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kindle-ebookYou can create your own ebook in OpenOffice writer with this free Kindle template and EPUB generator from

Kindle Template and EPUB Generator Review

These days, if you want to self-publish a book, the easiest and least expensive way to do it is to make it an ebook. You can save a standard OpenOffice Writer document as a PDF, but it won’t be properly formatted for digital readers, like Kindle, Sony Reader, or Nook. With a free Kindle template for OpenOffice Writer, and a free EPUB generator, you can make sure your Writer file is the perfect size and format, so any digital reader can view your ebook or document exactly the way it was meant to be viewed. Use the free Kindle template and EPUB generator with OpenOffice Writer to take lecture notes that you can read on the go, publish your own digital magazine, or distribute an informative pamphlet. Anyone with a digital reader or other mobile device will be able to read your document easily, and without a lot of scrolling.

Kindle Template by RanRutenberg

Download this free Kindle template from to create an OpenOffice Writer document that will display perfectly on a Kindle screen. Standard Writer documents are designed to print on an A4 letter sized sheet of paper. A4 pages are too large to be properly displayed on a 6 inch wide Kindle screen. This free Kindle template formats any OpenOffice Writer document to print on an A6 sized sheet of paper, and it includes custom margins that make it the exact size of the Kindle’s screen.

EPUB Generator by Przemyslaw Rumik

PDF files can be viewed on a digital reader, but the best way to save a document for Kindle viewing is to save it in a digital reader format. EPUB files can be viewed on a Nook, Sony Reader, and Apple iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. EPUB files can also be converted to the Kindle MOBI format with a free conversion program or web site. With this free EPUB generator for OpenOffice Writer, you can ensure that your document is compatible with any digital reader or mobile device. Simply download the extension from, install it, and click “Publish to EPUB” on any Writer document to start the conversion process. You will need to have installed additional XSLT filters. These can be installed by selecting “XML Filter Settings” from the OpenOffice “Tools” menu. If you want to publish an ebook, digital magazine, or save a document for easy viewing on your digital reader or mobile device, you can do it for free with a Kindle template and EPUB generator from ebooks can be viewed by almost anybody, either online, or on a mobile device with an Internet connection. Download the free Kindle template and EPUB generator from, and you can easily turn your OpenOffice Writer document into an ebook perfectly formatted for digital readers like Kindle, Sony Reader, and Nook.


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“How to Be Awesome” – Scott Stratten of Unmarketing

“How to Be Awesome” – Scott Stratten of Unmarketing on Marketing Made Simple TV

In this show (Maximize the view for optimal viewing), with a great white paper offer from Find New Customers ( Scott Stratten of Unmarketing, ( shares key tips from his Book of Business Awesome.

Here’s what you will learn in this show.

  1. Why companies aren’t awesome – people are.
  2. A great example of awesomeness.
  3. Common mistakes made by companies in social media.

We thank Scott for appearing on the show. Check out Scott’s new book, The Book of Business Awesome/The Book of Business UnAwesome. Amazon has an unbelievably low price on this great book!

Marketing Made Simple TV premieres every Thursday at noon ET at Marketing Made Simple TV ( and at many syndication sites, including Digital Ethos, Social Media Today, Business2Community, and This enables the show to reach a potential audience of over 1,000,000 people each week. Companies who wish to reach this massive audience should visit Sponsorship/Advertising Opportunities on Marketing Made Simple TV or just send an email to host at

The Path to Better Marketing Results: Laura Patterson and Julie Schwartz

Just Add Data | The Path to Better Marketing Results – Laura Patterson and Julie Schwartz on Marketing Made Simple TV

Welcome to Marketing Made Simple TV in High Definition!

ITSMA research shows that marketing organizations that leverage data in their strategic and tactical decision making have a business performance advantage. Data-savvy organizations are better able to improve their average time to revenue and decrease their sales costs per order dollar. But what does it take to be data-savvy?

Join show host Jeff Ogden with Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing ( and Julie Schwartz Senior Vice President, Research and Thought Leadership, ITSMA for a fascinating chat about the results of a study of B2B marketers.

