Bloomberg BusinessWeek last week; “Google’s YouTube Boosts Display Advertisers 10-Fold”

Came across a great article on Bloomberg BusinessWeek last week; “Google’s YouTube Boosts Display Advertisers 10-Fold”. Very interesting that the King of Search has discovered display advertising. Now let’s be honest, YouTube has massive reach but so does Google so is search declining?

According to Brian Womack who wrote the piece for Bloomberg, “As growth slows at its main business of selling ads next to search results, Google needs more revenue in other areas”. My guess is that as the economy is rebounding, we will start to see more brand advertising and a continued increase in “traditional” digital advertising campaigns. According to eMarketer, “spending on the major categories of display, which includes banner ads and video, may rise 9 percent to $7.92 billion this year”. Clearly Google saw this trend coming  as they expanded their own display offerings when they purchased DoubleClick in 2008 and Teracent last year.

So what do you think, search or display? Are they independent of each other or are they both part of the same strategy?

You can read the full article from Bloomberg BusinessWeek  at

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