A Place in the SEO Industry for Creative Majors!

Creative Majors Lucy MarkhamHaving been a career counselor for several years to students pursuing their bachelor’s and master’s degrees, many of them were completely indifferent to how their creative major could lead to a successful career, even those who were as close as 2 semesters away from graduation. These students who have pursued degrees in the arts or creative field will need to make very careful decisions in the several months before graduation as they will need to decide to continue their education, find work in the competitive programs in art studios or teaching positions, or look for work in the business world and use their talents to enhance a company’s profile and marketing strategies.

While designing and creative positions are few and far between in most companies and usually require years of experience before you’ll even get a phone interview, Search Engine Optimization industry is exploding and SEO companies are terrific places for recent college graduates to bust into the world of business, marketing, design, and public relations. Many current students are wondering how their more artistic degree can be an equal competition to the more standard business degrees after putting on the cap and gown and diving head first into the workforce.

The great thing about SEO services from Toronto, New York, California and all across the US is that they normally cater to recent college graduates, or those nearly finished with their degree. These entry-level positions offered are in exciting and fun fields that are perfect for those with an education in the liberal arts, creative writing or design.

Some of these creative positions include:

Web and Software Designer

These designer are the true creative geniuses, they understand a little bit of HTLM and CSS coding, but they’re much more creative, innovative and ready to enhance the look of a company in mere hours or days through their work in Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator. These positions can pay a great starting wage, as the expertise and artistic skills needed are something that take time to hone and perfect for the business world.

Web/Software Coder

Coders speak a language that is unintelligible to most of us, and work with the designers to bring their conceptions to life on websites and in the company’s software. The complicated HTLM and CSS coding languages require more extensive training than a designer would get in regular art courses, and will provide you with a terrific paycheck just out of college.

Content Writer

This is where your humanities classes and your love of the home decorating and discovery channels will come in handy! Content writing for websites and blogs to enhance the link backs to a client’s site is a terrific position for the creative writing, literature, and even art history majors. You’ll write about everything from shoe polish to construction techniques, to SEO itself and research dozens of topics each day to provide quality content for the SEO company’s clients.


Fulfillment specialists are definitely a package deal and are a great way to use nearly all of the capacities in one position. While other positions are rushing to get their work done for the clients, you will be busy double checking their work, enhancing the quality of the content, and making sure that all the promises and contracts are fulfilled.

Social Media Specialist

This is perfect for those who spent more time on twitter while in their university’s library than they did on actual assignments. Social media is a terrific tool for marketing and promoting that most SEO companies have taken advantage of in recent years. As a Social Media Specialist you’ll understand the importance of linking items to other websites, and spreading the word through Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and of course, Twitter.

Get the use you want out of your creative degree and look into the thriving SEO industry after your graduation in 2013!


Lucy Markham worked as a career and academic counselor for several years and the University of Florida and is currently pursuing her degree in Education from the University of Utah.

The 5 Best Annual Technology Conventions

From the creation of cars, to ergonomic couches, to prosthetic joints, technological advancements lay down the path for a brighter future. As everyone at Box and Dice knows all too well, it’s essential that we foster our excitement for technological development and learn as much as we can about its possibilities. Here are some top class technology conventions to keep you informed and enthused… and they couldn’t be in better locations!

International Consumer Electronics Show – Las Vegas, USA

The international ICA is one of the largest consumer technology conventions in the world, so a pilgrimage to Las Vegas is a must for all die-hard techies. Occurring in early January each year, the event showcases revolutionary gadgets from high-tech headphones to automotive electronics, and never fails to gain the support of high-profile technology stakeholders. Between the concerts, competitions and celebrity appearances, it promises to be an eventful four days.

CeBIT – Hannover, Germany

CeBIT is a showcase of digital IT and telecommunications technologies for both work and play. Over the 5 days, Hannover swarms with It enthusiasts who are passionate about the future of the industry.  The convention most specifically targets sectors such as retail, finance, government, science and hobby groups. Go along to compare notes with fellow tech heads or simply take in the spectacle.

iWorld – San Francisco, USA

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of this one before, it may be because it was previously known as MacWorld. The convention constructs a Mac world where almost everything is virtual and interactive. If that doesn’t do it for you, I’m sure a sneak peak at new apps and devices will!