You will gain insight into how you and your peers use marketing data, metrics, and analytics to inform marketing decisions, predict buyer behavior, improve marketing performance, and forecast trends.

Download the Revenue Performance Management – Demystified guide from Eloqua at or click the button in the show.

We thank Laura and Julie for appearing on this show, as well as sponsors such as Avitage, Digital Ethos, Communication Strategy Group and Eloqua. Marketing Made Simple TV premieres a new show every Thursday at noon ET/9am PT.

Love the show? Then we invite you to join the Marketing Made Simple TV Fan Club.

Sandra Zoratti on Marketing Made Simple

In this high definition show, Sandra Zoratti, co-author of Precision Marketing ( She joins show host Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers ( for a discussion of how marketing can drive improved business results using data. And it contains a great offer from show sponsor, Eloqua – the Real World Marketing Syllabus.

In this show, viewers will learn:

1) How the balance of power has shifted from sellers to buyers – and what that really means for marketers today.

2) Why marketers need to start small and get a quick win, rather than taking on too much at once. (Don’t boil the ocean.)

3) How data is the marketer’s best friend. How to leverage data and Precision Marketing ideas to drive improved business outcomes.

We thank Sandra for appearing on Marketing Made Simple TV.  We also thank Steven Conrardy of Interactive Video Studios, who filmed and edited this show.

Craig Yaris of Esquire Tech is the Producer and Director of Marketing Made Simple TV. Kevin Ogden is the Editor of the show.

A Day at Google New York & Seth Godin [OPINION]

Google started a pretty amazing program called “Google Engage for Agencies”, while it’s a great outreach program to help generate brand advocates that act as a sales team for low to no cost, it’s much more then that!

Google has generated a program that has done a few things, but I want to center on two, Content and Education!

1) Google Engage is a program that is producing content for Google.  Agencies are now telling stories for Google about Google and tying it directly into local communities! The Engage program has agencies and consultants that now have stories that tie back to their community, ones that give all the recognition to Google and the AdWords platform.

2) Google is flooding the market with the correct information and empowering agencies and consultants through education to provide the correct and effective services. In a time period where consumers distrust agencies and digital marketers (and they should) Google has decided to empower those that want to learn, want to provide value making it much harder for those that are not genuine to survive.

The Engage program has provided others, like myself with direct education and training. The information that I now have as a professional has been advanced by the support of Google, both in a distance education program and done in conjunction with Dale Carnegie trainers at Google.

I made a comment earlier that consumers distrust digital marketers and agencies and that “they should”. I stand by that statement, in fact,  I started blogging because of that very fact just a few years ago. Walk into a small business owner these days and don’t be surprised when you get a question like “what makes you different then the other 100 sales people before you” and it’s a great question, in fact if business owners and organizations had asked it sooner we wouldn’t have the distrust that the marketing industry has earned.

Google made a commitment to provide a service that they believed helps connect people on the web to solutions providers and services. That incredible tool has been defiled by digital marketing consultants and agencies. As Seth Godin has explained, marketing had it good until the illusion vanished. Out of fear and greed the economy was destroyed overnight by those that worked to game the system, be in PPC, SEO or just selling products, services and solutions that they didn’t care if it worked as long as they got paid.

Google had another great surprise for those of us in attendance, a LIVE Google Hangout with Seth Godin, “America’s Greatest Marketer as claimed by American Way Magazine. Seth’s presentation was excellent and while he did a great job sharing information with us, the Q&A was a treasure. Seth’s message is that success comes from being genuine and often takes a long time, in fact Seth admitted it took his blog three (3) years to gain traction.

A day at Google confirmed one thing, the world is full of fraud and the marketing industry has a disproportionate number of contributors. The bright note is that for those of us that take the time to genuinely try solve problems and not just generate sales or revenue, we can and will be successful. In this case, Google is genuine about wanting to connect people with what they are actually looking for, be it through organic search or paid search. Google is acting like a leader, providing the right and accurate resources to the community. The Google Engage program is just one of the resources that Google has invested in to empower the professionals that are trying to do the right thing by their clients, customers and business.

