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Why B2B Marketers Need to Act More Like B2C Marketers

Paul Dunay on Marketing Made Simple TV

In this show, sponsored by Eloqua (with a great content offer of the Real World Marketing Syllabus by Aberdeen. Download it with this link or the button in the show), Paul Dunay, VP of Global Marketing at Maxymizer, shares five ways B2B Marketers need to start acting more like B2C Marketers (Click the link to read Paul’s article at in this interview with Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers. Here are the five things in B2B marketing that needs to emulate B2C Marketing.

  1. B2B website design is outdated. Needs to be designed for people, and not companies. (Case in point, when Find New Customers slashed words on its home page from 550 down to just 28, registrations of the flagship white paper, How to Find New Customers shot up by 500%! It works!)
  2. Start testing, seriously. Marketing needs a serious focus on testing
  3. Treat your content like a category. Get rid of the Resources tab and re-organize your content in approaches for people.
  4. Employ deeper search and sort capabilities.
  5. Allow product reviews. Welcome interaction with people. Let them share comments, like Amazon reviews.

We thank Paul for appearing on the show. You can follow him at @pauldunay on Twitter. And we also thank our other sponsors – Avitage (Great video content marketing firm), Communication Strategy Group (Brandtelling), Digital Ethos (non-profit marketing education) and Watchitoo (streaming media conferencing and the show platform.)

How to Make Money with Your Marketing – Dr. Marc and Charlie Jr. on Marketing Made Simple TV

In this show, the fun and witty Dr. Marc and Charlie share three tips for making money with your marketing – Get Found, Engage, and Automated Follow-Up. Watch these two great guest as they join Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers on a fun and informative show. Click the full-screen button for optimal viewing.

Includes a great offer from Eloqua too- The Grande Guide to Sales Enablement. Download is using this link or click the button in the show.

The Path to Better Marketing Results: Laura Patterson and Julie Schwartz

Just Add Data | The Path to Better Marketing Results – Laura Patterson and Julie Schwartz on Marketing Made Simple TV

Welcome to Marketing Made Simple TV in High Definition!

ITSMA research shows that marketing organizations that leverage data in their strategic and tactical decision making have a business performance advantage. Data-savvy organizations are better able to improve their average time to revenue and decrease their sales costs per order dollar. But what does it take to be data-savvy?

Join show host Jeff Ogden with Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing ( and Julie Schwartz Senior Vice President, Research and Thought Leadership, ITSMA for a fascinating chat about the results of a study of B2B marketers.

You will gain insight into how you and your peers use marketing data, metrics, and analytics to inform marketing decisions, predict buyer behavior, improve marketing performance, and forecast trends.

Download the Revenue Performance Management – Demystified guide from Eloqua at or click the button in the show.

We thank Laura and Julie for appearing on this show, as well as sponsors such as Avitage, Digital Ethos, Communication Strategy Group and Eloqua. Marketing Made Simple TV premieres a new show every Thursday at noon ET/9am PT.

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Content Marketing – in the Real World: Steve Farnsworth on Marketing Made Simple TV

In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, social media and content marketing expert Steve Farnsworth (@steveology) of Jolt Social Media ( shares tips about Content Marketing in the Real World.

Steve explains how content marketing is like teenage sex – everyone talks about it but almost no one is actually doing it. But he shares examples like the resort in Belize. After buying David Meerman Scott’s book, the New Rules of Marketing and PR, he signs up for and looks up keywords. Then he writes content for his blog using those keywords (like honeymoons and Mayan culture). While he used to buy ads, now he gets 80% of business opportunities from inbound marketing.

Steve also shares that “All companies are now media companies.” and advises companies to hire outside experts to help with content. Other examples include AMEX Open, Intel Free Press and the National Association of Realtors.

This show is sponsored by Eloqua and features a great offer. Click the link here or the button in the show to download The Grande Guide to Content Marketing.

DotJenna on Marketing Made Simple TV

In this “Fame is Up for Grabs” show, DotJenna (@dotjenna), social media coach and motivational speaker joins Jeff Ogden ( on Marketing Made Simple TV ( to discuss how executives can build their own fame and personal brand.