GSMA Mobile World Congress – Barcelona, Spain

Mobile World Capital Barcelona hosts the world’s largest convention on mobile technology. Take a moment to listen to the range of keynote speakers and discussion panels conversing about the future of mobile devices or play around with the hot new products on the market. Just as you think that mobile innovation has just about reached saturation point, check out some of the concept designs and realise that there is a whole new level of creativity that is yet to be tapped in to.  A good excuse to book a flight to Spain!

LeWeb – Paris, France

Industry leaders from around the world gather in Paris every year to discuss the opportunity that presents itself in the form of the World Wide Web. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a major corporation or an interested individual, you are likely to walk out of this convention with new insight into the future of business practices in the age of digital convergence. Word on the street is that the December 2012’s guest speakers will be unmissable, given that 2011’s speakers included Karl Lagerfeld and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Guest Blogger: Sarah Paige is a freelance writer who loves any and all kinds of tech conventions because of all the random things she learns from watching plastic moulding demonstrations, to hearing speeches on the future of the internet. Follow Sarah on Twitter @sarahpaige or connect to her on Google+ here.

Why LinkedIn? [Internship]

                In today’s economy, students and young professionals share a common fear. Their fear is whether or not they will find a job. With the presidential debate currently going on, the candidates for president are constantly promising to make new jobs. This does nothing but make the current students worry that there are no jobs now and may not be any in the future. Fortunately, there are online tools that can help graduates and undergraduates worry a bit less. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. It is said to be the best investment you will ever make in your career. It is used by individuals and businesses for networking, job searching, hiring, and much more.

                Recently, I have started an internship with the company Digital Ethos. They have asked me if I was signed up with the website LinkedIn and were shocked when I said I was not. Immediately I signed up after receiving their reaction. I could see how important LinkedIn was right away. LinkedIn is a great way to establish your identity on the web. With 175 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is clearly a striving network that helps individuals and small businesses to large corporations.  With LinkedIn, you can exchange ideas, knowledge, and opportunities with a broad network of professionals. Your LinkedIn account is the first impression someone gets when they google you, this can be a huge benefit if your LinkedIn account is up to date and well put together. Your LinkedIn page can either make you or break you.

                Signing up for LinkedIn is easy. You simply put in your full name and your email address. From then on, LinkedIn gives you step by step instructions on how to get your account up and running. This includes indicating where you are currently employed and what type of job. Another cool feature of LinkedIn lets you indicate what field you are in. It also asks you where you have been employed in the past and for how long. This can give your future employer a general knowledge of where you worked and what your skill-sets could be. Your education also holds a section on your LinkedIn profile, which can include when you were in high school and in college. If you haven’t graduated from one or the other, it lets you select your anticipated graduation year. LinkedIn has a section called “Summary” which lets other users quickly learn about your background and interests. There is a different area for your skills and expertise which helps potential employers find you when they are searching for a specific knowledge-base. Recommendations on your page can carry a lot of weight.  It lets your colleagues, clients, or suppliers speak on your record. Recommendations are just like reference part of your resume. You’re “snapshot” is like your web based business card. It includes your name, location, education, recommendations, education, past positions, and links to your website. Use this space efficiently and you’ll be sure to catch someone’s eye.

                These days, it is so crucial for not only graduates, but undergraduates, to get their foot in the door of the career world right away. It is very important for young professionals to use LinkedIn for many reasons. Young professionals don’t have a lot of experience, so LinkedIn helps them by providing an answers section. This allows a wide variety of professionals to answer any question you might have about your field or any type of field you may be interested in. Asking and answering questions also helps you build your online visibility. This is essential to making your way to the top. This generation of young adults is said to be the “Digital Native” generation since most, if not all, of their life was spent in front of a screen. LinkedIn lets them continue this sort of lifestyle and it makes it a lot more comfortable to be more productive on the network. Young professionals have little to no experience in the work force. LinkedIn gives them a realistic outlook on their field of interest. You should never let one job define your field. With over 175 million members worldwide, it is easy to network and see all kinds of different sides of your field. You can also check out your fields leading players. You can see how they got to where they are by seeing where they went to school, what they studied, what skills they developed, what groups they belong too, and to whom with they are connected. This will help you obtain a better grasp on your anticipated field you want to join.

