their time if they don’t have a plan;

Plans should have:

Mission statement/personal passion statement, goals (financial or other), budgets (time and financial), messages and themes, identify differentiators and competitive advantages, and identify target audiences, also identify which social sites and other marketing vehicles work best or are where customers and prospects are.  Finally how to measure results.  Roi and (Return on effort) ROE are difficult to determine.

  • Why is video important – YouTube and Tout  (mobile app and website) – why you need to be on YouTube, what your videos should say and look like  – some tips and general strategies
  • Why you need a blog, its where your brand comes to life. The social media and personal branding perspectives.
  • LinkedIn – business strategies and why you need a photo, why you need to have a 100 percent completed profile and tactics for creating a powerful profile.  Applications and add  on also.
  • LinkedIn – Mistakes there are many that people make –  I have about a dozen
  • Facebook tips – video, apps and photos.   Let your personal side connect with your business life, its ok, and this is one way people get to know you and build trust
  • Twitter  – I can also provide some Twitter tips and tactics

Promoting your brand online. I can discuss the importance of writing but also getting media coverage. Video and news stories give valuable credibility and they can be used over and over again.

This interview is packed with a lot of “take-away” information to integrate and assist in creating a social media plan for your business.

Chuck Hester on Digital Business Hour


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Chuck Hester is a national and international speaker on the subject of Social Media for branding, media relations and helping others.  Chuck’s story is that he stumbled on the concept of how important it’s to develop on line relationships offline.  Chuck would make a point to have coffee with many of his Linkedin connections  and soon he created LinkedIn Live.  At these events, he found that he could really help people thus the book  “Pay it Forward” was born.

This interview will cover Chuck’s special tips such as;

Treat your Connections like they’re standing right in front of you.” Chuck also shares many of the actions that have become legendary stories that happened during his LinkedIn live events. One of Chuck’s challenge—who are you connected to online that you don’t know well but who may make a difference in your life or more importantly—in their life!

Chuck Hester is a LinkedIn Power connector with more than 11,500 direct connections. He is a well-know author and LinkedIn trainer. His book, Linking In to Pay it Forward: Changing the Value Proposition in Social Media is an informative look at how to use social media to help others while succeeding in business.


Gini Dietrich on Marketing Made Simple TV with Jeff Ogden


In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, you will learn:

1) Why you need to break down business silos to integrated traditional and new marketing

2) How to measure your efforts to real business goals.

3) Why spin really sucks

Gini is the author of Spin Sucks ( and is interviewed by the show host, Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers (

Drew Davis Tipping Point Labs on Digital Business Hour

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Holly chat’s with Drew Davis and they explore the concept of social media with a purpose. Drew and Holly spotlight three events that are connected to non profit activities and how video/music has caused them to go viral and how social media plays a strong force in activation people’s emotions and getting them to take action. Caine’s Arcade is a nine minute documentary that went viral after a filmmaker created a documentary about Caine’s cardboard arcade. Kony 2012 was another documentary that inspired awareness (excerpt from wikapedia) officially KONY 2012 or Kony2012) is a short film created by Invisible Children, Inc., authors of Invisible Children, and released on March 5, 2012.  The film’s purpose is to promote the charity’s “Stop Kony” movement to make Ugandan indicted war criminal and International Criminal Court fugitive Joseph Kony globally known in order to have him arrested by December 2012, the time when the campaign expires.

The film spread virally.   As of 30 March 2012, the film had over 86 million views on video-sharing website YouTube, and over 16.6 million views on Vimeo, with other viewing emanating from a central “Kony 2012” website operated by Invisible Children. The intense exposure of the video caused the “Kony 2012” website to crash shortly after it began gaining widespread popularity.  A poll suggested that more than half of young adult Americans heard about Kony 2012 in the days following the video’s release.

Drew and Holly also discuss the role of non profit organizations and how Playing for Change employs street musicians with the goal of connecting the world through music. Hear the classic song, “Stand By Me,” sung by a street musician and how this one organization has touched the souls of many with music. The point of this program is to connect how viral video’s and non profit organization’s are making a difference using video and music.

Who is Drew Davis?

Drew Davis’s 20-year career has taken him from local television to The Today Show. He’s worked for The Muppets in New York. He’s marketed for tiny start-ups and Fortune 500 brands. He’s authored one book and has another on the way. He’s produced for Charles Kuralt and MTV. He even produced a documentary film called Roadside Ambition: The amazing true story of one small town with two huge balls.

Today, as the chief strategy officer and co-founder of Tippingpoint Labs, Drew and his team have helped companies like Putnam Investments and TomTom. They’ve built digital strategies for publishers like Rodale and Meredith. For more than a decade, Drew has led the charge to change the way publishers think and how brands market their products in a digital world.

Drew’s latest book, Brandscaping: Why pay when you can partner? is scheduled to hit shelves this summer.

The End of Business as Usual – Brian Solis on Marketing Made Simple TV

The End of Business as Usual is the new book by Brian Solis ( In this show, he sits down with show host Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers ( to discuss ideas in his book.

In this show, you will learn:

1) How the rules of business have changed and what it means to you.

2) What happens to companies that fail to adapt.

3) Why you can’t talk to your CEO. How to have a good conversation about social media.

We thank Brian Solis for his appearance on Marketing Made Simple TV.

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