In the end, Google was impressive at every turn. Google New York had Food, Fun and Value! The information was only surpassed by their commitment and methods to deliver it! A methodology that I feel is worth any successful business or corporation pursuing.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pitching Stories To Magazines

Getting articles published in a magazine is a great way to gain credibility in the marketplace. Too many times business owners think their stories are interesting or newsworthy when infact they are boring.   There are techniques you can use when pitching to trade publications and journals to help get you published.  Most companies hire an outside PR agency to help pitch stories and get their name in the press.  The most important element of your strategy should be “The Pitch”. If you pitch it right….then you will see more magazines pick up your story. Another important element is using the right pitch on the right person.  You need to target the editor or publisher of the magazine and make sure you get his/her attention with a good opening line!

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of Pitching to Magazines:

Do get approvals up front from all parties involved in the story:

It’s important to make sure you get buy in and written consent from your customer up front to use their information in a story.  The worst thing that can happen is for a customer to see their photos or information used in a story that they did not approve.  Also, the editor or publisher will get annoyed if they write an article and get push back from the customer before they publish it.   Just keep all parties informed and make sure you clearly communicate the goal of the article.

Do focus your pitch on how you solved a problem for a customer:

Editors love this type of pitch where you can show a challenge and how you solved the problem with a solution.  Magazines will use these types of stories for a 4-5 page case study or cover story. They love lots of details so make sure you include all project details ranging from any hold-ups or challenges faced throughout the project.  They also love great photos…so make sure you can provide action shots and beauty shots of your customer’s location.

Do answer questions freely:

Once you get the story….there are typical questions that editors will need answered by your customers.  Here is a sample questionnaire from a major security publication:

1)      When did the installation start? How long did it take?

2)    What did you like about the equipment and technology? (please provide lots of detail here)

3)      What were the most difficult aspects of the installation process? (please provide lots of detail here) How much did it cost?

4)      How was the project coordinated with the routine activities of the facility? Were there any surprises or disappointments related to this experience?

5)      What is the reaction from decision makers, staff, visitors, etc.?

6)    Have there been any incidents since the system was installed?

7)    How is the system monitored, and were there any staff training issues?

8)      How does the system meet your needs and desires?

Don’t be in a rush!

Remember…pitching a story to a publication takes time.  You may not hear back from an editor for don’t give up.  Make sure you check the editorial calendar monthly to find out what types of stories the magazine is looking to publish.  Planning and persistence will pay off in the end!


Radio Shows and Podcasting

A lot of media has gone digital over the last two decades. Radio is no stranger to the conversion. These days we have several options to select from when determining the best methods for recording, uploading, or streaming our radio shows on the internet.

You should decide what level of complexity you plan to bring to your radio shows and how you would like the actual audio files of your show to be dealt with. Will you post them or stream them from your own website or a third party option? It can certainly be of benefit to your SEO to upload and stream them from your own domain, but it can also require a bit more of a technical hand to pull off. Third party services have the benefit of commonly being extremely user-friendly and free of difficult processes that can be time-consuming.


Many bloggers are utilizing Podcasts in the next step of their digital media progression. It seems to be a progressive step forward from writing and doesn’t require the resources that full-on video recording and subsequently broadcasting would require.

If you are planning to create podcasts there are a few things you should double check before getting down to business.

  • Be certain that your feed will be iTunes valid. Check and update your iTunes account and settings. Don’t forget to double check to be sure your feed is in the directories and that your RSS Feed is valid.
  • Take some practice time with whatever sound editor you are using to get familiar. A couple of test runs can make a load of difference in the quality of your audio show.
  • Make sure you have a file hosting site such as the free options here, or those that come with the third party service you choose. You will need to host your podcasts on a site that will accept MP3 or other audio file types but that also allow ‘Direct Linking’ so that your listeners can access your shows using an http:// URL.


There are several methods and sites available for Podcasting whether you choose to go fully third party or an integrated mix private domain and helpful services.

PodBean – PodBean offers incredibly easy ways to publish your own video or audio podcast in three simple steps. Podcasts can easily be shared to Myspace, Blogger, Facebook and more using the Podbean dashboard and site options.