                The people who are part of your network are called your connections. A connection can indicate that you know the person well or that they are a trusted business contact. In order to become a connection, you need to be invited and accepted. LinkedIn doesn’t support people in adding somebody that they don’t know. When you want to send someone a connections request, LinkedIn asks how you know this person. The options include colleague, classmate, friend, business partner, and I don’t know said person. If you chose “I don’t know said person”, LinkedIn will not allow you to add them. If you chose any of the other, it will ask for the persons email address.

                LinkedIn narrows down your connections into three different categories. They are first degree, second degree, and third degree connections. First degree connections are the people that you have directly connected with because you or the person sent an invitation that has been accepted. Second degree connections are the people who are connected with your first degree connections. You can contact them through something called an introduction. You may ask your first degree connection to introduce you to your second degree connection. Since you probably don’t know your second degree connection, an introduction from your first degree connection would be the only way to connect with them. Finally, your third degree connections are the people who are connected to your second degree connections. If you want to become their first connection, you have to ask for an introduction. An introduction usually sounds like, “Dear Mr. Smith, Let me introduce you to Mr. John from Company X.” LinkedIn shows you which connection a person is by placing an icon which says either “1st”, “2nd”, or “3rd” connection.

                LinkedIn offers a feature called “groups”. Being a member of a group lets you engage in one on one networking between group members. An advantage is that you can send lnmail for no fee. As a member of a group, you can discover the most popular discussions in your professional group. LinkedIn groups also allow you to follow the most influential people in your groups by looking at the Top Influencers board to see all their group activity.

                Looking for a job on LinkedIn is said to be a whole lot easier than going door to door hoping they are hiring. If you know what company you are interested in joining, simply search for them on LinkedIn’s search bar. The company will have their employers listed and you can network with them and see what they did to be able to work with the company. Eventually, you will be able to establish them as a connection. On the other hand, if you have no idea what company you want to work for, you can search a keyword, job title, or location. Even though the search is much broader, you will still get a general knowledge of what you are looking into.

                It is clear to see that there is a lot more to LinkedIn than just looking for a job in a newspaper. Connecting with people and getting your name out there can also contribute to your success on LinkedIn. If you use your LinkedIn profile correctly, it will become a huge benefit for you in the job marketing world.



The content in this article is part of Digital Ethos’s Digital Media Education in the Higher Education Internship Program, the content was created by @KaylaMarzo, a Student at Suffolk County Community college, intern at Digital Ethos.

Professional Development in the Digital Age

The SxSW has become one of the premier conference events in world! While most Digital Agencies and Organizations have focused on the SxSW Interactive, Digital Ethos has submitted to be a part of the SxSW Edu. The SxSWEdu kicks off the SxSW series and is focused on Education, Professional Development and more. As Digital Ethos is an Awarness & Education organization we feel this was a good fit. Additionally, if the Digital Media age is lead by content, then it is arguable that the SxSW Interactive is for Distributors and the SxSWEdu is for Creators.

Professional Development in the Digital Age

The panel of professionals from Digital Ethos, lead by Basil C. Puglisi, will explore how digital media and technology have changed learning both in adults and adolescents. The panel will discuss the development of experiential learning and motivational learning as introduced by Malcom Knowles (Andragogy). The panel will explore the development of digital communications and the opportunities and threats they present in self directed learning. References will be made by the panelists experiences with Digital Ethos and their own professional development strategies.

Questions Answered

  1. What are some of the self learning opportunities created by the digital?
  2. How do you use social media to develop community learning?
  3. What are some of the threats to information as self directed education grows?


digital culture, digital communications, digital education


Panel Discussion
Entrepreneurialism and Business


Vote here: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/8943

Digital Media Education Internship Program

Digital Ethos introduces the Digital Media Education Internship Program  We believe that we have developed a program that might be of some interest to you and/or your students.

The internship program with Digital Ethos is designed for students that wish to learn how to write for digital publications, develop hands on learning in digital media and marketing. Interns learn through the “Read, Write & Share” philosophy in areas of Digital Media, Social Media, Content Development, Brand Marketing and more.

The basic program requires six publications by the intern spread out over three months. During this time the intern is required to conduct research in an area of interest under the supervision of a Digital Ethos contributing author. The Program is administered by the Executive Director to maintain the highest quality standards.