In this show, you will learn:

1) Why you need to inject personality and “live out loud” in everything you do.

2) How you need to packaging information into small chunks today.

3) How to use the “Law of Reciprocity” and get people to engage with you.

DotJenna is an expert in building a network of fans and followers. She explains how we live in an attention economy (where attention is scarce) and how we need to share truly useful information for search marketing (SEO) too.

This show also has a great content offer from Eloqua,

Get the Grande Guide to Social Demand Generation from Eloqua here ( if you are watching on YouTube or Video, or click the button in the show.

Sandra Zoratti on Marketing Made Simple

In this high definition show, Sandra Zoratti, co-author of Precision Marketing ( She joins show host Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers ( for a discussion of how marketing can drive improved business results using data. And it contains a great offer from show sponsor, Eloqua – the Real World Marketing Syllabus.

In this show, viewers will learn:

1) How the balance of power has shifted from sellers to buyers – and what that really means for marketers today.

2) Why marketers need to start small and get a quick win, rather than taking on too much at once. (Don’t boil the ocean.)

3) How data is the marketer’s best friend. How to leverage data and Precision Marketing ideas to drive improved business outcomes.

We thank Sandra for appearing on Marketing Made Simple TV.  We also thank Steven Conrardy of Interactive Video Studios, who filmed and edited this show.

Craig Yaris of Esquire Tech is the Producer and Director of Marketing Made Simple TV. Kevin Ogden is the Editor of the show.

LinkedIn Expert Melonie Dodaro on Marketing Made Simple

Canada’s #1 LinkedIn Expert Melonie Dodaro ( of Top Dog Social Media ( shares key tips on driving results with social media. In this show, you will learn:

1) Why LinkedIn is far and away the most important social media site for business.

2) Why the profile is the single most important area for you to focus on.

3) The single biggest mistake people make with LinkedIn. (Watch the show to learn what it is.)

This show also features a great content offer from Communication Strategy Group ( Brand Storytelling for Sales is available here (

Marketing Made Simple TV premieres each week at noon ET on Thursday and is a production of Find New Customers ( The show is directed by Craig Yaris of Esquire Tech Solutions ( and the Editor is Kevin Ogden.

Beth Comstock, CMO of GE on Marketing Made Simple TV

In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, sponsored by Eloqua, Beth Comstock, SVP and CMO of GE, one of the world’s top companies shares key tips, including:

1) Why it’s important for marketers to step back and see the big picture

2) The importance of keeping an open mind and being receptive to fresh insights and ideas.

3) Why every marketers, big and small, needs to be everywhere and easily found. Why you don’t need the resources of GE to do great marketing.


We thank Beth for appearing on Marketing Made Simple TV, and that Eloqua for sponsoring this show and sharing a great content offer.  In addition, we thank other sponsors, such as Avitage (, DigitalEthos (, Communication Strategy Group ( and Watchitoo (

Marketing Made Simple TV is produced by Find New Customers ( It is Produced and Directed by Craig Yaris and our Editor is Kevin Ogden.

Jay Baer on Marketing Made Simple TV


What really works in Content Marketing? How can you create content that truly engages prospective buyers? Fortunately, expert Jay Baer of Convince and Convert ( offers answers. Jay said sellers need to “create content that buyers would gladly pay for.”


In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, you will get answers to questions such as:

1. How can companies break through the Invitation Avalanche and get on customers’ radar?

2. What types of content are most effective?

3. How does content integrate with social media?

In addition, Jay tells the interesting story of TaxiMike and how he creates valuable content for prospective customers – on a shoestring budget.

Jay Baer (@jaybaer) is President of social media and content consultancy Convince & Convert, and co-author of The NOW Revolution. Thanks for joining us on Marketing Made Simple TV (, Jay.

Umberto Milletti of InsideView Discusses on Marketing Made Simple TV

In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV ( Umberto Milletti of InsideView discusses the changing world of B2B sales, how the bar has risen and what sales and marketing needs to get in the door of buyers.

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