WildVoice Studio – This option is more for those who are already inclined to want to run their Podcasts from their own site by purchasing a private domain and creating their audio files on no one’s terms but their own. WildVoice can help users with a Windows based application that enables pro-quality recording options, even including special effects, prerecorded clips and theme tunes.

mirPod – mirPod is a vital tool that allows users to create code to embed their podcasts onto their own website. This will also allow them to network and share embed codes with others who may want to share the podcasts with their own viewers. – Liberation Syndication offers a range of publication options, audio inluded. Users can get storage space and archive plans that will hold users podcasts with unmeasured bandwidth. This method also allows users to utilize their own domains.

Audio Acrobat – Audio Acrobat allows users to create and broadcast their own video and audio files on-demand. Share your message on a global scale via blogs, social media, emails, and websites. Users can record, upload, download, stream, podcast, share, syndicate and more.

Blogtalk Radio – BlogTalkRadio offers users the ability to host a live talk radio show online using only a phone and computer. This unique platform allows private broadcasters to share their own original content with the world. With millions of users joining in on conversations each month, BlogTalkRadio may be a good third-party option for those who may not already have an open format in which to boost their listener count.



5 Ways to Recover from the Google Penguin Update

Google’s algorithm changes have a history of coming complete with their own warm and fuzzy sounding names. Pandas and Penguins that may inspire happy feelings in those unfamiliar with what they mean coming from Google, may not understand when SEO masters and content creators cringe and hold back tears when they hear those commonly friendly feeling terms. At the end of May Digital Ethos posted how some struggling with the Penguin update could avoid being fully penalized.

The most recent update, the Google Penguin WebSpam change, has actually been one that has been the most impatiently awaited and most expected update ever.

The Penguin is Angry

Many sites have suffered from the most recent update due to several reasons relating directly to SEO, or search engine optimization, practices. Google has warned business owners, web designers, content creators for years that while SEO can be highly-constructive and positive, it can also be very negative, and result in penalties that can be incredibly difficult to recover from.  Good SEO practices can include keyword research, high-quality and educational content, and as always, originality is vital. These are also commonly referred to as white hat techniques.

It isn’t the white hat techniques that have angered the Penguin. The techniques the Google has finally put the digital foot down on are most often referred to as black hat SEO. They include such practices as:

Google has officially classified the above black hat schemes to be Webspam and it will no longer be tolerated. Google’s own Matt Cutts has been a part of the Webspam team for a bit and has put out hundreds of videos in his own webmaster help series. This video will not contain any of his usual wisdom when it comes to good web practices, but in fact just the opposite.


The point here is that although these things might sound crazy, when put into actual audible language, these are exactly the same practices that the Penguin has sought out, and selectively destroyed. Matt Cutts advises watching these two videos if you’ve been hit by the angry Penguin and endorses these tips to help website owners recover as quickly and easily as possible.

There are several ways that web developers, content creators and SEO specialist have determined will help you survive the Google Penguin update.

5 Steps to Recovery

  1. Eliminate all unrelated links on your website.
  2. Generate only backlinks that are obtained organically, such as guest posting.
  3. Limit the number of ads on your site and focus on easy site navigation for visitors.
  4. Try to include only contextual links.
  5. Use different anchor text when linking to your site.

Don’t forget to check the search engine spam penalties page for more information that could be vital to the recovery of your website.

Google wants users to focus directly on white hat SEO methods that include creating high-quality and highly compelling content. They have suggested for years now that unless you are using white hat techniques, it is absolutely better to use no search engine optimization at all.

What Digital & Social Media Marketers Can Learn from Business Consultants [Opinion]

In the last five years I have heard some wild claims about who makes the best marketer – those claims have ranged from PR professionals, who ‘should be the only people to do it’, to Social Media, to ‘it takes a Sales Professional to provide the best internet marketing.’