Interns not only learn about conducting research in digital media, but how to shape that content and use sources to reinforce their position. Then we work with them to teach them how to use Social Media and PR to create visibility and develop followers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn How to conduct research in a digital setting,
  • Learn how to develop their personal brand and online reputation,
  • Learn how to format content to develop a reader’s attention and the search engines,
  • Learn how to develop a multi directional social media campaign to drive readership,

Those that complete an Internships:

  • Are invited to Contribute to Digital Ethos as a Author,
  • Receive a certificate of completion and a portfolio page,
  • Have a multiplatform personal social media presence the rest of their career,
  • Are eligible for development funding to a conference of their choice.

Advanced hands on Internships are also available in the Long Island NY Region.

These Advanced Programs are based on the 120 hours of service during an academic symester and include onsite learning both with the organization and in some cases working on a project with an Agency.

These programs where developed from our trial periods with Vanessa Canner, Adelphia University (2011) and Kayla Marzo, Suffolk County Community College (2012).


What Digital & Social Media Marketers Can Learn from Business Consultants [Opinion]

In the last five years I have heard some wild claims about who makes the best marketer – those claims have ranged from PR professionals, who ‘should be the only people to do it’, to Social Media, to ‘it takes a Sales Professional to provide the best internet marketing.’

I’d like you to think of Digital Assets in the form of a building:

  • The windows are Social Media – transparency of course
  • The walls are the advertising efforts – the place to display and show
  • The doors are the PR – as media attention helps get people to walk through the door
  • The shelves, displays and racks are the event planners – presentation and onsite execution
  • The Roof is the website – it covers everything else

However, the missing element is the foundation or the business itself. The digital and social media industry has gotten a lot of bad heat on not being effective and I would argue that has happened because the keystone has been missing, the Business Consultant.

I warn almost everyone that I interact with to look for the red flags when meeting a PR, Web, SEO, Social Media, Event Professional, etc. The best way to know if that have any clue what they are talking about will come with the first interaction. Do they start talking to you about their business and products, or do they ask you about yours?

The world is filled with overnight talent and businesses that offer these services and I say talent because most are very good at their niche, unfortunately it seems to end there. Think of it like a great marksman sent off to war to be a sniper without any military training. The ability to hit a target does not translate to being an effect solider, especially in terms of the bigger picture.

The transformed business consultants that are working as project managers and on the rare occasion can provide Web Development, SEO, Social Media and more are carrying with them the greatest lesson the marketing industry can learn, success goes beyond the view, comment and call!

Traditional marketing and advertising was all about visibility and the connection point, the advertising was a success when the consumer connected with your name, product or service.( i.e. someone visited the website, opened the email, opened the text message or called your phone, that is marketing success in the traditional context). The ability to convert that experience into a sale was the business owners problem. This is the reason businesses fail continuously and why corporate leadership is completely in the dark with the digital environment.

How Can We do Better or Demand Better?

Take the Business Consultant approach, inquire about the business model, the products or services, why the target market is the target market. Take the campaign backwards, go from the conversion or sale to the campaigns and tools to reach consumers. Build the model on the business and remember the best in any industry become the best from exploring. Sometimes it’s easier to create new then fix broken.

Why “NO” is so important to the Profession of Digital & Social Media Marketing [Opinion]

The overnight rush of Web developers lead to overnight SEO providers and then the flood of Social Media Marketers. Which in turn lead to every PR, advertising and marketing agency claiming to offer services they knew nothing about to save their revenue streams. The industry changed so fast that quantity quickly overtook quality.

“NO” is crucial to not just the digital and social industry but the recovery of our economy! I was sitting in a session at BlogWorld, it was about monetization, each of the three presenters had the same story the “advertisers found us” and “I spent nothing on advertising”.

I had to go to the mic, this is such a common carless comment that I had an ethical obligation to set straight.

The question: “You said that advertisers found you and that you spent nothing on advertising, but I want you to think of what the cost was… you might not have purchased advertising but clearly you spent time and money to build your…”

All three faces quickly had a look that you couldn’t quite place, perhaps it was horror? Then Lou Mongello of Walt Disney World Radio jumped to answer, “Oh it was so expensive, it cost me time, I had to sell my house and I spent money on all sorts of things”.

