Bill Corbett on Digital Business Hour

In this interview, Bill Corbett discusses the importance of having a social media plan AND a marketing plan.

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Bill recently presented to a small group 30 or 40 people.  Only 25 percent or less had any personal marketing plan or a plan for social media activities

People should not waste their time if they don’t have a plan;

Plans should have:

Mission statement/personal passion statement, goals (financial or other), budgets (time and financial), messages and themes, identify differentiators and competitive advantages, and identify target audiences, also identify which social sites and other marketing vehicles work best or are where customers and prospects are.  Finally how to measure results.  Roi and (Return on effort) ROE are difficult to determine.

  • Why is video important – YouTube and Tout  (mobile app and website) – why you need to be on YouTube, what your videos should say and look like  – some tips and general strategies
  • Why you need a blog, its where your brand comes to life. The social media and personal branding perspectives.
  • LinkedIn – business strategies and why you need a photo, why you need to have a 100 percent completed profile and tactics for creating a powerful profile.  Applications and add  on also.
  • LinkedIn – Mistakes there are many that people make –  I have about a dozen
  • Facebook tips – video, apps and photos.   Let your personal side connect with your business life, its ok, and this is one way people get to know you and build trust
  • Twitter  – I can also provide some Twitter tips and tactics

Promoting your brand online. I can discuss the importance of writing but also getting media coverage. Video and news stories give valuable credibility and they can be used over and over again.

This interview is packed with a lot of “take-away” information to integrate and assist in creating a social media plan for your business.

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