I’d like you to think of Digital Assets in the form of a building:

  • The windows are Social Media – transparency of course
  • The walls are the advertising efforts – the place to display and show
  • The doors are the PR – as media attention helps get people to walk through the door
  • The shelves, displays and racks are the event planners – presentation and onsite execution
  • The Roof is the website – it covers everything else

However, the missing element is the foundation or the business itself. The digital and social media industry has gotten a lot of bad heat on not being effective and I would argue that has happened because the keystone has been missing, the Business Consultant.

I warn almost everyone that I interact with to look for the red flags when meeting a PR, Web, SEO, Social Media, Event Professional, etc. The best way to know if that have any clue what they are talking about will come with the first interaction. Do they start talking to you about their business and products, or do they ask you about yours?

The world is filled with overnight talent and businesses that offer these services and I say talent because most are very good at their niche, unfortunately it seems to end there. Think of it like a great marksman sent off to war to be a sniper without any military training. The ability to hit a target does not translate to being an effect solider, especially in terms of the bigger picture.

The transformed business consultants that are working as project managers and on the rare occasion can provide Web Development, SEO, Social Media and more are carrying with them the greatest lesson the marketing industry can learn, success goes beyond the view, comment and call!

Traditional marketing and advertising was all about visibility and the connection point, the advertising was a success when the consumer connected with your name, product or service.( i.e. someone visited the website, opened the email, opened the text message or called your phone, that is marketing success in the traditional context). The ability to convert that experience into a sale was the business owners problem. This is the reason businesses fail continuously and why corporate leadership is completely in the dark with the digital environment.

How Can We do Better or Demand Better?

Take the Business Consultant approach, inquire about the business model, the products or services, why the target market is the target market. Take the campaign backwards, go from the conversion or sale to the campaigns and tools to reach consumers. Build the model on the business and remember the best in any industry become the best from exploring. Sometimes it’s easier to create new then fix broken.

Why “NO” is so important to the Profession of Digital & Social Media Marketing [Opinion]

The overnight rush of Web developers lead to overnight SEO providers and then the flood of Social Media Marketers. Which in turn lead to every PR, advertising and marketing agency claiming to offer services they knew nothing about to save their revenue streams. The industry changed so fast that quantity quickly overtook quality.

“NO” is crucial to not just the digital and social industry but the recovery of our economy! I was sitting in a session at BlogWorld, it was about monetization, each of the three presenters had the same story the “advertisers found us” and “I spent nothing on advertising”.

I had to go to the mic, this is such a common carless comment that I had an ethical obligation to set straight.

The question: “You said that advertisers found you and that you spent nothing on advertising, but I want you to think of what the cost was… you might not have purchased advertising but clearly you spent time and money to build your…”

All three faces quickly had a look that you couldn’t quite place, perhaps it was horror? Then Lou Mongello of Walt Disney World Radio jumped to answer, “Oh it was so expensive, it cost me time, I had to sell my house and I spent money on all sorts of things”.

Lou Mongello then went on to explain that part of his success came from having his families support and the understanding of sacrifice to accomplish the long term goal.

Don’t Go In Unprepared

Here is the crucial point of this article, because so many enter into digital and social media services unprepared with misrepresentation of their own business model, they are ill equipped to help their clients with the same problem. In the need to create profits they become like AOL, they leap into every adventure without any thought of their clients business model or worse their own long term business model.

Learning to say “NO” allows you to take on clients that will be successful with your talent or service, it garnishes long term revenue for your business and a reputation for growth. It’s not easy being picky in the beginning, or when times are tough, but it is successful! Even more importantly, it keeps others from wasting their life savings on an idea or business that they are underfunded, underequipped or worse ignorant about from losing their time and money. It also prevents the overwhelming false, false from becoming the digital and social media industry. The Social Media Marketer did not intentionally fail you, the web developer did not build a crappy website or fail to generate valuable SEO, the business was flawed and directed to fail from the beginning and the digital and social industry should not take the blame for that.

Pick your clients carefully, for the benefit of them, yourself and our industry.


@BasilPuglisi is the Executive Director and Publisher for Digital Brand Marketing Education ( Basil C. Puglisi is also the President of Puglisi Consulting Group, Inc. A Digital Brand Marketing Consultancy that manages professional and personal branding for Fortune 500 CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers and Small Business Owners.