Lou Mongello then went on to explain that part of his success came from having his families support and the understanding of sacrifice to accomplish the long term goal.

Don’t Go In Unprepared

Here is the crucial point of this article, because so many enter into digital and social media services unprepared with misrepresentation of their own business model, they are ill equipped to help their clients with the same problem. In the need to create profits they become like AOL, they leap into every adventure without any thought of their clients business model or worse their own long term business model.

Learning to say “NO” allows you to take on clients that will be successful with your talent or service, it garnishes long term revenue for your business and a reputation for growth. It’s not easy being picky in the beginning, or when times are tough, but it is successful! Even more importantly, it keeps others from wasting their life savings on an idea or business that they are underfunded, underequipped or worse ignorant about from losing their time and money. It also prevents the overwhelming false, false from becoming the digital and social media industry. The Social Media Marketer did not intentionally fail you, the web developer did not build a crappy website or fail to generate valuable SEO, the business was flawed and directed to fail from the beginning and the digital and social industry should not take the blame for that.

Pick your clients carefully, for the benefit of them, yourself and our industry.


@BasilPuglisi is the Executive Director and Publisher for Digital Brand Marketing Education (dbmei.com). Basil C. Puglisi is also the President of Puglisi Consulting Group, Inc. A Digital Brand Marketing Consultancy that manages professional and personal branding for Fortune 500 CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers and Small Business Owners.


#140conf in New York City June 19th – 20th 2012 [Event]

This year the #140c will be hosted at the 92nd Street Y at 1395 Lexington Avenue in NYC.

The History of the #140conf

In its fourth year running, this conference has had no shortages of experts with a plethora of educational and trending information to provide attendees. Each year it simply gets better and better.

In 2009, #140conf hosted events in:

2011 found #140conf spreading even further across the globe with events held in more locations than before.

There have also been a number of #140conf Meetups which have taken place across the United States, and outside of the states including places like the UK, Kenya and Israel.

In addition, check out the writers panel from #140conf 2011 that featured Debre Eckerling from @WriteOnOnline, Jeanne V Bowerman @jeannevb and Tracey Jackson @traceyjackson4.

With many more impressive panels the 2011 #140conf was a rousing success. This year is shaping up to top them all.

Jeff Pulver Speaks

In April, 2012, Jeff Pulver shared a talk in Des Moines Iowa and he had some very compelling things to say about how we act and interact on our social networks. Are you YOU on your social networks? Are you who you think your friends and consumers think you should be? If you are anything but yourself you are not really connecting with those most important when it comes to marketing yourself or your brand. Jeff put it out there pretty well when he asked:

Are you you? Are you connecting to the person who you are? Are you true to yourself? If you Tweeted yourself would you talk back? Would you friend yourself?

I can relate to this as it is very similar to my previous article “Who are you?”

Societal communications are occurring now on a global level. Jeff reminds us that while the communication line is open, we have plenty of social media users who are more than happy to be brash, rude, insensitive, and that perhaps these people are being themselves. But we also have others who are the veritable shrinking violets, who are unlikely to ever be heard on a grand scale. And then we have our social leaders. Those whose Tweets and Status shares compel us, attract us. In most cases, those people have a strength we admire. Each of us have our own strengths when it comes to how we voice our feelings, how we communicate. In each of us is our true voice that when shared with the Twitterverse, or asserted on a Facebook status will have its own selling point, for those with a similar voice, opinions and assertions.

Inspire others whenever you can, because you can.

This Year’s #140conf NYC

The turnout for this year’s conference is expected to be attendees from 17 countries and 31 states.It is already expected to be the largest worldwide gather of entrepreneurs and professionals who are interested in the effects of real-time on people and businesses.

The focus will be on how the internet has the power to change lives and all attendees should expect to leave with a new outlook on how real-time interaction on the web can be used to grow your business or personal life, or even to do something intrinsically meaningful such as activism in charities you support. The options are almost endless.

The schedule is a fast paced and very unique one. It is the intention of the organizers to supply the perfect platform for as wide of a demographic as possible. Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts or engage with attendees and speakers. Individual talks will be limited to ten minute excerpts and panel discussions will run for 10 to 15 minute sets.

