Brand Your Twitter Account with Your Avatar, a Background and YOU!

One of the smartest actions a small business or personal promoter can do once hooked up to Twitter is recognize the marketing potential of this valuable social network. The background of a users’ Twitter page is literally a blank canvas laid out for you to brand your business. Overlooking the potential of this valuable element of Twitter would be a distinct disadvantage.

Tips for Branding Your Business on Twitter

58% of Twitter fans prefer that you use your own face for your avatar. Just your face, no eyeball close ups, not pictures of your pets, children, or your most recent shot from your summer cruise. Just your face from the shoulders up. However, one exception is that if you already have a very recognizable logo and your Twitter profile is managed by a team instead of an individual. Your avatar will


need to be big. Go for a JPG over the other options. This way when users click on your logo, they will get a bigger picture. Leave animations out. No one will thing your spinning vortex, 3 second movie clip, cutesy gif.

Stick with your branding option across all the platforms. Don’t change it every week, or even every month. Your profile image is definitely a part of your branding strategy. Also, make sure you use this same image across Facebook, LinkedIn, your blog, Google and more.

Establish Your Voice

You will be using your personal voice. But what kind of voice do you want? Do you want to be informational? Conversational? Professional?  Whatever tone of voice you decide to use while writing, make it relatable. Using initials for multiple-tweeters is an important way to build trust and transparency so that you are being honest with those you are engaging. Establishing your voice on Twitter is an important part of your brand that it can make or break your social media strategy. Remember that you are, in fact, speaking to the world.

Develop Your Design Ideas

Your design should be YOU! Don’t go with default themes, lacking avatars, or no real colors to help make your page stand out. Give yourself a new background that features your logo and tagline. The ultimate goal to branding your Twitter account is so when a follower come to your Twitter account, they can instantly recognize the logo and the colors without even having to read your bio. You want people to know exactly who you are.

However, the Twitter background changes from user to user based on how they are access the account, in mobile it will not do you an good, but on PC and tablets in browsers you’ll get all the flare you want but it will appear different based on the screen resolution. Some people use the space to put contact info, I suggest you take an image or brand visual you associate with and tile it, that way no matter what browser resolution you know they’ll see your creativity.

Remain Consistent

Keep with your previously established design and voice to help supply consistency to your business brand. This alone will help you make a name for yourself. Consistently updating your Twitter account is important as well – if you lose momentum and stop


updating, people will forget about you.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if its business or personal, you are more then you job title or what you do! Use your twitter bio to expand the connection points and answer the question “Who Are You?”. It’s not just a title, its personal and people connect with people fast and more regularly then brands. Share your business, personal and value.

i.e. @BasilPuglisi Publisher, Entrepreneur, Father, Husband, Speaker, Social Pro, Spartan, & Great Dane. Relationship and revenue-focused approach to interactive marketing.


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