#140conf in New York City June 19th – 20th 2012 [Event]

This year the #140c will be hosted at the 92nd Street Y at 1395 Lexington Avenue in NYC.

The History of the #140conf

In its fourth year running, this conference has had no shortages of experts with a plethora of educational and trending information to provide attendees. Each year it simply gets better and better.

In 2009, #140conf hosted events in:

2011 found #140conf spreading even further across the globe with events held in more locations than before.

There have also been a number of #140conf Meetups which have taken place across the United States, and outside of the states including places like the UK, Kenya and Israel.

In addition, check out the writers panel from #140conf 2011 that featured Debre Eckerling from @WriteOnOnline, Jeanne V Bowerman @jeannevb and Tracey Jackson @traceyjackson4.

With many more impressive panels the 2011 #140conf was a rousing success. This year is shaping up to top them all.

Jeff Pulver Speaks

In April, 2012, Jeff Pulver shared a talk in Des Moines Iowa and he had some very compelling things to say about how we act and interact on our social networks. Are you YOU on your social networks? Are you who you think your friends and consumers think you should be? If you are anything but yourself you are not really connecting with those most important when it comes to marketing yourself or your brand. Jeff put it out there pretty well when he asked:

Are you you? Are you connecting to the person who you are? Are you true to yourself? If you Tweeted yourself would you talk back? Would you friend yourself?

I can relate to this as it is very similar to my previous article “Who are you?”

Societal communications are occurring now on a global level. Jeff reminds us that while the communication line is open, we have plenty of social media users who are more than happy to be brash, rude, insensitive, and that perhaps these people are being themselves. But we also have others who are the veritable shrinking violets, who are unlikely to ever be heard on a grand scale. And then we have our social leaders. Those whose Tweets and Status shares compel us, attract us. In most cases, those people have a strength we admire. Each of us have our own strengths when it comes to how we voice our feelings, how we communicate. In each of us is our true voice that when shared with the Twitterverse, or asserted on a Facebook status will have its own selling point, for those with a similar voice, opinions and assertions.

Inspire others whenever you can, because you can.

This Year’s #140conf NYC

The turnout for this year’s conference is expected to be attendees from 17 countries and 31 states.It is already expected to be the largest worldwide gather of entrepreneurs and professionals who are interested in the effects of real-time on people and businesses.

The focus will be on how the internet has the power to change lives and all attendees should expect to leave with a new outlook on how real-time interaction on the web can be used to grow your business or personal life, or even to do something intrinsically meaningful such as activism in charities you support. The options are almost endless.

The schedule is a fast paced and very unique one. It is the intention of the organizers to supply the perfect platform for as wide of a demographic as possible. Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts or engage with attendees and speakers. Individual talks will be limited to ten minute excerpts and panel discussions will run for 10 to 15 minute sets.

Conference speakers will be arriving in NYC from all over the world. Speakers from the Pacific, South America, Europe, Asia, Canada and of course many from the United States.

Register Today to Be a Part of This Event

Interested in having your voice heard at a future #140conf event? We are always looking for new voices to introduce to our community. Just drop a note to Jeff Pulver. Interested in leveraging the influence of the #140conf NYC community? we are looking for companies interested in sponsoring this event.

The #140conf events –Tweetups, Conferences, Parties and Roadtrips – present an opportunity to consistently broaden your social media knowledge, whether for its own sake, or for application in communication, business, news, politics, philathropy or just about any other sphere. You always meet the most interesting and creative people at these events, and each time, Jeff’s mix of speakers,  their topics and perspective leave you substantially more informed and meaningfully inspired.

– Ian Aronovich – @GovtAuctions

Don’t miss this years @140conf #140conf in NYC!


@BasilPuglisi is the Executive Director and Publisher for Digital Brand Marketing Education ( Basil C. Puglisi is also the President of Puglisi Consulting Group, Inc. A Digital Brand Marketing Consultancy that manages professional and personal branding for Fortune 500 CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers and Small Business Owners.


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