Conference speakers will be arriving in NYC from all over the world. Speakers from the Pacific, South America, Europe, Asia, Canada and of course many from the United States.

Register Today to Be a Part of This Event

Interested in having your voice heard at a future #140conf event? We are always looking for new voices to introduce to our community. Just drop a note to Jeff Pulver. Interested in leveraging the influence of the #140conf NYC community? we are looking for companies interested in sponsoring this event.

The #140conf events –Tweetups, Conferences, Parties and Roadtrips – present an opportunity to consistently broaden your social media knowledge, whether for its own sake, or for application in communication, business, news, politics, philathropy or just about any other sphere. You always meet the most interesting and creative people at these events, and each time, Jeff’s mix of speakers,  their topics and perspective leave you substantially more informed and meaningfully inspired.

– Ian Aronovich – @GovtAuctions

Don’t miss this years @140conf #140conf in NYC!


@BasilPuglisi is the Executive Director and Publisher for Digital Brand Marketing Education (dbmei.com). Basil C. Puglisi is also the President of Puglisi Consulting Group, Inc. A Digital Brand Marketing Consultancy that manages professional and personal branding for Fortune 500 CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers and Small Business Owners.


Corporate Social Media Summit New York 2012 [Event]

Once again The Corporate Social Media Summit is back and as usual will come complete with real insight, valid experience and the answers you may be looking for when it comes to social media. There will be over 150 top delegates in attendance. Get registered as soon as possible to insure your place at this phenomenal social media educational summit.

What Can Attendees Expect from the New York Corporate Social Media Summit 2012?

There are many elements of social media, networking and marketing that attendees will take away from the conference.

  • Attendees will get familiar with methods and tools that can help to create a social media marketing strategy that encourages long-term success for their companies. Expect to learn about how such companies as Dunkin’, AVG, Comcast and others have formulated effective social media structures and how to model a similar strategy that will boost your businesses social brand awareness quickly.
  • Attendees will get the chance to connect and network with over 250 social media pros. This global event already has confirmation from many countries such as South Korea and Norway. This will be attendees chance to rub shoulders with personell from Hyundai, Warner Home Video, RCN, Adobe and more.
  • Attendees will be given the information they need to get ahead of their competition. With social media being a constantly evolving industry, it is imperative to keep abreast of the latest strategies and best practices. At the New York Corporate Social Media Summit attendees will hear from representatives from Boeing, American Express and more.

In its third year, the New York Corporate Social Media Summit supplies an ultimate learning experience in addition to valuable networking experience for the constantly evolving marketing industry. This year’s summit will benefit attendees with 5 new additions that will help business owners learn to address some of the top issues in social media today.

  1. Speakers from Europe will be sharing some of their best practices with attendees. Some of the best brands in Europe are represented and will discuss some of the elements that have led to their success.
  2. Attendees will be able to meet and network with over 250 senior level professionals.
  3. A unique session where the attendees get to set the agenda. This is the time to ask those questions that you have been searching and researching for.
  4. Some of the best service providers around will be on hand to help with solutions to manage your own personal strategies, resources and other financial issues.
  5. A networking opportunity and best practice sharing in a Linkedin group that is exclusively for some of social media’s most experienced figures.

Register Now

Author:@BasilPuglisi is the Executive Director and Publisher for Digital Brand Marketing Education (dbmei.com). Basil C. Puglisi is also the President of Puglisi Consulting Group, Inc.A Digital Brand Marketing Consultancy that manages professional and personal branding for Fortune 500 CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers and Small Business Owners.Sources:

“A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” – A Hot Trade Show Helps Businesses Grow

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Business people flocked to the Trade Brooklyn event on March 20th, jamming the aisles and packing the seminars and workshops.  In this tough economy, it was refreshing to see the high level of interest in this event.  A packed exhibit floor with over 100 booths and valuable marketing seminars kept the more than 1,300 attendees busy all day.  For this reporter, who has attended so many sparsely attended shows in recent years, it was eye-opening.

Marty Markowitz, the Brooklyn borough President, kicked off Trade Brooklyn, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce breakfast in the morning by taking the microphone and doing what politicians do best – getting the crowd excited about the event.

The exhibit floor was packed with over diverse exhibitors, ranging from small companies, to banks, insurance firms and even to portable toilets (CallAHead). People interacted, exchanged ideas and business leads.  People stayed all day and walked around talking to the vendors and packed seminars including several Digital Brand Marketing Education sponsored. Lots and lots of good business connections were made and the energy in the room was noticeable.

In addition to exhibits, seminars covered topics important to business leaders such as “How to Franchise Your Business,” “Changes to Social Media that Impact Business Strategy” and “Small Business and the Affordable Health Care Act.” I was personally quite surprised, when in the morning session by Digital Brand Marketing Education, I asked the audience “How many of you are business owners?” About 2/3 of the room raised hands.

With the economy struggling to get back on its feet, it was refreshing to see a popular B2B tradeshow bring together businesses from all over the New York metro area.  It is these kind of event that will again get business growing again.   It’s clear that not only trees grow in Brooklyn, businesses and entrepreneurs do as well.


This article is provided by Bill Corbett, Jr., President of Corbett Public Relations, Inc., a leading media relations, social media and personal branding consulting firm.  For more information, go to corbettpr.com or to his blog corbettprblog.com.  He can be reached at wjcorbett@corbettpr.com or @wjcorbett.


Inbound Marketing Summit NYC 2012 – 3 Important Tips to Take Home

Image c/o http://inboundmarketingsummit.com/event/new-york/

If you had the opportunity to sit in on the panels at the Inbound Marketing Summit in New York this year, you likely took away a few vital lessons that you can carry to your business. The conference itself has evolved over the last few years. It has held a focus on social marketing strategies, but has also begun a swift evolution to cover other vital elements such as social TV, touch screen devices, and mobile marketing, as well as defining what these technological shifts really mean for professionals utilizing engagement skills and strategies.

While many interesting points were made, there were absolutely three great highlights that every small business owner should consider when focusing on social media and fan engagement.

Social Media Advertising

Most social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn have opportunities for advertising at relatively affordable prices. While businesses are building and managing their content in order to break through valuable channels to achieve better engagement, they are finding that advertising can be easy when it is placed where people are hanging around the most. With the many Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn stats we are familiar with when it comes to time spent on social networks these days, there is no doubt that although more affordable than many other types of digital or traditional advertising, they are still highly effective. The IMS panels recommended trying this out on your Facebook Fan page since it is significantly easier to build an audience there.

Responding and Engaging

Image c/o http://socialmarketingfella.com/

You have heard it before here at DBMEI, it is not enough to simply create formats for your consumers to interact with, you actually have to be responsive, and in a relatively short period of time for maximum engagement opportunities. Business owners can either use a team to ensure engagement in a timely manner, or they can use alerts and other monitoring programs to ensure their consumers or prospective customers are given responses before too much time has passed. They should also not wait until there is an issue to engage, even if a visitor just stops by to post or praise your products and services, give them a swift thanks a Like, and a special coupon code when at all possible. Make interactivity on your social media platforms a source of mutual positive reinforcement when at all possible.

Have a Plan

Business owners need to have a plan. You shouldn’t be rolling over, firing up the computer, and tapping your fingers until the content idea comes to you. You need a lot more of a forecasted plan than that. Using a social media editorial calendar can be a helpful way to pre-plan and map out topics so that they are optimized for distribution, coverage, and of course engagement. You should know ahead of time, aside from breaking or important trending news, what type of content will be created and when it will be set for distribution. Knowing your audience and what type of content they can appreciate, combined with a social media editorial calendar will help business owners to better manage engagement with current or potential consumers.

Many other vital points arose that are also swiftly becoming crucial elements in business marketing such as tablets and social TV and their respective places in a full-bodied marketing campaign. Since Americans still watch around 35 hours of TV per week, many now on touch screen devices and tablets, marketing professionals now need to begin to consider how to capture an audience’s attention across multiple devices simultaneously.

However, it is also important to recall that another lesson from IMS included understanding user behavior over in-depth knowledge about emerging technologies.


@BasilPuglisi is the Executive Director and Publisher for Digital Brand Marketing Education (dbmei.com). Basil C. Puglisi is also the President of Puglisi Consulting Group, Inc. A Digital Brand Marketing Consultancy that manages professional and personal branding for Fortune 500 CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers and Small Business Owners.


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